Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Morning...

I had an awesome weekend of shopping. Friday night my SIL Tiffany from Tiffany's Primitive Place came home. She lives about 2 hours away in Columbus so I don't get to see her too often. She is staying with her parents for a week of vacation. We have sooooo much fun when we are together especially shopping. We both love to make prim stuff so we'll be at shops picking stuff up inspecting it and saying "I could make that", but we never do. Then we torture my MIL. As you may be able to tell from my other posts I am a smart aleck well so is my SIL and we can get her going to the point of my MIL yelling at us to stop it and the most funny saying "I'm going to slap you", which I will tell you that story in a minute. Anyway, so we decide to go shopping on Saturday. My MIL, SIL, aunt in law, and me all went shopping at 2 of our favorite prim shops because they were having sales.

The first shop is about 6 minutes from my home in the next little town. And yes it is 6 minutes I timed it. You never know when you might need a gift at the last minute right? Well, we get to the front of the store and there is a sale table out front. Oh my word.... we all were like vultures. Stuff flying in the air over our shoulders grabbing stuff out of each others hands. No I'm kidding, but we were searching each box she had. Most of the items were at least 50% off. I got some good stuff out there. So, now our hands are full and we walk in. The shop owner knows us each by name. Does that tell you how often we go there. Anyway, she is stocked full of good stuff. She was having a sale of 30% of any single item too. So after much contemplating I did it. I bought a black step back cupboard. {shuddering} I couldn't pass it up. I don't have it yet it is still at the store until Wednesday when I am off work to pick it up. I think it is going to go in my foyer... for now... or the kitchen... OK quit hounding me I don't really know. LOL. I just had to have it. That was my 30% off item plus she has an incentive card that if you spent so much money you get $10 off the next purchase. Well I got an additional $20.00 off too. So after all I bought plus the cupboard I spent less than the original price of the cupboard itself. YIPPPEEEEE!!!!

Next stop is another store on the outskirts of Amish Country. It is about 30 minutes from my house. I LOVEEEEEE this store. I do sell some of my prim crafts to this store. She has such a flare for decorating and is such an awesome lady. She too knows us all by name. This shop owner and the above shop owner are friends and were running the same sale and advertised together. Soooo... I couldn't leave this store out. Of course I spent more money. I bought my peg rack here that I am going to hang in my kitchen to put my bonnets and aprons on that I make. I also bought some pussy willows, and the most awesome smelling sheep beeswax ornie. I put in on my shelf in the kitchen and it smells up the kitchen. YUMMMM!!!! Anyway, the shop owner was asking my opinion on a line of pottery she wants to carry. It was nice, but not my style. It was little too shiny for me I like plain pottery, but she wanted this one urn from the line. I looked at her and told her it reminded me of an urn that you put ashes in on your mantle. She was like well then when I die you can put me in it. I looked at her and said " I would never put you in a repro urn Kim, it has to be a real pottery one." You should see this girls house... Oh to die for. You would understand why I said that if you saw the antiques she owns. Yes I have been to her home last Christmas. So, after our chat it is off to my favorite thrift store.

We had to make a pit stop at Lehman's Hardware. If you have never heard of it google it up. They are in the heart of Amish country and sell Amish stuff like oil lamps, any kitchen gadget you could think off, Ummm... Amish style appliances since they don't have electric, hardware like cupboard knobs, hinges, and the like. Anyway, everyone was hungry and they have an indoor bathroom and cafe. I bought the yummiest ice cream cone it was blueberry waffle cone. Imagine blueberries with bits and pieces of waffle cone thrown in. This thing was huge but I made good time in finishing it. I didn't want it to melt or anything. Then it was off to the thrift store. By this time it is around 2:30pm and we left at 10:00. We looked around and I didn't buy much there, but everyone else did. My SIL and I finally got bored and started acting up. We would find the ugliest clothes and tell my MIL we were going to buy them for her. I found this pair of shorts that looked like red bandanna/ tablecloth type material and held them up and asked my SIL if she would come to my picnic. So she held up this shirt that was sheer netting with a little tank under asked if she had to wear the tank with it. Then I held up a 100% polyester skirt suit and told my MIL she needed it for work. By this time she is getting fed up with us and said she was going to slap us if we didn't stop. OHHHHH NOOOOO you don't make threats to us. (Of course she would never slap us you know idle threats) So there we were people all around and I pipe up... "You would slap us in front of all these witnesses". My SIL and I are laughing so hard my MIL gives me the evil eye and quickly walks off. Finally, at 4:00 everyone is ready to leave.
We had so much fun we had not gone shopping for a long time together.

I know I haven't shown pics yet, but I'm waiting to get my cupboard then I'll post them. But here is some of my thrift items from the last time I went. You like my mess in the background. It's not always that way just most of the time!!!! LOL.

I am redoing the red box in the back. Don't worry just sanding and staining a little not painting over it. I'm not sure what I will make with the fabric, but at $.50 a piece I couldn't pass it up.

Ok for the Amish dresses... this is what I have to sell. The lavender dress and white head cover and the teal dress and white head cover is what I have left. The dress and head cover in the middle are sold. Remember these have been worn and are not brand new. The dresses are $4.00 and the head covers are $5.00. Let me know if you are interested. The first ones to email me get them. (GettysburgHomestead{at}yahoo{dot}com) I will list on here when they are sold. I will look for more if there is enough interest in them. Ignore the parking lot behind the dresses... my son has his cars literally everywhere!!!!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

And now the Rest of the Story....

I promised to load the rest of the pictures last night, but we had some really bad thunderstorms and decided to stay off the computer in case the electric went out. We did learn to always have a battery backup for your computer though. That way you can shut it down correctly.

So where were we... oh yes complaining about my laundry/bathroom. Looking straight in the room I have a window. Not just any old window, but a BIG window at the far side of the room. Nothing like sitting on the toilet contemplating life looking out the window at nature while nature calls. Oh did I forget to mention that if you have people over on the back deck they can look in and see you minding your own business. And of course the stand up shower is right there too. Do you see why this is the man bathrom? Most men would care less if anyone saw them. Now in defense we don't have real close neighbors and it is in the back of the house, but still shades come closed when people are visiting.

Working our way back toward the door is the toilet and sink area. Now I don't know about you or if you have done this so please bare with me. Please don't ever spray paint a bathroom vanity with black flat spray paint. Every drip mark or water shows on that thing. Now I love the black as a matter of fact I had painted the last vanity at the old house black too but it wasn't a flat paint. Now I must warn you no holes were pounded in the walls by me ....yet. I have used all the holes made by the previous owner until I repaint. So I had to make things do.

Then think about this... and those of you who have kids can appreciate this. You are in the bathroom for your moment of solitude during the day and WHAM!!!! the door pops open in comes the kids to ask a question that just could not wait until you came out. Now look closely at the toilet picture. Does it look like the door would miss you.... NOOOOOOOOO..... it slams open and hits you in the knees. OUCH!!!!! LOL. Just at normal open the door comes open enough to touch the toilet. And of course we have the painted wood floors to contend with. I love wood floors don't get me wrong, but for the little man in my life sometimes that toilet was too high or the aim was off not sure which. The woodwork is a weird grey color to go with the lavendar walls, but the front of the door is white. WHAT????? I have no idea what they were thinking. LOL. But don't you just love the solid wood door. I would love to try to scrape the paint off and go natural wood, but not sure if hubby will let me. All my baseboards are 8 inches high too. That about sums up the first stop in our tour of the Olde Farmhouse. Hope you enjoyed your visit... and when we move on to other rooms at least you'll know where the bathroom is if you need it. LOL.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ye Olde Farmhouse

Well, I had this post all planned out last night at midnight before finally going to bed here at work, BUT I only have half my pics for my bathroom redo. SO.... I will post what I have and will finish the post tonight when I get home. Which means you will need to stop back later this evening if you want to see it all. LOL. This is my Whatcha Working on Wednesday from Leslie over at My Country Home

Picture this... You have been extended an invitation to visit my 1900 farmhouse in my town. You are anxiously awaiting your visit (OK so I can dream you are excited.) The day has arrived you see this house from the road...

This is what I was thinking when I bought the house. Oh what an awesome old farmhouse. I'll bet it is really awesome and beautiful inside. You walk up the side walk to the steps and are welcomed by my red oval window door (with dog snot on it) and a really welcoming wreath with popping pip berries because they got to hot and popped open like popcorn. LOL. You knock and I come to the door to welcome you. (I know what you are thinking what the ??? what in the world does this have to do with a bathroom redo ??? I'm getting there.) I open the door and what do you see???

Normally, yes, on your first visit, but I forgot to close the door so you see this... Yes my laundry/bathroom. AHHHH living in an old farmhouse is just grand I tell you. Who in their right mind would put a bathroom right as you come in the door.

Now, I know none of you have a hubby like me so let me tell you why this looks like this. Enter hubby from work and his part time job on the farm. (YUCK!!!) He does take his poop boots off on the front porch I'll give him that. Anyway, he walks straight into the bathroom takes off his dirty/cow poop encrusted clothes throws them on the WOOD floor in a pile, but before that you have to empty out your pockets onto the counter. And you see it IS getting hot so we must rip the sleeves off of our t shirt and put the sleeves on the counter too. Oh, and the farm clothes that he has to wash well those you just throw in a basket and leave because you will be wearing those later this week. Why fold them the cows don't care what you look like right? Enter the wife who has to do all the other laundry in the house and must wade through all of this mess and clean said bathroom too. This bathroom has been termed the man bathroom. Yeah I know lavender is not manly, but it had to stay for now. The last owner loved it. Now she did some black accents in it I'll give her that.

So, Tuesday I finally got to the point of trying to figure out what to do. My son, who was mad at me putting him in the pic was trying to help. I thought if hubby isn't going to put away his farm clothes I need somewhere to put them away out of site. So I looked around the house and finally settled on one of these. Yeah, you know the horrible plastic stacking shelves that those who have basements and garages use to stack junk. Well, mine are in the basement and I found a set not being used.

I thought hmmmm... I could use it for folded clothes. Well, I couldn't have it just plain with stacked clothes on it could I? NOOOOOO... I had to make a shelf cover. So, I went to my fabric stash and found some brown and green $1.00 a yard fabric I bought from Wal-mart. Now I know you are all thinking brown and green??? Ok the counter top has tiny squares that have green, brown, black, and those type of colors in them. Plus that's camo colors right? Maybe it'll just blend in to the room. LOL.
So, then it still looked blah so I found this old black shelf that use to be in between the two cupboards down below. We had to move it because my full size washer and dryer wouldn't fit otherwise. I plopped it up beside the shelf. Added a couple doodads and here you go... The big basket has socks in it. The jars have odds and ends on pocket junk in them.

Folded clothes...

So now when you walk in to my home you see this...

No, it wasn't a huge make over. No new paint, or fancy stuff like that but to me a ton better. As for the rest of the bathroom, those are the pics I don't have so check back tonight and I'll add those. So, here it is your first view into my home LOL... my bathroom/ laundry room. You are special being able to see that first. :-P
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Have Been Awarded Twice and Strawberry Pie to Celebrate

I have been awarded the Arte y Pico Award for Blog excellence from two people!

My first award came from Kim of Simple Needs. I am met Kim awhile back on on PM forum. She was so sweet and accepting of me. Kim has a beautiful garden and loves prims just as much or more than me. Since she has been blogging I have read her blog every day.

Rondell from Tomatoe Creek Prims has also awarded me the Arte y Pico award for blog excellence. She is one of my super sweet blogging pals. She has a really awesome blog that I go to for inspiration. She accepted me and welcomed my comments right away after I found her blog. Thank you again and keep the inspiration coming!!! I visit with Rondell everyday now to see what she does next.

OK, here are the rules and remember if you already have the award just accept and that's all you have to do!

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.

4.The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5. To show these rules.

Ok My 5 recipients and good friends are of course in no particular order...

1. Linda from Behind my Red Door. This woman knows how to decorate and can show you the look I'm trying to achieve. She has awesome ideas and pics to go with it.

2.Primlin from Primp Your Pad at Gathered Treasures All I can say is WOW!!! This woman can decorate... She always has decorating ideas for the prim home. You know why I say that is her home will be featured in Country Sampler magazine!!!!

3.Ann from This Simple Life of Mine She is so thrifty. If you looked at her posts you would wonder what will this girl come up with next. Is there anything she can't do. She inspires me and is truly a really good friend of mine who I also know from the PM forum.

4. Songbirdtiff She too is thrifty... I love that in a person. She says she doesn't have a lot of time, but you should see what she can whip up in no time. She has some great projects. Even though I just met her she is so sweet and it's like I've known her for a long time.

5. Joann from The Carter Clan Jo-Ann is a thrift store girl after my heart. She is one of my super sweet blogging pals who took the time to email me about her family when I had a question. She too will take a board and turn it into a table shelf!!! She can use power tool and in my book that's pretty cool!

Now I know you are only suppose to do 5, but I have one more I'd like to honor...

Jill from Fruit of Her Hands... I found her blog a long time before I ever started blogging. She always has awesome tutorials, advice, and handmade items to look at. I tld her she won and I am sure she looked, but when I put it on beofre I didn't save it correctly and it disappeared. I bet she is going to think I lied.

OK, I think this calls for pie!!!! I made this strawberry pie last night and I promised you the recipe awhile back. Well, I was going to take a pic back then but hubby couldn't stay out of it. So, in this pic it was still warm and hubby was out mowing so I quick took a pic. Now this is not like the normal "gel" pie because I get sick on that stuff it's too sweet.

One frozen pie shell baked (cuz I can't make a pie crust to save my life :-( )
Strawberries (a lot of em)

Cook together until boiling and clear
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 TBSP heaping Corn Starch

then add 3 TBSP Strawberry Jello and mix well and cool just a little. While still kinda warm pour over the top of the strawberries in the pie shell and let it run down in between them. Viola!!!! Strawberry Pie. Courtesy of my MIL.

Boy this getting to be a long post hang in there I'm almost done. I cut out a pattern for another stocking what do you think those who said I needed a higher arch...

Then this is the other finished grubbied and drying...

Well, I also had a bathroom redo I did yesterday, but I'll wait til another day to show you that since this post is really long already LOL!!!!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two in one day...

I need some honest opinions... Now remember I am going for the primitive look.

What do you think of the shape of this stocking??? The pic makes it look skinny at the top, but it actually gets a bit wider... I have not grubbied it up at all yet. I am looking for shape like the toe and foot area or even the leg part too.

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Flowers in my Garden

Today I finally have a day off from work. I did finish up the order I needed to do and must send it out today. I have started working on some Christmas crafts, but I need to put my nose to the grindstone. However, there are towels to wash,sheets to fold, bathrooms to clean, floors to dust, and a foyer to paint. Ok, well you get the picture. I won't get it all done, but I'd like to make a dent. I also need to go to the bank, sooo while I'm out I might as well hit the thrift store, right?

After coming home from work last evening I decided to go check the storm damage to my flowers. To my surprise they with stood the high winds and hail. I snapped a few pics becuase I thought the colors were just beautiful. Some of them I know the names of others I don't because I didn't plant them. LOL. Anyway, enjoy... Oh yeah, don't mind the weeds I think they're nice don't you ;-) They grow so well in my soil I tell you.

This is lavendar... I need to learn how to harvest and dry it...

All of these were growing in a flower bed out by the road that hubby and I tore out. We replanted most of the these because I couldn't stand to just throw them away.

These are a deep red...

Very light pink...

Bright orange...
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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Slight Change

I have changes the curtains in my bedroom I don't know how many times since we moved in last year. Now I have never bought curtains yet. I have used what was here or made them. When we bought the house the previous owner had blue long panels in the living/dining room with white shears under them. They looked very nice with her decor. BUT... I took them down and put up my own. I am never one to through anything away thought you never know I might be able to use them. So, I washed them up and put them away. Skip ahead a month or two. This lady had used shower curtains to cover the windows up stairs. Actually, if you think about it not a bad idea. Our upstairs is so very cold in winter that they were heavy and had a lining to them. However, they were a botanical print and again not my style. Those came down washed up and put away. Then I remember I had the blue panels so out those came and up they went. The last owner had wrought iron pull backs on there to pull the curtain back to one side and I used them. (Pre camera no pics) Well I lived with those for awhile and thought no I don't like those. So I took the panel ripped it down the center resewed it and made a valance. My windows were still to open so I made tiers from left over Osnaburg fabric I had. So this was as of yesterday morning...

I have three of these windows in my bedroom. One on the South, one on the West, and one on the North. Well, now that the sun comes up very early ummm like 5:30 it becomes very bright in my room. Once the sun is out I can't sleep anymore. Plus I get a lot of direct sunlight beating through my window that it is fading out my antiques and bedding. So while at Lowes looking for paint I looked at blinds. I liked the wood mini blinds, but was afraid they would fade out with the sun so settled on the matchstick light filtering shades. Well, they also have a "shade" type fabric you can put behind them to block out the sun if you want, but I didn't buy those. I figured for the price we'll see how long they last and go from there. So I had hubby put them up. Oh yeah, no comments on the window with the hearts in it. I don't like hearts I don't normally decorate with them. I bought this during my "country" decorating period and haven't decided how I want to change it yet. LOL.

Now I have not repainted my bedroom yet. This is the original color when we bought it. Imagine this color in every room everywhere in the house. I am not a neutral person so it really bothers me. I am thinking either a grey/blue or hubby wants green in our room. Then I can change my curtains again. But for now I guess I'll deal with what I have up.

While we were out I also needed a new watch battery, so we stopped at a jewelry store to have it changed. Yes I've been to Wal-mart, but the last time they broke my watch and hubby had to buy me a new one. Anyway, I was looking at anniversary bands because my wedding set setting is to high to wear rubber gloves. It rips the gloves every time and then all kinds of stuff gets on my hands. I told him I wanted something plain. Well, I tried a couple on looked at the price and put them back. YIKES!!!!! In the meantime the lady took my set and inspected it under the microscope. I have 2 tips broke and the back band of it needs rebuilt. I knew the sauder was breaking, but she 's like no honey the whole back needs rebuilt. Total price $400.00. I looked at hubby and said I'll wear it til it breaks then you can buy me a new one. I am going to get a second opinion and decide from there. I had no idea how expensive it is to fix gold. GEEZ!!!!
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Isn't Nature Beautiful

We have had some terrible storms the past few days. Terrible thunder and hail and the winds. My trees were bending over and twisting and thought for sure they would break. But, last night after the storm the most beautiful sunset appeared I just couldn't help but take a picture.

You know there have been times in my life when I have had some terrible storms, but because of the love of my family and God I have come through them all. Not always the way I wanted it to end up, but always for the best in retrospect.

I also went to Lowe's today to check out colors for my foyer. This is what I came up with...

The color in the middle is what is on top in my living room and the red is what is on the bottom. I think I am going to paint the walls the middle color and the trim the color on the left. It's called Bittersweet. Wow these pics look really bright...they are darker than they appear.

Another look up against black...

I also went to the Goodwill on Saturday, but I'll wait til later this week to show you what I got. I am redoing one of the items ;-)
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Friday, June 20, 2008

TGIF.... First Day of Summer

First let me apologize for no pics today as I am at work with no access to any good ones. This is all I have...

My office...

It has really been cool weather here it is 51 degrees this morning at 6am. It is suppose to be near 80 on this first day of Summer. I was almost going to post this morning that I thought I was becoming allergic to strawberries. That would have been total devastation! No... I have another case of poison ivy. I had it last year and it took me a month to get rid of it and going to the doctor 3 times. Right now it is on my neck. I have no idea how it started there. I suspect it is in the weeds around my house or in my strawberry patch. I hate this stuff. I am so itchy.

My good friend Rondell from Tomatoe Creek Primitives tagged me with some questions I will try to answer.

1.I was asked to name 5 things that I do for myself:
a. Get my hair colored and cut ... ummm every six months or so.
b. Plant annual flowers every year
c. Go to thrift stores and antique stores
d. Take the time to read new and old magazines that I have around the house
e. Craft

2.Name 5 kind things I do for friends, my children or partner:
a. Make them special meals and what they want
b. Pray for them each and every day
c. Listen to what they have to say... just not hear what they are saying
d. Try to keep a clean home for them to come home to
e. Take my kids to every appointment and their friend's house so hubby doesn't have to

3.Name 5 kind things I've done for a strangers:
a. Show empathy and kindness to every patient
b. Pass no judgment on other peoples way of life
c. Smile and tell everyone to have a nice day and thank them at stores
d. Hold doors open
e. Started a senior citizen program in the town I work to make them become more social

4.Name 5 hobbies I enjoy:
a. Making prim crafts from my own patterns because it is so challenging
b. Decorating and redecorating my home
c. Looking on the internet for others that have the same love of prims and the simple things in life and then writing and talking to them
d. Making new friends... I know kinda like up above I know. LOL
e. Teaching EMS "stuff"

Do you know how hard it was for me to answer these questions. I don't do many things for myself. Hmmm... I think this might be a wake up call don't ya think? LOL Ok I am going to try and tag 5 people... Remember you don't have to do this, but it is neat to find out a little more about each other. Sooo... the lucky or unlucky however you want to look at it are:

1. The Carter Clan (Joann)
2.The Fruit of Her Hands (Jill)
3. My Country Home (Leslie)
4. The Artful Life (Tina)

Ok I'm only going to do 4 as I don't know enough people to tag them. Not everyone knows me who I have in my Fav blogs.

Thanks for asking Rondell!!! You're the best.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can you have too many jars???

I have asked myself this question many times. I guess I am a hoarder when it comes to jars. Whenever I see them at a great price I pick them up. I have clear ones and blue ones. I especially love the blue ones. I have both Ball and Atlas jars. Half of my collection is in the basement sitting. I bought some in hopes of using for crafts. I've tried a few like this.

and this...

Or if you look at my previous post Stepping outside the box I made that doll from a jar too.

For the most part I do decorate with my jars. Here are just a few ways. I need to find more things to put in my jars. I would like to find some chestnuts, or walnuts, or things like that, but we don't have them where I live. So many of my jars are empty right now. But if you look at Fruit of Her Hands Website and blog my friend Jill has some awesome drieds she puts in hers.

Ann from This Simple Life of Mine loves the blue jars too and I told her I would keep my eye for her. I found some for her yesterday and emailed her quick to jump on them. You know it's times like that you wished you had all of your friends on here phone numbers. I was so excited. She told me this morning she bought six. I am so glad I could help her out. For those waiting on my Amish dresses I will sort through them this weekend and let you know which will be for sale.

Well, I know this is short, but I have got to get to crafting. I received and order and must get it started and hopefully finished this weekend.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a quick Hello...

I didn't think I was going to be able to post today, but I thought I'd make it a quick one since recently I've had really long ones. I promised I'd show you my semi-cleaned up, organized, mess of a craft room. In the corner cabinet, that I saved from my aunts old rental house, I have my bolts of fabric, paint stencils, fabric scraps, quilting books (that I haven't used yet), and odds and ends of felt. I know it still looks like a hodge podge, but believe me it's better.

Next picture... yes that is three boxes of what appears to be stuffing. The one on the left is full of unfinished projects. The two on the right, well, one is about 1/4 box of stuffing the other is full. That really cool bag on the top is my craft travel bag. That's another post in itself. Then some of my finished projects are in the clear tub. All the stackable clear containers on left have craft odds and ends, paints, sewing supplies, patterns, kids craft supplies. yada yada... Of course I couldn't live without my big table/desk a freebie from my MIL. I paint and sew and do all kinds of stuff on it. I like being able to get around all sides. There are some projects started on the table as I always have something going.

Last picture is my shelving. Well, I thought I would organize my fabric all in clear tubs. It was a great idea until I found I didn't have enough tubs. I put fat quarters in one, solids in another, and fabric that has yardage in another. Now I can see what I have without pulling it all out. Then I have all my paint corralled in one place. I keep all my odds and ends of wall paint that I use. You never know when you'll need to use them. As I paint floor cloths and love all the different colors that I have accumulated. Of course, my wedding dress in the box on the top shelf.

So, it's not much different than before, but it is a little more organized for now. Give it a week and it'll look like a tornado went through again.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Monday...

We had a great weekend here at our home. I even had time to do some crafting and we put up about 2 1/2 dozen jars of jam with more to go. We also made a strawberry pie this weekend too. I don't like the real strawberry gel that most people use so my MIL gave me a recipe for one that uses strawberry jello. I'll post it later this week. My in laws came over last night to give my daughter her birthday card and my FIL went out and picked strawberries for me. He took enough for them and for my husband's grandmother. What a relief less I have to pick. Don't get me wrong there is still more to pick and it keeps raining and then turning to sun so we'll have plenty more.

The first thing I finished was this stitchery. I made this many years ago before I knew what I was doing. Many mistakes along the way. 1. Use a batting behind your stitchery... well I didn't. 2. Don't use red thread or prewash... you guessed it I used a dark burgundy and yes it bled when I washed it. 3. It is a bit off center... measure better. 4. Don't put knots in the thread and make the back as clean as the front...hence I covered up the back. I had to coffee stain this baby good to cover up the red bleed marks. I was tired of waiting on my hubby to make a picture frame so I decided to make it a hanging. hehe I know you all see my white door (that I hate) in the background, but that is my foyer that I'm still struggling with for color. I haven't been to the paint store yet so it is what it is. Anyway, I still see the red haze on the stitchery, but it is better...

Next up I bought this sign at the Goodwill a long time ago... I didn't like the saying Country Kitchen.

So I painted it black and stenciled it... I bought the stencil from Primmart's online yard sale for about $5.00 I think. Then I sanded it and stained it with stain to prim it up a little...

I also bought this candle box from the Goodwill awhile ago too. I do not decorate with hearts so I don't know why I bought it. Anyway before it is a country blue...

Thought I'd try a little something different. I don't like it, but I told you I'd share my failures too. I first painted it with red. Then dry brushed on black and used this little rubber paint technique tool and TRIED to comb it for interest. Well, I couldn't get the hang of it and this is how it came out. But then I decided hey why not put stain on top to darken it... so I did.

Then my sister calls me and says I'm at this barn sale and they have blue Ball jars with zinc lids for $.25 a piece do you want me to pick them up. I'm like yeah!!!! I can normally buy them for $1.00 a piece at the thrift store. So she bought me these...

My sister is always on the look out for me when she goes places. She doesn't decorate like me, but knows my style. Heck she is the one who found my foyer floor for me. Anyway, off to see what I can get into today. I have to go to work tonight at 6pm and I don't get off until tomorrow at 6pm so I won't be able to get too much done I guess.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday ... Happy Father's Day

Today is my firstborns birthday. She is the BIG 13!!! She informed me she is now a teenager. I said are you ready for the responsibilities of a teenager too. Well... uhhhh I guess was the answer. The BBQ went really well last night. We were planning on more kids, but several called yesterday and cancelled. I knew it would happen, but at least two of her friends showed up. They ate and played Wii and just talked. You know God works in mysterious ways. The Mother of the boy that came called me yesterday to get directions to our home and we ended up talking for about 20 minutes about all kinds of things, but the most interesting is that her son too has Asperger's. It was very interesting watching the two of them last evening. Her son too endures teasing and not so nice people. But the two of them together get along just fine and except each other for who they are. I know I am not alone in my struggle with my daughter. The little girl spent the night and I have no idea what time they went to bed. I went in at midnight and told them to go to bed, but still heard them at 2am. However, they were up by 7:15 this am ready to go. She has had a difficult road to haul and the road is still long. She is looking forward to college and getting married. Only time will tell... but until then may each day be a blessing and get easier for her.

This is my daughter and her friends last night...

Happy Father's Day to my husband!!! He is so good to my daughter who is his step child and to our son. Do I agree with everything he lets my son do ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! But he takes the time and makes my son go to the farm he works at part-time. Don't get me wrong my son loves it. He loves to work. We punish him by not allowing him to go to the farm. My hubby has him do things so that he is not afraid of heights or anything for that matter (with the exception of bugs and snakes). He has provided for my daughter and has accepted her as his own from the day we met. We were friends for a long time before we married and he would even babysit for me when I went out on dates with other people. He is the bestest!!! My daughter of course doesn't understand this and does not know how much he does for her, but in time I think she will. My son on the other hand just loves spending time with his dad and doing what he does. He's still not sure of hunting but he's only eight. So, to the best daddy my kids could have Happy Father's Day!!!!

Hubby hates having his picture taken so I had to get him doing what he loves...
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Daughter's BBQ is Today

My daughter is having her Birthday BBQ today. I told her not to tell her friends that is wasn't her birthday so that they would not bring presents. My daughter was a little down about that, but she will be 13 tomorrow and she doesn't need any more stuff. She is a hoarder and doesn't throw anything away. I don't need anymore stuff to clean :-) So, as I said before my daughter has Aspergers an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and Non-visual learning disability. It is very hard to explain the learning disability, but she doesn't have the ability to understand anything abstract. Here's the best scenario I can give. Explain the color red to someone. This is how it is for us explaining time, math, and English. She does not have the concept of how long a minute is, or that 60of them make an hour, or how many hours from 7-9. It has been a very long road with her. But since my husband and I decided that the school system we were in was not helping her we put our home of 9 years up for sale and moved.

You would not believe the change in my child. She ended the school year with a 3.571GPA. She has friends, who call her and invite her places. Let me just say at the old school she was bullied and pushed up against lockers and made fun of. She has a "boyfriend" who called her last night. You have no idea how happy this makes me. These kids are looking past her quirks and excepting her for her. Anyway, I found a pic on the school website of my daughter and one of her friends and the farm baseball team the Akron Aeros. All the 7th graders who didn't get in to trouble were allowed to go to this game. This boy is coming tonight to the BBQ. This young man tried to sit there and explain baseball to my daughter. He also saw my daughter with my parents last weekend at a restaurant and made it a point to get up and come to the table and talk to my daughter to be sure she knew he was coming to the BBQ.

Unfortunately, my daughter will be spending tomorrow with her biological father for Father's Day. It's heartbreaking, but it was her choice to go. This man only spends 4hours every two weeks with her, as he is too busy. My husband now has done so much for her that it kills me to see my daughter make the choice. But it is her DAD and he brain washers her every time she is with him. Mind you he has never helped financially or emotionally with her. GRRRR... well enough about him.

I have a few repurposed projects under way, but I have to wait for paint to dry, but hope to share them with you in a day or so. Or maybe not depends on how they come out. I'd like to try a new paint technique I've never done. Or maybe I'll just show you if I fail too.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Have Been Busy

I finally got back out into my strawberry patch today. Boy was it HOT!!! I try to go out early in the morning to pick them, but today it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to pick them. This is my 5th picking. I got 1 whole entire Wal-mart bag and 1/2 of another of strawberries today. I haven't made a pie yet, hopefully this weekend. I did try to make smoothies the other night, but they were a bit thick and tart. I'm sure there is a recipe out there on how to make them better, so I am going to look. I have already given some away... but it looks like I'll also be making jam this weekend too. I would love to share with all of you, but we make freezer jam and I don't think it would work to well to ship. LOL.

Here's a pic of my strawberry patch today...

This is two nights ago pickings the 4th one...

So then I promised myself I would find time to craft these past few days. Work has been rough the chief is out of town, so I get to deal with a bunch of immature men who do not like a woman being in charge. (That's a whole other story) So I craft to take my mind off of it. And so I made up these little girls. They will be listed on my website either tonight or tomorrow. I am so tickled on how they came out. I am going to name each one and attach a tag to them when they are adopted.

I also coffee stained my little apron and bonnet set today. These too will be listed on my website. I have found I need to start selling some things instead of hoarding it all. LOL. I am running out of room for new stuff. So keep checking back on my website for new items. Anyway, thought I'd show the apron and bonnet. Again this is my own pattern.

I know I promised pictures of my cleaned up craft room, but after I made these girls it's a mess again. So I will pick it up and try again. Then I'll take pictures. I promise.
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