Monday, December 29, 2008

Updates Galore!!!

I am hoping all of you had a Merry Christmas. Mine was very busy, but good. The kids had a great time as well.

Well, the move is complete. I am in my new place. Pictures will not be coming for awhile as it is a mess. I am trying to find places for everything. Holy Cow!!!! I have lots of stuff!!! LOL. My garage is packed full and my basement is too. Yes say it I am a pack rat!!! Speaking of rats my daughter saw a mouse in the garage and is totally freaked out. So now I must get some traps and catch that darn thing before it gets in the house. I'll just have someone else empty the trap if I catch it. My son loves the new place, which is a relief. My DD's best friend only lives a couple of houses up and came and spent the night with us our first night there. My family was great in helping me move and we got it done in 2 days. Never again will I move!!!! UGGGHHH!!!!

OK I know you're all dying to hear about the guy. OK well the gentle giant as I call him got together Friday night to watch a movie, but ended up talking the entire time. It was very nice. He was a perfect gentleman. Remember I've known him for about 4-5 years so yes I went to his home. Don't worry I don't always do that. LOL. Now I actually had a date with another guy last night. Boy was I nervous!!! We were to meet at 5pm but he called and said he had gotten food poisoning the night before and felt really bad and wanted to move it to 7pm. I asked if he wanted to postpone, but he said no. So we met for coffee at Starbuck's. We had never met before or talked other than online or by cell phone texting. Yes I met him online before you ask. LOL. We were to meet outside Target because Starbuck's is in side. He told me he had a red car so I got there first and waited in my car in the parking lot. I figured I'd scope him out first before I got out of the car so if I had to I could run. LOL. He gets out he seems to be normal so I get out and say his name. HOLY MOLEY GIRLS!!!!! He was a cutey!!!!! He is a bit older than me, but we have so much in common. OK he's not so much into primitive, heck he didn't know what I was talking about when I said I was a folk artist. LOL. He is more modern cutting edge so we'll see. He is a professional photographer and you should see his website. His pictures are awesome! Then we walked around Target and looked at the Christmas sale stuff. We decided it was to soon to say good bye so we went to Applebee's had an appetizer and drinks. By 9:30 we were saying good bye and left and decided we wanted to go out again SOON. We may be going out New Years Eve, we'll see.

Now you know what has been going on this past week and a half. I'll keep you updated.
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good News All Around

I apologize for my few and far between posts, but as with everyone else I have been extremely busy with both the holidays and otherwise.

I have lots of good news to share. First, I was offered a full time job on Tuesday with the private ambulance company. I was offered more money than I thought and I also get to teach. I LOVE to teach. Anyway, Mon- Fri. 8a-6p no holidays or weekends. Next, I was off teaching last Saturday and the head instructor lives in the same town I do and we got to talking. He knew about my situation before as I tried to get a job where he worked. He was like you need to join the fire department here in town. Now this is where I'm still not sure I want to. I would be the only female in amongst a bunch of men who think women have no right to be in the fire service. Plus I would have to leave my kids alone while I was out on calls in the middle of the night. That does not thrill me. So like I said I haven't decided yet, but still plan to stay and work occasionally where I do now when the kids are not with me.

Next I found THE place. Girls it is awesome!!!! It is a 3 bedroom 1 full and 2 half baths, living room, dining room, eat in kitchen, basement, garage, newer carpet, and clean 1200 sq ft duplex. I LOVE it. The landlord is awesome. After we got to talking it came out that they knew my sister and BIL from church and live right down the street from them. I heard about this place from my neighbor's Mom who is a mail lady and knew someone had just moved out. Then my neighbor the plumber had worked on the place last year and gave me the phone number to call. I called went and saw the place and fell in love. It is in a nice neighborhood and below my budgeted price. I will take pictures when I can. I have already emptied out my attic which you will see pics of. I am packing up my sewing and painting stuff as I can move in January 1st.

This is my garage. The landlord says I can move stuff in the garage and basement before the 1st because they are redoing the bath room and it isn't quite ready yet. So I moved everything to the garage until this weekend. No laughing this is all decorating stuff!!!!! I got rid of a few things too. My neighbor the plumber came and picked out a few pictures, a shelf, and bird houses for his house that were from my more country days. He asked me if I had any other "crafty" stuff I would give him. Mind you he is 29 and a bachelor asking for "crafty" stuff. LOL. I told him I'd have to look. He has everything hung on his walls already. LOL. He is too funny.

OK ladies remember that guy who asked me for coffee awhile back? Well, he text me back this week and I think it is going to happen. He will be calling me tomorrow night. We have been texting back and forth all day for the last two days. So I will keep you posted. If you don't remember he's the one that is divorced with the daughter. Before you ask (hanging my head smiling slyly) he is younger than me. LOL. I swore I would never go younger nor see another firefighter. But guess what yep he is both. He is only a volunteer firefighter so I consider that ok. LOL. He also has a full time job and two other part time jobs. He is my in at Lowe's shhh anyone need anything. We call him "Tiny" yeah doesn't quite fit him. He is a huge guy. To see him he looks intimidating bald head, fu man chu mustache, over six foot tall and probably 280. But he is a gentle giant with a huge heart. No I don't have pics give me time. LOL.

The bad news is I started urinating blood again on Sunday. I went to the doctors again yesterday and didn't have enough blood in my urine for another scope, so once again it is wait and watch and go back when I have more blood. He just shook his head and said we'll find it. I just told him I liked to be difficult and he said your doing a good job of that. LOL. They sent my urine off for testing because it still had red blood cells in it. But I know everything will work out.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow It's Been Awhile

Alright so I still haven't finished my decorating yet because I am in limbo as to whether or not I have to be out of my home by January 1st. I would hate to get everything out and then have to pack it all up again.

Speaking of moving I have looked at several places here in town and WOW the price of rentals is horrible. I am sorry but I am a single income and can not afford $700-$900 a month. Guess we'll be living in a cardboard box. LOL. Then my neighbor calls me last night and asks if I got the newspaper. I don't that is a luxury item that I can't afford right now. She said there was a duplex for rent and that she called and it was 2 bedroom and 2 bath for $475 a month. So I called the lady and it has a rec room in the basement that could be used for a bedroom. Viola! 3 bedrooms just what I'm looking for. I am not able to go look at it until Friday since I work. That is a bummer but if it is meant to be then it will still be available. Then my neighbor (you know the plumber) said he'd go look at it with me to be sure it was a safe neighborhood and that it would be good enough. Then he is going to look at a dog and asked me if I'd go with him to see it. I LOVE dogs so it was a good trade.

As for the job front... I had a company call me last week out of the blue and tell me that they heard I might be looking for a full time job. I said there is no might about it I am looking. They're like well I think we can help you out. Now I did not apply at this place at all. My co workers at my job now told them about me. I would still be a paramedic only with a private ambulance company. It is not what I really want to do, but it is full time with benefits. They are suppose to call me this week to talk money, but basically the job is mine if I want it. I would work Monday thru Friday 8am- 6pm no weekends or holidays. I would have 10 hours of over time built in each week. So we'll see I guess. Things are looking up for us and I am now being told by my coworkers that I am different, happier here recently. I had one guy tell me I had a glow yesterday. I laughed and said most women don't glow unless they're pregnant and I am certainly not pregnant. LOL.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you all an update.
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

In The Beginning....

Alright so I thought I'd share pictures of my unfinished Christmas decorating. Like I said I have not gotten out my greens yet or Christmas redware plates. So these are the before pictures.

This shelf is above the dry sink in the above picture.

Yep moved this out of the foyer. It looks OK here I think.

My foyer now. Still not done with it though.

Undecorated tree LOL. My kids get to do this one this year. All the ornaments will be hung on the same branches and from waist level down. LOL. I'll show you when we get it done.

Can't decide what to do on the shelves yet. I have tons of Santas and Snowmen but haven't gotten any of them out this year. Or I'll put my redware plates on the shelves. Not sure though.

Sorry about the quality of this picture.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well I can't say I've been working on anything for Watcha Working on Wednesday, so I won't be participating again this week. Sorry Kim I really haven't been working on anything. LOL. I ran out of propane and am sitting in my house that is 52 degrees waiting on the plumber to hook up my natural gas. Yep that would also be my neighbor. He has been so nice through all this crap. He even emptied a dead mouse from one of my traps for me. He is my hero because I hate mice. YUCK!!!! He has been checking in on us and when my fridge and microwave stopped working a day ago he so kindly told me to check my fuse box. That was it the breaker had popped. Anyway, there are still nice guys out there I just didn't seem to have one of them. LOL.

I got asked by someone to go for coffee. We haven't talked since so who knows if it will happen. He too is divorced with a daughter. His wife left him basically the same way. So we thought we would get together for coffee. I have known him for a few years and he is so nice and would've done anything for his wife and daughter. He is now working 3 jobs so his ex can finish school and is paying for the house she is living in. So we'll see.

No luck on the job front yet or apartment hunting either. I need to make some calls today and also have a counselling session. He should be getting the letter from my attorney today so I expect to hear from him. We argued on Sunday when he dropped off my son. I told him that his girlfriend needed to stay out of our divorce. That it did not concern her. He told me he would not do that as he is not hiding anything from her and is having an open honest relationship. (Insert puking sound here) I'll be so glad when all the paperwork and red tape is done so I can go on and not deal with him except for with my son.

Alright I know I haven't been posting any pics and I apologize, but I don't have anything to take any of yet. I'm working on Christmas decorations, but they aren't done yet. I need to fill in with my greens and berries. Soon ladies soon before I have to tear it all down and move. LOL.
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