Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Shopping Excursions

I finally have time to type a little more. Yesterdays post was typed at work. Shhhhh... LOL. Anyway, I have created a monster.(snicker snicker) Steve now likes going to Goodwill and to the flea markets. We went Thursday to two different Goodwills. One in the town I live and one in the town he lives. Now I did not know this, but maybe you did. Around here the manager at the store sets the prices at each Goodwill. hmmmm... kinda strange, but the one in Steve's town was a little more expensive, but it had a lot more in the way of wood items. Originally I was going school clothes shopping for my daughter because certain items were on sale. We got capris for $.99 a pair and jeans for $3.50 a piece. I can't beat that and she was happy. Well, of course while we were there I had to see what was new. Steve was trying to pick out dresses for me, but was in the wrong size. I looked at him and said I realize I have put on 10 lbs. since January, but uh those are way too big. LOL. Then of course he picks out some cute sundresses, lets just say I am not well endowed and can not fill out those kinds of dresses on top. LOL Again I tell him um thanks but not for me. Then he picks out a beaded Mother of the bride dress... I laughed and said I hope not yet my daughter is only 14. Anyway, enough of the blabbering on to the treasures Steve and I found.

Love the clock though it's a bit to gold on the face, the shoe shine box I saw in a book I was looking at not to long ago that someone was using, not sure if I'm going to paint the candle holders, and the Amish towel rack uh well bye bye that will be painted over lol.

Next Steve found this book holder and HE bought it. I love the detail in it. It was $3.00.

I need to ask my Mom for the family Bible to display on it. So for now it remains empty.

Next I found this beautifully carved jewelry box. I paid $1.00 for it. The white is an inlay into to the top. The box is carved on every outside surface. I just love it!

Now on to the entire display with my new candle holder Steve bought me too next to the rocker. It's not done yet and will probably not stay this way, but I'm getting the fall display itch. LOL

I told you I went shopping last weekend at a new shop that was having a garage sale, well this is more things I bought. Everything you see was a $1.00 a piece. HEHE if you look close enough you can see I wrote "pantry" in the dust of one of the black and red wood pieces. That's what I want to do with that one. LOL

See the prices on them... not what I paid. I got them for 50% off of that price. Not bad huh?

The candle holder was 20% off and all the candles were $.25 a piece. I'm thinking I want to redip them in dark wax, but that's down the road.

Everything in these pictures was 20% off. There is that fabulous paint technique again. Oh and Kim let me work on that technique and then I'll do a tutorial.

Fall fabric... need I say more. LOL. I told you I can't wait til fall decor comes out the boxes. The kids go back to school on August 24th so I'm thinking that will be a good time to switch over. LOL.

Alright, I've talked your ear off enough. I better get going and start doing something since it's raining outside. I have plenty of projects up my sleeve. I start my new shift tomorrow and wouldn't you know it would be the Football Hall of Fame football game tomorrow night where I work. Yuck!!!!! I HATE FOOTBALL!!!!! LOL. If there are spelling mistakes I'm sorry, but my spell check on Blogger isn't working. UGGHHH
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Raggedy Angel said...

Good Stuff! Mary-Kate has found the best at GW & TS. I mean name brands and lots of it is brand new!
I love the Blessings sign.

wrcdgc said...

Great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with all of them! Love the fabric.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Great finds and I love the fabric!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Great stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with all of it.

Jan said...

What a Haul, Girl!!!! I love it all! And another Fall it just me, or do most of the Primitive people love Fall the best? And, the fabric is great! I can't wait to see what all you do with it! Jan

simple~needs said...

yeah, look at all those goodies!!! woohoo!!
i love the fall fabrics. i am so itching to change some things here.
i am so looking forward to the paint tutorial. i love how old it looks. :)
keep posting mary!!
hugs, kim

Tina said...

Great finds and I got that fall itch too!!