Friday, November 13, 2009

Do You Hear It?????

SSSHHHHH!!!!!! Do you hear my heart singing very softly???? It's still soft because I'm just at the beginning of redecorating. However, as promised I will show you some sneak peaks at what I did yesterday. I am really delcuttering and Steve says it looks bigger in my little place. I had to sign some last minute paperwork to put the original Gettysburg Homestead up for sale before I could start. It's kind of sad, but neither one of us can afford it without the other and since my EXs girlfriend that he left me for moved out on him he can't afford it by himself. (snicker snicker SORRY) Anyway, I am no where near done but here are some to start with. I still have a few fall things out, but for the most part they are back in their tubs and I have some Christmas signs and red berries out too. LOL. Steve and I were talking and he said "you should go ahead and decorate for Christmas since you didn't do much last year." So.... look closely for "fwinter" (fall/winter mix LOL)

While I was doing this, Steve was off too. His work is a bit slow these days. So of course he didn't want to get in my way, so he went out to cut more wood for more signs. I now have a total of 13 signs. He is getting better with each one. I told him that we need to prim a few up. But I'll show you my stacks. LOL. Now other than sell a few what am I suppose to do with all of these??? LOL

Almost forgot...

I am thankful for modern conveniences light electric and heat from furnaces. Though sometimes I do like living with the light of my candles for short periods of time. It makes me wonder what it really would of been like to live this way all the time. Hmmmmm no hair dryer, no electric washing machine and dryer, no stove, yeah I think I like my electric LOL.
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Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

He who snickers last, snickers best!
Have fun decorating.

Janene said...

As always Mary, you have a special way of making a house a home...and what a cozy home it is!
I can not imagine living without electricity...but when it goes out, we do have a good time as a family playing games. And the glow of the flames that flicker are so relaxing!

UPON A HILL said...

Yes, thank GOD for electricity! Your home looks good. When I turned 50, I decided to pare down too. Sometimes less is more.

Tina said...

Looks good! You've done wonders bringing your style into the new and improved Gettysburg Homestead.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I think what you have done so far is great! Steve has done a great job with the signs. You should definately try selling ones you don't need there.


Julie said...

You two make a great team. Both of you are very talented!! I am with you 100% on the electricity thing. I would be so sad to have to foot pedal my sewing machine--not pretty :)!! Have a great weekend. Julie

simple~needs said...

geez, i feel bad for the ex...........NOT!! teehee
(snicker, snicker)
what do they say about "what goes around, comes around?"
i am loving the signs, my fave is the "old fashioned horse drawn sleigh rides". i think it would look awesome in maybe a choc. brown with cream lettering. i think that would look prim. :)
ask steve what he thinks. :)
i am so happy for you mary, i told you months ago that things would get better, that all the hurt would go away.......
you deserve to be oh so happy!!!
hugs, kim

wrcdgc said...

I love all of the signs. Sorry about your house I know how hard it is to live the place you called home.


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

You go right ahead and snicker! LOL

Love seeing more pics of your home!! Thanks for sharing!!

PS I agree with Steve - you go right ahead and decorate early and ENJOY every moment!

Nancy said...

I think you have every right to snicker.
What goes around,-----. I love the look you have in your home. It looks very inviting.
I guess if we had to we could, and the Amish live without electricity by choice. I don't think I could though.

Debi said...

I love the new place!! And of course your decor!! Glad to be back blogging. And looking forward to catching up on your blog.
I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day my dear.
Debi xo

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

Isnt it LOVELY to snicker? TOO FUNNY!
Hey Steve the signs look GREAT!!! I am with you Mary I am decorating early this year! Got so much to do! Love your pics! Hugs BeCca

~Jess said...

I think you should sell some of the signs...I know we could use one or two like the winter (sled/sleighs) in our store.