Friday, May 28, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

First, let me start out by apologizing for the quality of the pictures. My son took my camera to school yesterday because the went on a field trip to Amish Country and wanted to take pictures. Now he can't find my camera so I had to use my cell phone to take some of the pictures today. He is suppose to be checking at school and on the bus for it and he'd better find it too!!!!

Let's see let me just update you a little from Monday's post. The plumber that my landlord hired came on Monday to snake the sewer drain. Not until after both the neighbor and I took showers and had bigger lakes in the garage. Anyway they pulled out a huge wad of tree roots. The landlord said he didn't plant the trees the city did since we are a "Tree City." Now he can't cut it down without the city's approval. So, looks like we will continue to have problems. For now though it works much better. While he was here I had him look at a few other things while he was here. Since it has been unusually hot here in Ohio I decided to turn on my air conditioner Sunday night. It was cooling a little but it just wouldn't shut off all night or all day Monday. Then on one of the pipes that goes into my furnace I had a huge ice block. I asked the landlord while he was here if this was normal and he said yes and that my AC would probably run for another day or so to get the humidity out of the air and start cooling. Well, Steve came over and said no it wasn't normal and said turn it off until the ice melts then we'll see what happens. What happened was my AC broke!!!!! After that it wouldn't cool anymore. So I called the landlord and said my AC was broke could they have someone come fix it on Tuesday. They said they would call and get someone out. So, I wake up Tuesday to go to work and discover someone left my fridge door open a little all night long!!!!! Seriously if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck!!!! No time to check everything so I went to work. Long story short... the AC got fixed around 4 and the fridge actually kept everything cool and I didn't lose everything. Shew!!!!

But as promised I said I would show you my Goodwill finds from last week and yesterday (Steve actually found them yesterday cuz I worked)

An egg holder that I've been wanting since I put my eggs out this Spring. This was $.50. A steal!!!!

Then my beautiful cutting board/candle board that will be getting a face lift.

Now these pics will be awful...

Another blanket crane!!!!! $4.00 !!!!!!Steve and the kids went to Goodwill last night after they came and visited me at work. He got out of his truck at my house at the same time I got home. I screamed like a girl when he showed me it. Oh wait I am a girl! LOL. The kids were like Mom REALLY????? It is actually a dark and prim'd burgundy red.

Then he picked up this because he liked it. I think it needs darkened and then to figure out what I'll do with it.

I also did some bidding on Ebay this week. I haven't been on there for over a year. I won some awesome stuff but will show you when it all gets here. I'm so excited.

Time to get off here and go get my hair colored and cut. It's been about 8 weeks and boy does it show. LOL. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! I will be working for most of it so no picnics for me. Talk to you soon!!!!

Oh and Thanks for all who commented on my Come Craft With Me Day. For those in Ohio I live in Wayne County if that helps!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Come Craft With Me

Come Craft With Me
Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have set the first date of Come Craft With Me. This is open to anyone who reads my blog and would like to come over to my home and craft. I want this to be a fun day for everyone meeting new friends and sharing a new craft with someone else. Bring a current project you are working on OR I will be glad to help you and show you how I painted my boxes in the last post. (More on how I'll do this later.) All I ask is everyone bring a dessert or finger food to share for lunch. You can stay as long as you like that day. Oh wait be aware I go to bed around 10pm LOL.

Now if you are wanting to paint paper mache boxes with me we can do this one of two ways:

1. I can buy the boxes and provide the paint with a fee of $7.00.

2. You can buy your own boxes and paint. I can provide you with a list of paints I like to use if you would like.
Let me know which way you are leaning towards.

If you are planning on attending please email me ahead of time (see the right side bar for my email addy) so that I can plan accordingly and give you my address. I want to make sure my little place will be big enough. LOL. I know I'm thinking big. Now watch no one will show up. LOL. Don't worry if you can't attend this one I will plan on one in July too. I can't wait to do this. I am so excited to meet some of you hopefully.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Redos out of Necessity

Well, if you'll remember in the dining room I talked about putting some stack boxes on my shelf to store my sewing stuff in. Yesterday started out as any other... grocery shopping, breakfast out, and then running to Pat Catan's. I was going to buy my boxes so that I had them on hand to paint at a later date. I have so many projects going on I just didn't have time. I came home and my neighbor was backing out of the garage.

Neighbor: Hey Mary just to let you know my basement drain and garage drain overflowed today. I had 1 1/2 inches of water in my basement.

He has had some issues with his kitchen sink within the last few months. No biggie he unclogs them. Sometimes my toilets get plugged and my bathroom sink is slow draining. OK.

Well, I opened my garage and lo and behold the water had come up my garage drain too. The TV cabinet Steve was working on is in the middle of the lake!!!!! Grrrrr.... So what do I do run my laundry. I didn't figure it would be a big deal since I normally don't have a problem. NOPE!!!! I made the water come up my basement drain and more in the garage. Lake Mary was all underneath my sewing stuff. Luckily my fabric is in plastic containers. SHEW!!!!! I call my landlord he comes over and says " Well, stop doing laundry and using a lot of water until I can get this fixed." WHAT??????? SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I have two kids and laundry coming out my ears. So, since I now need to get my sewing stuff upstairs so it doesn't float away I worked on these...

I like the different sizes and shapes... They are now...

Alright since you asked nicely I'll show you what I'm working on too... FYI is changed a bit since these picture. LOL. No new pics because my dining table is a mess again with paint.

Wood cabinet no doors???? That's why the doors are sitting there until I decide.


I'm still working on some things for the room and on placement. The new Country Sampler came I'm getting a lot of good ideas. Stay tuned. I got some great goodies at the Goodwill the other day I'll show you those later this week.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cleaning out the Closet...

I finally did it. I have been wanting to clean out my closet for a really long time. I am very much a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning out anything. I look at things like clothes and think well, I might fit in it if I lose weight, or I paid X amount of dollars and I CAN't get rid of it, or I wore this when my kid got this award, OK the list could go on and on. I am terrible!!!! While I was watching yet another episode of Hoarders Monday night about a Mother and Daughter I decided to set a goal to clean out my closet (OK closet"s" I have two in my room.)

Tuesday morning after posting... I decided I just could not stand my bedroom being a mess anymore. Looking in my closet at all the clothes I have that I never wear or haven't worn in years. I actually started to get anxious and feel overwhelmed. (YEP don't say it I know this is exactly how hoarders feel.) First, let me show you the end result then I'll show you what it looked like when I started.

5 kitchen trash bags and 5 purses later...

Let me just tell you that there were clothes in here that I've had for close to over 10 years!!!!! I bought some of these clothes before my 10 year old was born and yes up until before my ex husband left they still fit. And yes they are very much outdated in style... LOL. I had dress clothes from when I worked in a bank up until my son was born. That's when I could wear the straight mini skirts with blazer/jacket... ummm not so much now that my caboose is much wider. LOL. How about a seersucker (light blue and white) short suit. No???? LOL. Should I go on??? And to think I actually have a Fashion Degree. shhhhhh.... So out they went with a lot of other things too.

I didn't take before pics but this is my big closet now... I have a couple of Steve's shirts I washed up for him so he didn't ruin them. LOL. And before you ask that is all the dress shoes I own. I am not a shoe or purse person. LOL My change jars that one day I'll turn in for something special or it will be my retirement. LOL.

I now have a top shelf completely empty. Not that I can reach it or anything. Why do people do that? Put shelves so high that us short people can't even use them without using a step stool.

Now in my half bathroom in my bedroom I have another closet. This is where I keep all my uniforms for work...

I know you're thinking it's not too bad, but just wait. All this came out of there... It was one of those grab what you want and close the door before everything falls out. LOL. I'm telling you I'm a hoarder.

Of course I went through everything and found this wool blanket we all got when we graduated from high school... I figure I can use it at Christmas folded the other way. So no I'm not getting rid of it. LOL.

Then I came across old bedding which by the way is for sale... It is brushed cotton and is name brand "Docker's" It is so soft. There is a comforter 90X106 (king I believe but I used it on my queen) a dust ruffle and two pillow shams. Excellent condition. $50.00 plus you pay actual shipping. Anyway... this is when I went through my shabby chic/country floral stage.

I already took the bags to the Goodwill before I could change my mind about anything. I feel so much better. Like I said I have needed to do this for so long, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. To me I set a small goal of my closets but ended up going through my entire room cleaning and simplifying. Last night when I went to bed I was in a different frame of mind. I didn't see clutter before bed, but a clean space I could relax. I think I will try to set a goal every week or two to clean out another space and reorganize.

I also tried to get my son to clean out too yesterday. Unfortunately he takes after his Mother and is also a hoarder. I gave him one trash bag for trash and one for donate. He got his toy box cleaned out and that was it before he just couldn't do anymore. He said "Mom this is devastating getting rid of my toys." Ummm... Houston we have a problem!!!! So I let him stop since he had a band and choir concert last night as well. I didn't want him to be tired and cranky for that. I am hoping he worked a little more on it today. I am at work and will see when I get home. As of last night there wasn't much in the donate bag, but there was broken toys in the trash bag. I told him he was not going to donate broken toys. I may have to intervene and help get rid of some things.

So in short cleaning out my closet has helped me get rid of old memories good and bad. I'm not just talking clothes, but while I was cleaning I was listening to Roy Clark (the guy from Hee Haw for those who remember him) sing hymnals. I have cleaned out my mind of negative thoughts and feelings and started to remember what is important. First, God has led me through I really tough time in my life and everything has worked out only because I put my trust in him and remembered that if he leads me to it he will lead me through it. Next is my family. As much as you don't want to rely on them as you become an adult sometimes you just need to let parents be parents and help you. And of course all of you my Friends. I could have never done this without all of you from November 2008 until now. True friends will stick by you through thick and thin. And all of you have done that for me. I realize life is too short to hold grudges and and hold onto anger. Holding onto possessions or buying the best of everything isn't going to make life better it's how you live your life and are an example to others that people will remember. Sorry I'm getting sappy, but I want each of you to know how important you are to me and that you take a brief moment out of your day to spend with me makes me so humbled. So Thank you my prim friends you ARE the best!!!!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let's Step Outside for a Moment

I would like to start out this post by Thanking each and every one of you who stop by my blog to see what I'm up to. Sometimes I have interesting stuff to say or I'm doing and other times I'm just plain ranting. Thanks for putting up with me ; ) I also forgot to tell you that the same morning of the phone call to my son my coffee maker quit working too!!!!!! UUUGGGHHHH... so let's just say some of my rant was due to no coffee consumption. LOL.

Sunday was beautiful in our neck of the woods in Ohio so I decided Steve was going to take me flower shopping. Every year by mid summer I swear to myself that I am NOT going to buy flowers the next year because of the watering. Every time I have flowers they either die or wilt because I forget to water, since there is not more than 24 hours in a day, and no one else will help. Or I buy the wrong type of flower for where I live and I put a part sun in a full sun place. Anyway, while I was cleaning I found a $50 dollar gift certificate my parents had bought me 4 years ago to my favorite plant nursery. I wasn't sure if it was still good, but lo and behold they took it!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!!!! After much contemplation and looking this is what we came up with... Now remember my planters are on the North side of the house. I think we're going to do a few more planters, but I thought I'd show you the progress. Normally we are safe to plant at the end of May for fear of frost so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we are done with that so they don't die. Though I should be concerned with too much water as it's been raining here for 2 days now.

Lobelia (the blue ones both light and dark), New Guinea impatiens (red and white), and of course spikes (not sure of the real name)

Now lets take other looks...

After we got done planting an older couple walked by and yelled from the street that my house was looking good. YAY!!!!!! So other people do notice. We also had a weird thing happen too. I happen to notice a guy walking down the street. Now I'm not generally quick to make a decision about people, but something in my gut said there was something weird about this guy. He was dressed all in black and had a shaved head. Again I don't make judgements... He stopped a couple houses down was turning around rubbing his head anxiously. I told Steve somethings wrong with this guy is he lost or something. We have a group home for developmentally disabled guys around the corner and thought maybe he had walked away from the house. I kept watching him and then I saw him go up to one of the houses, but I couldn't really see because there were some cars parked in a driveway. So I went back to planting. Next thing I know I see the guy again and a policeman driving up on his phone. I know this one because his daughter is friends with mine and he lives in the house next to where the guy went. Anyway, next thing I know the guy is being frisked and is talking to the policeman and walks away. So I text the policeman's wife and tell her thanks if she called her hubby about the weirdo. She comes over and tells me that this guy doesn't live around here now, but grew up in the house he went to and just wanted to sit on the front steps to reminisce. Odd don't you think? Anyway, she proceeds to tell me this guy just got picked up last week for running from the police and being caught with two knives and binoculars on him. WHAT??????? So her hubby says if we see him again to call the police right away. Uhhhh yea you better believe I will!!!!!! Thankfully we have two policeman living in the neighborhood.

Other than that I haven't been able to work on the dining room due to working, but have no fear I will. LOL. I wanted to go to Michael's for pantry looking boxes but we ended up not having time on Sunday. BUT while I was in Fairlawn I noticed a Hobby Lobby will be coming in soon!!!!!! I've been to one once. I'm so excited I can't wait.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Preliminary Progress...

I got started on my dining room soon after the kids went to school. I was a little stressed after someone called my son this morning bright and early to tell him they were upset about my post several days ago. They were supposedly upset that I didn't tell my son first that I was posting about him and his comments about Steve. They wanted to be sure he was aware that he knew I posted about him just in case it was suppose to be in confidence that he said all that. Needless to say I took the phone and had my own conversation with that person because my son began to cry on the phone and become upset. I now remember why I don't normally talk about my kids on my blog!!!!!!! It causes a big uproar and a lot of heartache. It's when the tables are turned it's not so fun being on the receiving end of certain hurtful comments as I've been there done that with certain people recently. By the way the comments I posted were not said to make anyone upset to hurt them on purpose despite what people may think. People must deal with the consequences of the choices they make in life. My choice is to move on and not like certain people that are involved in my son's life. That is my perogative as well as anyone else's who has objections to Steve. I do not like when people (adults) who are not his parent, step parent, or family to tell my son that they "love" him, or make false promises leaving me to pick up the pieces of a broken heart, or being manipulative by telling my son that if I really LOVED him then I would let certain non-family adults come to school functions without another family member being with them. I made known my objections about these people (and then let it drop) to my son and now have let him make the choice of the path he will follow. I hope that others can do the same! I am tired of my son being caught in the middle of many adults who believe they are looking out for his best interest so they think, but in the end hurting him because he wants to please everyone and can't. Stop making him feel guilty about his feelings or trying to manipulate him because I am trying very hard recently to do the same about a certain individual. I have come to the realization (epiphany) I am his Mother and no one will replace me no matter what anyone says or tries. That being said, I (not my son) will await the next phone call because he needs to be left out of it!!!! Oh and if all you are going to do is talk behind my back please stop reading my blog. This is my personal blog and I can and will post whatever I please.

I apologize for that but it has been weighing on me all morning!

Now on to my preliminary progress...

Don't get used to anything because I can assure you it will change and each time it does I will be there to take pictures. LOL.

Do I need blue on the crane instead???

I thinking about getting some pantry boxes and painting them for the second shelf to store my sewing supplies in.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working on the Dining Room

Monday was a very busy day as I told you. Steve stayed busy all day with my projects. First, my shelving units. You all will be very surprised that I painted them the same color as my walls. I figure that way the treasures I put on the shelves will pop against that color and won't make the room seem smaller either. I saw this same thing in one of Judy Condon's books that someone painted theirs this way.

I originally wanted them to be open shelves, but Steve won out and we added bead board backs to give it sturdiness and so that things wouldn't fall behind because we had to leave it away from the wall because the baseboard sticks out a little. Of course I'm not gonna show you how they're decorated yet... ok cuz I don't have it done!!! LOL I keep changing my mind.

I am loving the peg rack...

Now on to my new idea for the window. I originally wanted a peg shelf above my window to hang my curtains. Then I got to thinking no I want something different... SOOOOOOOO... This is the new idea Steve built me.

I wanted a blanket crane!!!!!! AND I still have a little space above to put my smalls. The crane actually does pivot out. The next thing Steve wants is shutters below.

Then to my surprise another project I didn't know about until it was my turn to paint. He didn't know what color I wanted. Steve made this apothecary looking box so that I can hide my sewing machine in it. He says I need to keep my machine upstairs so that I can get to it easier than hauling it up from the basement every time I want to use it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! So much for the peg rack for now. LOL

Warning: This box is not this light. It is a dark grey. Must be the lighting.

Tomorrow I am actually off (yes typing this from work) and plan to work in the dining room. So hopefully I will have pics by Monday.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

At a Stand Still...

Yes my dining room is at a stand still for now as I type this. However, later fingers crossed, it won't be as Steve took the day off to build my shelving units. YIPPEEE!!!! I guess it helps I'm off too. I've already made the 20 minute trip to Lowe's for more paint. But hey I can at least do that right? I did do I little preliminary decorating though. I just couldn't stand seeing my stuff sitting on the dining table with no home yet. So I did a little decorating... Don't get used to it because it will move 50 other times. LOL

Now this last picture I need some help... Should I leave the curtain? I really can't stand the pass through that has wood bars going up and down like a jail. Steve and I are undecided. I'm thinking maybe dyeing the curtains with RIT dye really dark will help. I just don't want the ugly 70's wood bars showing.

Anyway so this is what I'm waiting on...

Hey that's me in the first picture. The one who had to go out last week and buy all new shorts because she uh grew out of all of hers from last year! I am so bummed!!!! Granted I went to Goodwill and got them for $2.49 a piece. It is just so disheartening. I hit 35 and down hill it goes. I blame it on Steve because he LOVES to eat so now I cook a lot of different things that I never made before because he is not picky. He never says anything about my weight by the way. I also think I am much happier than I was and I'm comfortable with everything in my life. I guess you could say not as stressed. Sure I still worry, but not near as much.

Speaking of worry my daughter as many of you might remember has many disabilities that cause stress for both her and I. Not only does she have Asperger's (a high functioning autistic that affects her social life) but ADHD, and a non-verbal learning disability all rolled into one. She is not as mature as most 14 going on 15year old girls. However, this past week she has made great strides. She has decided it's a good thing to wash her face with acne soap and put the cream on. She also realized for Mother's Day (by the card she gave me which played the song " I Will Survive" LOL) that most people would have given up on her way before now. She said "Mom thank you for not giving up on me and doing everything you've done for me over the years so I could do better in school." WOW!!!!! Because of her disability she is not able to put herself in someone else's shoes and think about other people's feelings. She can only think of herself. So for her this was a huge break through. Now if only I could get her to scrub her hair and brush her teeth we'd be set. LOL.

As for my son... he is starting to notice girls. :-( Yesterday for Mother's Day he wore a polo shirt, nice "teenage" looking jeans, and dress black shoes that look like boots (Steve bought them at the Goodwill for him on Saturday). He was so handsome and grown up looking. I didn't even ask him to dress up for lunch at my sister's house. He is also the kid who can leave me speechless. Friday night Steve took us out for dinner for Mother's Day. We were enjoying some great conversation when all of my sudden my son pipes up... " When are you two gonna get married?" ummmm what???? AAACCCKKKK I'm screaming in my head. Steve opened his mouth and said "I'm ready whenever your Mom is, but she says she's never getting married." My son's reply... "Well I think you would be a cool Dad." WHAT??????? again I'm screaming in my head. Where in the world is this coming from???? Steve then just let it drop and the conversation moved on. Later yesterday my son asked Steve if he could get him a card for Father's Day. Steve replied no you have a Dad get him one. My son says I am getting him one but I want to get you one too. So Steve's reply was I guess as long as I don't have to pay for it. LOL. Yes this child will be the death of me.

Steve got me my favorite flowers for Mother's Day and a card (no not a Mother's Day card though I told him I wasn't his Mother. LOL) I just love yellow roses!!!!

Oh and of course the topping to the marriage thing... I was talking to an old work partner of mine last week who called to ask me a question about work also asked when Steve and I were getting married. What is this???? LOL. Is this an omen????
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let The Decorating Begin....

Tuesday night we (OK Steve) painted. Like I said we started with the ceiling... For us short people it should would be nice to be able to paint like this without a ladder or extension rod.

And now the paint. First of all I hate trimming with a passion. I do not have a steady hand and then to be on a ladder. Not a good mix. So Steve trimmed. I offered to roll, BUT Steve said no he LOVED to roll. So... I let him. LOL. He told me to supervise and make dinner. I can supervise quite well might I say so myself.

All done... mmmmm hey Steve you sure this is the right color?? This is the gallon you went and got. It must be the lighting.

Oh yeah much better... Watch out it's still wet!!!

Moving ahead to today...

"Hey Mom get upstairs and take your shower so we can talk about Mother's Day plans." I just could not get motivated today after working late the last two days and my back keeping me up all night along with the thunderstorms too. So up I went and lo and behold when I come down... Steve has the furniture moved around and all ready is taking measurements. The furniture placement is different from the last plans I showed you. One of the pieces I was going to use is too big. Oh well, try something else I guess.

Now those are just for furniture placement. Everything will be redecorated!!! I am planning on taking the doors off my tin punched cupboard for awhile to see if I like it. We are still building shelving and now have come up with a different idea for the window. That my friends is another day after they are built. Woohoo I am off for the next three days. I hope I can get a lot done. As you can tell I am a bit excited.
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