Monday, May 10, 2010

At a Stand Still...

Yes my dining room is at a stand still for now as I type this. However, later fingers crossed, it won't be as Steve took the day off to build my shelving units. YIPPEEE!!!! I guess it helps I'm off too. I've already made the 20 minute trip to Lowe's for more paint. But hey I can at least do that right? I did do I little preliminary decorating though. I just couldn't stand seeing my stuff sitting on the dining table with no home yet. So I did a little decorating... Don't get used to it because it will move 50 other times. LOL

Now this last picture I need some help... Should I leave the curtain? I really can't stand the pass through that has wood bars going up and down like a jail. Steve and I are undecided. I'm thinking maybe dyeing the curtains with RIT dye really dark will help. I just don't want the ugly 70's wood bars showing.

Anyway so this is what I'm waiting on...

Hey that's me in the first picture. The one who had to go out last week and buy all new shorts because she uh grew out of all of hers from last year! I am so bummed!!!! Granted I went to Goodwill and got them for $2.49 a piece. It is just so disheartening. I hit 35 and down hill it goes. I blame it on Steve because he LOVES to eat so now I cook a lot of different things that I never made before because he is not picky. He never says anything about my weight by the way. I also think I am much happier than I was and I'm comfortable with everything in my life. I guess you could say not as stressed. Sure I still worry, but not near as much.

Speaking of worry my daughter as many of you might remember has many disabilities that cause stress for both her and I. Not only does she have Asperger's (a high functioning autistic that affects her social life) but ADHD, and a non-verbal learning disability all rolled into one. She is not as mature as most 14 going on 15year old girls. However, this past week she has made great strides. She has decided it's a good thing to wash her face with acne soap and put the cream on. She also realized for Mother's Day (by the card she gave me which played the song " I Will Survive" LOL) that most people would have given up on her way before now. She said "Mom thank you for not giving up on me and doing everything you've done for me over the years so I could do better in school." WOW!!!!! Because of her disability she is not able to put herself in someone else's shoes and think about other people's feelings. She can only think of herself. So for her this was a huge break through. Now if only I could get her to scrub her hair and brush her teeth we'd be set. LOL.

As for my son... he is starting to notice girls. :-( Yesterday for Mother's Day he wore a polo shirt, nice "teenage" looking jeans, and dress black shoes that look like boots (Steve bought them at the Goodwill for him on Saturday). He was so handsome and grown up looking. I didn't even ask him to dress up for lunch at my sister's house. He is also the kid who can leave me speechless. Friday night Steve took us out for dinner for Mother's Day. We were enjoying some great conversation when all of my sudden my son pipes up... " When are you two gonna get married?" ummmm what???? AAACCCKKKK I'm screaming in my head. Steve opened his mouth and said "I'm ready whenever your Mom is, but she says she's never getting married." My son's reply... "Well I think you would be a cool Dad." WHAT??????? again I'm screaming in my head. Where in the world is this coming from???? Steve then just let it drop and the conversation moved on. Later yesterday my son asked Steve if he could get him a card for Father's Day. Steve replied no you have a Dad get him one. My son says I am getting him one but I want to get you one too. So Steve's reply was I guess as long as I don't have to pay for it. LOL. Yes this child will be the death of me.

Steve got me my favorite flowers for Mother's Day and a card (no not a Mother's Day card though I told him I wasn't his Mother. LOL) I just love yellow roses!!!!

Oh and of course the topping to the marriage thing... I was talking to an old work partner of mine last week who called to ask me a question about work also asked when Steve and I were getting married. What is this???? LOL. Is this an omen????
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Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Sounds like you had a good mothers day! hehe....they are ganging up on you over the marriage thing....stand your ground! A good relationship doesnt necessarily need a piece of paper to make it right. :)

colonialhomestead said...

It is a blessing when kid's can apperciate what has been done for them even if it takes them forever to figure it out. Sound's as if your son likes having Steve in you'r family. Omen?? Only you know your own heart. I wish you much happiness.

Justina said...

I'm so glad you are still blogging and feeling so wonderful :0) i knew things would turn around for you and your kids~ It just takes time. Lots of hugs to you~ Justina

Jo-Anne said...

Im so happy you are happy. Maybe your son is sensing that happiness too and wants to keep it around.
I am sure everything will work out as it should! :)
I really like how your dining room is taking shape. Those shelves are going to fabulous!! [[jealous!]]
Hope all is well.

Angie Berry said...

Haha, Oh goodness girl! I think it's great that your son likes Steve enough for him to become his "dad". But you just take it easy and do it when you're ready. Don't be rushed by everyone around you!

That's great news about your daughter! I know that makes you feel good!

Those shelves are gonna be awesome when you get done. I can't wait to see them and see what color you painted them.

Your flowers from Steve are gorgeous! I'm glad to hear you are happier and more comfortable now than you have been in a long time. That makes for a happier life with those you're surrounded by! =]

Raggedy Angel said...

Steve has been such a blessing in your so many ways! I am so happy you are getting the happiness you deserve! Beth

Sheila said...

Mary, it sounds like you'd better keep this one, marriage or not. How wonderful for your son to express his feelings, that should comfort you to know how he feels about Steve, it seems like you are already a family. How awesome is it that your daughter is making great strides. You must be an amazing Mom! If it's all meant to be it will be.

Tina said...

I'm thrilled for so many wonderful things happening in your life.
oh, the curtains. Leave em! I was in Rebecca's in Walnut Creek not long ago and they had window treatments that were like that. They had stitched on them little prim houses and trees and vines and then dyed them. Awesome look. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Mary well, well (boy is that a deep subject) LOL! I am so tickled for you sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's day! By the way when you and Steve do decide to get hitched I want an invite! HEHE! I am glad your so happy! Your room is looking fab!

Jan said...

Oh, Mary...I am so happy that you are so happy!!! And so glad to hear about your daughter!! My nephew is also an Aspergers, and they are just special!! He has finally found his "posse", and has discovered that it is not "all about him"....he is 15 too....And your son!! Isn't it amazing? They just shock the heck out of us! (of course, after all those hours of no sleep and is the least they can do!). And I say "keep the curtains"! Do your magic on them...everything you do looks AWESOME!!! And Steve? Well, you have done your magic on him...obviously he is awesome too! It will all work out!

~Jess said...

Do you have a big piece of art or something along those lines that you could put in front of it? I do think dying the curtains darker would help.

What a topic for conversation ;-) And everyone hinting at it lol

~Jess said...

Can I just say I love your playlist selections!