Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let The Decorating Begin....

Tuesday night we (OK Steve) painted. Like I said we started with the ceiling... For us short people it should would be nice to be able to paint like this without a ladder or extension rod.

And now the paint. First of all I hate trimming with a passion. I do not have a steady hand and then to be on a ladder. Not a good mix. So Steve trimmed. I offered to roll, BUT Steve said no he LOVED to roll. So... I let him. LOL. He told me to supervise and make dinner. I can supervise quite well might I say so myself.

All done... mmmmm hey Steve you sure this is the right color?? This is the gallon you went and got. It must be the lighting.

Oh yeah much better... Watch out it's still wet!!!

Moving ahead to today...

"Hey Mom get upstairs and take your shower so we can talk about Mother's Day plans." I just could not get motivated today after working late the last two days and my back keeping me up all night along with the thunderstorms too. So up I went and lo and behold when I come down... Steve has the furniture moved around and all ready is taking measurements. The furniture placement is different from the last plans I showed you. One of the pieces I was going to use is too big. Oh well, try something else I guess.

Now those are just for furniture placement. Everything will be redecorated!!! I am planning on taking the doors off my tin punched cupboard for awhile to see if I like it. We are still building shelving and now have come up with a different idea for the window. That my friends is another day after they are built. Woohoo I am off for the next three days. I hope I can get a lot done. As you can tell I am a bit excited.
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Janene said...

My mom has that exact same china cabinet that you have.
So lucky to have Steve to help you with that...what a great guy!
Got you email and will have those out to you very soon!
Happy Mother's Day!

Char said...

I love your new wall color!...warm and inviting!...and I can't wait to see more....that Steve was just the biggest blessing in disguise for you!!!...I am so glad you are happy!

Have a great Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Mary I love the new wall color! What color is that by the way? Steve did a great job...your home is so prim I love it! Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day! By the way you better mary Steve quick fast and in a hurry...LOL my husband has never painted anything for me...but he has put up trim and a new floor for me so I guess I'll keep around! LOL!!

Sandy said...

What a sweet guy :)))
I love the color and how things are starting to look. I so can't wait to see everything in all it's places. Looks good!

Happy Mother's Day :)


Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Looks wonderful! Can'r wait to see it done!
Have a wonderful day!

Angie Berry said...

I love that color and have that almost exact shade in my whole house. It's a good color because all your prims look good with it. I think it's coming along nicely!

John Taylor said...

The color that you used is so cool! You make the room into a very relaxing and cool room. It combines very well to the colors of the chairs and tables even the cabinet.
John Taylor
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