Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

Wow the weather has been cool this past weekend. Nothing like going from 90 degrees to 65 degrees in two days. No wonder people's sinuses are messed up and getting colds. The cool nights have finally started turning leaves. Let the beautiful fall colors begin.

Speaking of fall colors I started a new quilt this weekend. I have been buying all kinds of fall fabric from Wal-mart. As you'll remember I have a hard time cutting it once I buy it. But I told myself I wanted a new fall quilt. I got a lot of it done yesterday. The quilt top is finished. Now I just need to get backing fabric. I know I know these are some really bright colors for me. but I just LOVE it. I think it's going to be awesome when I get it done. I am going to blanket stitch around the leaves and I think I'm going to stitch leaves on the long black pieces of the outer border. As you can tell I'm flying by the seat of my pants. LOL. I designed this quilt all by myself. I have a ton of fabric left so I may make some things and put them on my selling blog.

I've also been to the Goodwill recently. Ummmm... because I needed new jeans it seems as though my butt and hips are as big as a cow. LOL. I found some great deals on some brand new clothes with tags still on them. But I won't bore you with clothes. That's not why you visit me. LOL. I did find some great stuff otherwise though the pickins are slim. Pam must have beaten me there. LOL.

I just LOVE this picture. I've seen it in many magazine pictures in people's homes. I just had to have it.

Then I found this great wreath for Spring.

Not sure what this is or what it was used for, but it is wood and absolutely gorgeous.

I finally quit the fire department here in town. I just don't have time and it was burning me out. I need some down time and me time. Well, I need to get moving today. It's my last day off til Friday. I would like to get the quilt ready to quilt today. I also want to start another sampler so I have something to take to work with me for any down time I get. Pam loaned me one of her books with some awesome ones in it. I just need floss so I can get started.

Have a great week! Go out and enjoy the cooler weather that most of us are experiencing.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Bestest Friends...

Yesterday my three bestest friends in the whole wide world and I got together at our friend Pam's House. Last month we decided that we would do a craft at this month's get together. I was so looking forward to it all month long. We decided Pam would show us her technique to make grubby jars. But I'll show that later. I have never been in Pam's house until yesterday. I was running a little late because my daughter's orthodontist was running behind (imagine that). Pam greeted me at the door and I asked if I could bring my camera in. She graciously accepted. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Girls let me tell you I was a very rude guest. LOL. I had my back to Pam the whole entire first hour I was there. I was listening, but I was looking at her prim perfect displays!!!!!! And of course taking pictures. Pam is a thrift store redo queen. She also makes most of her prims with some help from her hubby who makes things out of wood such as her shelves. She needs no patterns as she looks at prims on the internet and voila she whips it right up. She has the best ideas too!!! I've already told her she will have a monthly spot on my blog to do a tutorial. Unless I can talk her into starting a blog. ;) She reads my blog so please post your comments because I will make sure she sees them.

Are you ready???? Get set... GO!!!!!!! Pam's kitchen/dining room/living room

The laundry room...

Pam made the wool picture!!!! It is awesome!!!

Master Bedroom... I couldn't get a good pic of her bed. My camera was giving me issues with the lighting.

My bestest friends...

Pam is in white. I thought I had another pic of her, but evidentally my brain was mush after seeing her house. LOL She never got her white shirt dirty. I was impressed cuz I wore all my spices home. LOL.

Rose is closest you and that's Stacie in the back.

Our crafting progress...

Pam's jars...

Who'd a thunk... The ones that look like milk bottles are Starbuck chilled cappichino(spelling is really off LOL) bottles. Stacie's idea. But these are Rose's creations.

My handy work...

Stacie's awesome creation. We named it the chocolate chip cookie dough jar. Pam made the label. LOL Pam also made another label that said vinegar... but without her glasses on she read it as Viagra... LOL we all had a great laugh about that one.

Now that my computer is smoking from all the pictures I added. LOL. I hope you enjoyed Pam's beautiful home. I know I did!!!! Thanks again Pam for being such a gracious hostess. I had a wonderful day!!!! Thanks Rose, Pam and Stacie for the delicious food too. I can't wait until next month. I will be adding a tutorial soon on how to make Pam's grubby jars. Now my last day off and I need to craft... after seeing everything Pam made I am so in the mood. LOL.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Makeover, Decorating, and More

I'll start out with some decorating. I think I'm done for now. I'm still debating about the fall tree. Thanks to all my readers you emailed me to help me out. I would like to also thank those left comments. I would like to reply to every comment, but some of you have your email blocked. Anyway, I have decided if I attempt to make a tree I will be spray painting one brown. I have a ton of smaller trees in my stash for Christmas.

Anyway, here's a few pics...

I'm not thrilled with the top of the cabinet. I'm still thinking on that.

The makeover... I had this plate in my Christmas stuff. I haven't put it out in years and actually had it in my get rid of pile. LOL. So of course I pulled it out and went to town. I almost forgot to take a before picture as you can tell.

This pic doesn't do it justice... I used burgundy, black and mustard. I'll try to take a better picture and post it tomorrow.

Lastly, I thought I'd show you the fleece my daughter is using for the tie blankets. It is so awesome. The front and back are cut and waiting on her to cut the fringe and tie them up.

I haven't gotten anymore done as I've had a lot on my mind. Yesterday was my birthday. I took the day off from work, but decided to teach. So basically I am double dipping. LOL. I got paid from work and from teaching. Today I am going to my friend Pam's house to craft the day away with my other friends Rose and Stacie. Today we are making grungy jars. I printed up a few labels that I'm going to take with me to share with the others. I'm taking a camera along hopefully to get some pics to share with all of you tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

More Fall Decorating...

Woohoo!!! I got on a roll last evening. After grocery shopping and my massage (which is helping my chronic pain) I came home and decided I needed to get decorating. The reason is I need to find my dining room table so I can start another fall quilt. I have bought the cutest fall fabric at Wal-mart this year. I am so excited. I also had a brainstorm yesterday to help my daughter. As you'll remember she is a high functioning autistic, has ADHD, and a non-verbal learning disability. Anyway, this effects her fine motor skills. Last year in one of her classes she learned how to tie the fringe fleece blankets. Anyway, I have some awesome fall fleece and told her if she made a blanket I would put it up on my website to sell. I told her she could keep the money if it sells. So I am killing two birds with one stone. She is really excited about it. I am hoping we can start on it this weekend.

So I did what I said by tearing everything off my shelves in the dining room and started over. I think I might actually like it except for one shelf. So grab a cup of joe and enjoy...

This is the shelf I'm NOT in love with below.

I reposted this one because you will note I now have curtains thanks to Steve. I found some wrought iron rods for $13.00 at Wal-mart in the clearance section. Steve fussed over them for almost an hour trying to make them look right. LOL. I told him I needed to take them down because it is just a piece of fabric draped over the rod and I needed to cut it down to the right size and line and hem it.

I ended up not using everything I have. I will try to post pics of the entire rooms once I get everything cleaned up. I still need to put away some things. I'm thinking I want a fall "tree". You know a Christmas tree with fall ornies on it. Hmmmm... I'd really like one that looks like it's dying kinda a brown color. Not sure where I'll find one, but if any of you know let me know. LOL. Thanks again for stopping by!
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