Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Goodwill Finds and Quilt Finished

Remember I told you I went to a Goodwill that had just opened in my hometown. Well, I found SOME things, but I thought their prices were high as compared to where I live now. But because it was the grand opening I got a $3.00 off coupon. Yiippeee!!!! I love thrift store coupons. Anyway, they weren't stocked completely unless you wanted clothes. Not me though... I was looking for redo projects. And my Mother told me in my birthday card from last month that I was to use the money she gave me for NEW clothes at a regular store not Goodwill. She told me I was better than that. Sheesh!!!! I find new clothes with tags at Goodwill. You think that will do? But I have found some really nice cheap clothes at Goodwill. What she doesn't know won't kill her right? Back to my Goodwill trip. I was pleasantly surprised when I found they had a rack of fabric. Some of it was too cutesy country for me, some were the printed pillow forms on fabric, but I did manage to find some I could use.

My picture didn't come out so well... but from left to right... tiny blue checkered, dark brown, green with flowers, another green one, dark red, orange, and in the back a Christmas print with tine holly sprigs.

Then we went household goods...

Like the mushrooms? I bought it just for that... LOL. I plan on repainting it. It will be my new trencher. Can't you just see it filled with fresh evergreen branches and pine cones???

Speaking of Christmas, I ok Steve found this Christmas sign... it will be prim'd a little.

Of course I bought yet another bowl. This one is smaller than what I have. I, of course, will paint this up too.

That was all I found. But like I said the fabric was reasonable, but the trencher was a bit high at $10.00. But I liked so I had to have it. LOL.

I finished my quilt. I am so proud of myself. I started and finished it in the same season. LOL. The fall one I started last year didn't get finished until Spring I think. Anyway, here it is. The colors aren't true. I have been trying with a flash and without a flash, night time and daytime, and I just can't get it right. The colors are darker than they appear.

Today I will be finishing my sampler I've been working on. I am finishing up my last border. I only work on it at work normally. My boss told me I had been working on my sampler what seemed like forever. I looked at him and said I only work on it in my down time and that's why it's taking me forever. I said we don't get too much down time around here anymore. He looked at me and said well then that's a good thing. LOL. I'm thinking not it's not. I am on the road just about my entire shift. UGGGHHHH...

Before I go I have a special prayer request for one of my friends. I won't give details to protect their privacy, but if you could say an extra prayer for her and her family I would appreciate it. Tomorrow her family will be going through a life changing event. You know who you are. I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything and how things go. :)
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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Son's Not So Prim Room

You all know I LOVE prim, but I can't make my kids like it too. So, I let them decorate their rooms how they want. Since my son cleaned his room, donated a bunch of his toys, and took his loft bed down Steve helped him rearrange his room. Recently my son has been getting into trucks, trailers, and model cars. So Steve worked around that. Oh did I mention Steve is into the same things??? LOL

Anyway, Steve's work has slowed down tremendously so he has been busy redecorating my son's room. My son just loves it!!!! I'm not sure if Steve is having more fun and excited since he never had a room like this as a kid. But I still can't believe Steve gave my son a bunch of his things to decorate his room from his own home.

I just thought I'd show you my son's new room.

Steve made this huge shelf for all these cars and trucks. Most of them are his and he is letting my son use them.

I made the rag quilt a few years ago. The shelf next to the bed was my grandmother's. The bed belonged to my great aunt. It is actually a 3/4 bed.

Steve drew all of these!!! I only wish I had this talent.

Of course my son had to try to duplicate the drawings. LOL.

And of course a trash to treasure desk... Steve painted it and my son put the decals on it. I think he went a little overboard. LOL.

Of course then he has car posters that were Steve's hung all over his walls. (sigh) My son is growing up. Gone are the days of cartoons and Thomas the train. Now there are mustangs, corvettes, and talk of girls. He's only 11. Guess I better enjoy what time I have left with him.

By the time you read this I will be starting my busy day. I have a meeting at the school at 7:30am for my daughter's IEP. This will be the last one before she goes to college in 3 years. Once again where did time go? Then I have the dreaded female doctor appointment today. IICCKKK!!!! I dread going so much that most times I start sweating profusely. I know it's for my own good since I had the start of cervical cancer before I had my hysterectomy. Then at 6:15pm I have a parent teacher conference with my son's teachers. My son, who hates writing and reading, and had a D but says he brought it up to a C. He can do much better he just doesn't want to. Boys.... what can I say.

I went to a new Goodwill in the town I grew up in on Saturday. I found some great things, but I'll wait to show you another day. I am so excited another great place to find diamonds in the rough.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crafting Tuesday

As you'll remember I went to the dentist yesterday. I had no cavities!!! woot woot!!! I was the first patient and yet they were already behind. I told my sister I had to be out in time to get home for my crafting day. That was so much more important. LOL. The girls were going to be at my house at 10am.

I had told Steve days ago we needed to rig up some clothesline or string in the garage so we could hang up our light strands. So while I was at the dentist Steve used my garage door tracks to hang up the rope. He also went to the hardware store and picked up more silicone and clothes pins. Well, after the girls and I walked through my messy house to check out my decorating we went to my garage to get started.

They wanted to check out my make do chair. LOL

Margo says she needs her septor... LOL She is one or new BFFs and she kept us in stitches all day. She too works with my other friend Rose at a prim/country shop I go to here in town.

When we opened the door Steve not only had the rope set up, but he had cut down cups for us to use and had the clothespins on the rope for us. And he showed me how to use my new caulking gun. Guess I have no reason why I can't make more. LOL.

We used Char's The Pickled Pepper patch tutorial to make our lights. It is a great tutorial. Rose we decided had the knack for dipping the lights. The rest of us not so much. LOL.

Getting started... the lights were hung on the rope. We first made sure the lights worked.

We used burnt sienna and threw in some coffee ground (not the instant kind) on our lights... stir stir stir

On the left in the back is Margo, middle up close to you Pam, and over her shoulder on your right is Rose dipping away.

The finished product. Ok well, both of mine worked at the beginning. But a few lights went out in the end. It was a Goodwill strand so I'm not too worried. AND that strand blinked but didn't find that out til after I dipped them. LOL. Now I don't know which one is the blinky one. GRRRRR LOL We also had issues with our silicone globbing up in the end. I think it was do to the fact we didn't stir our silicone every 3 to 5 lights. AND we had better luck with strands of 50 or less. All in all the tutorial is awesome and I plan on doing some more for my Christmas tree this year.

Since I haven't posted the decorated front of my house I thought I'd share...

My sister stopped in last night because she bought a gold chandelier at a yard sale and asked if Steve would paint it black like mine for her. He agreed so she brought it over and brought her dog with her. He is the cutest little thing. He weighs 7.2 lbs. LOL. He decided he would be king of castle...

Then he saw it.... I believe he had an identity crisis... Mr Fishy was being watched... LOL

I had an awesome day yesterday. We have made plans to meet again Nov. 30. We will be making salt dough and other Christmas ornies. I am so excited I can't wait. If any of you want to join us please drop me a line. Remember if you live near Wayne County Ohio that's where you will find us.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

My Thrift Store Shopping Spree...

I don't have much to share. I didn't get my jars done as promised. I am still debating how I want to finish them. Anyway, you know me and thrift stores. I just can't seem to stay away no matter how hard I try. On my last visit I made a haul at two shops I haven't been to in awhile.

The first shop I went to is in downtown Wooster. Everyone volunteers their time and all proceeds go to Hospice. I over spent here. My friend, who owned a prim shop, decided to close up shop. Well, she had a yard sale recently that II couldn't attend. Lo and behold I went to this thrift shop and I found some items she had left over and had donated. Woot Woot!!!!

OK promise you won't hunt me down??? Look what I found... a twin size canopy bed. LOVE it!!!! Steve was going to make it into a Queen bed, but neither one us thought about the queen mattress being longer. I think he is going to use it as a pattern to make me a queen bed. I got a GREAT deal on this bed. The person who bought it donated it because it wouldn't fit in her house due to low ceilings. This is a phone pic at the thrift store before we took it down.

The other awesome things I got are...

LOVE this I need to figure out how to make it.

The red things in the bag are wax strawberries, Peppermint tarts, sunflower wax tarts, the rest are self explanatory. LOL.

This is where I used them. The dead flowers were free compliments of a girl at work. She looked at me funny when I asked her if I could have them. LOL.

A pewter creamer thinga ma bob... and some more molds. I'm thinking sugar molds here.

And of course my favorite... fabric... I just love the dark aida cloth... can't wait to stitch a sampler on that!

Alright so the next place I went all proceeds go to a drug and alcohol rehab center. I haven't been to this one in ages...

Some more aida cloth and a complete sampler pattern and supplies!!!!

See the pumpkin on the top? I bought that fabric pumpkin for $.25.

And of course my $.50 bigger pumpkin!!! Love it!!!

I bought a cheese box that I will repaint if I ever find it. I just went looking for it to take a picture of and I can't seem to find it. Hmmmm.... Now where did I put it? I think that was everything. If not I'll take more pictures and show you later.

Tomorrow my BFFs and I will be getting together to craft here at the Homestead. We are going to try our hands at making the silicone lights. I can't wait. Stacie won't be able to make it, but we have a new friend joining us. It is a friend of Rose. The more the merrier!!!! However, I must visit the dentist first at 8am. UUGGGHHH my sister will be cleaning my teeth. I always have flash backs to childhood when she would burn me with the curling iron when we would do each others hair. YIIKKEESSS!!!! Oh how I hate the dentist. LOL. His painless fillings aren't painless to me. He had to numb me the last time even though he swears most other people don't feel a thing. HHEELLLOOO I have fibromyalgia!!!! Every thing painful is amplified 100% to me. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I have no cavities. Well, I am at work again. I will be back on Wednesday with pics of our craft gathering.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday Pam's Grungy Jars

As promised I put together Pam's Grungy Jar tutorial for you. Don't remember Pam? Well, click here and I'll refresh your memory. Have fun!!!!

So let's get started...

Things you will need:

glass jars (clean pickle jars, mayo jars, or condiment jars work great. I used Ball jars.)

Glue or Modge Podge just make sure it dries clear

coffee grounds (I take my used coffee grounds and spread them out on a paper towel on a paper plate and allow them to dry completely. Then just put them in a ziploc bag to store until you are ready to use them. Just leave the top unzipped so if there is any humidity left the coffee won't mold.) Or you can buy really cheap coffee grounds. If you want to use instant coffee grounds you can BUT it won't turn out like mine. It will look more liquidity or like Stacie's I posted a pic after the tutorial.

Other spices you may like to use. I used cinnamon. You will not smell them when you are done so you can use just about anything you have in your cupboards.

Labels if you choose. I found these pics online. There are other places you can go to get free ones also. You don't have to use them if you so choose.

A paint brush and something to hold your glue. Pam gave me the idea to use one of my old scoops from my laundry detergent.

And of course something to protect your work space. I use aluminum foil.

First, if you choose to use labels glue them to your jar. Let them dry or otherwise they may slide around.

This is where you get creative. Dump a pile of coffee and in this case cinnamon in the middle of your workspace. Then mix them all together into one pile.

After the label has dried, you will start painting the glue on your jar. I like to work in small areas. Then take your coffee/cinnamon mixture and start sprinkling it on. Tap the bottom of the jar every now and again to get the excess mixture off. You will have light areas. It's OK because we will put another coat on.

Both my jars first coat are done. I put a coat on the bottom, but you don't have to. You can leave it clear. I put them upside down to dry. Make sure they are entirely dry.

Ok is yours dry yet? I see you shaking your head yes. Well... lets go ahead and put the second coat on. Do it the same as you did the first. Paint the glue on and sprinkle the coffee mix on. You can pat it lightly on if you want. I prefer the sprinkle method.

Again, let it dry completely. You can add as many coats as you want, but I only did two. If it is dry we will move on to the last step. If you'd like to skip this step you can, but be aware your coating will rub off and leave coffee grounds everywhere. OK don't want the mess? Just brush on a final coat of glue only and let it dry. This is why it's important you use clear drying glue.

You are now ready to decorate as you like. Mine take on a darker harder look when done.

If you use instant coffee and ginger yours might turn out like Stacie's.

Like I said I used the same technique on these Goodwill candles. Remember these will now only be for decorative purposes. I won't burn these.



I hope you had fun today. I will try to completely finish mine Thursday or Friday and show you. I figured since I told you I would have the tutorial done today I would post the basic steps. If you have any questions please give me a holler.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Monday Morning

I have been busy working this past week and not gotten much accomplished until this past weekend. Steve hasn't been working much as the plumbing business has slowed down. However, after some gentle prodding OK nagging he finished up some projects. He even started laundry Friday for me since I have been working a ton of overtime not by my choice. For once in a long time, I had an entire weekend with nothing going on. Today is my last day of 3 days off. I have no where to go except to Goodwill for one last drop off. I will NOT go in the store!!!! LOL I have enough projects to keep me busy for the winter.

Saturday started with cleaning the garage with Steve's help. This of course meant the entertainment center had to be finished and taken upstairs. But I will show you that in a bit. I sorted, threw away, and donated enough to clear out 4 huge tubs. OK don't get too excited I still have a lot left. LOL. I think I'll be able to squeeze my car in when it gets cool.

Sunday... WOW.. who'd a thunk that by bringing in the TV stand that the whole house would be cleaned and reorganized. With the help of Steve, my son cleaned out his room. Steve said if I helped him he wouldn't get rid of anything. I think he was telling me I am a hoarder. AND unfortunately my son and daughter are too. :( My son even admits it. However, it got cleaned reorganized, and rearranged. Steve went into my daughters room and started there. We can't clean her room when she is home or else we get temper tantrums. So while she was away today he started pitching. Then when she came home she had to finish. Of course she complained the entire time. My room needed it too. So that was picked up and cleaned too. I also cleaned up my dining and living room and took more pics that I will share with you. So here's a sneak peak at fall at the Homestead...

Last but not least.... TADA!!!!! My new TV stand built by Steve.

I am going to try to update my Picture Trail today because I took a ton of pictures since my house was clean. LOL. I'll keep you updated in my my side bar when I am done.

Today I am also hoping to get my Grungy Jar tutorial done today and post tomorrow while I'm at work. I used the same technique on some candles I bought at the Goodwill so I'll show you those too. They look awesome!!!! Though Steve told me I could quilt all day if I wanted to since the house was clean. If it stays hot like it's been the past few days the last thing I want is a warm quilt on my lap!!! So for now I best get moving and keep up the pace. LOL.
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