Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What We are Up To

I first want to Thank all of you who prayed for my friend and her family. Everything went very well. Everyone involved has a new lease on life!

I personally have not had time to work on any crafts. Though I did finish my sampler I had been working on. I also started a new one. The one I bought at the thrift store. The one I paid $3.00 for. It is being stitched on linen, which I have never done before. For those of you that talk to me on Facebook I've already said this... but for those who don't have a Facebook account I'm going to tell you. I was taught many years ago that when you do cross stitch to start in the lower left corner then up to the right corner of the box. Then continue with this step until the row is complete then turn around and do the lower right to the upper left to finish the X. This pattern is saying complete each X before moving on to the next stitch. And if this wasn't enough they want you to start in the upper left to bottom right then upper right to bottom left. This has been so difficult for me. Arrrggghhh.... I was suppose to start on the border and do that completely before moving on. OK well, I made a mistake clear back on the top b order and had to go back and tear it out and start again. Bad thing is the squares are so stinking little I am having to do it only in the daytime because I'm convinced I'm going blind!

I coffee stained this once, but it's not quite the shade I want it to be yet. I think I'll do it a little stronger next time. Then it's ready for Steve to make me a frame. I'm going to put it on my living room wall. I'd like to make enough so that I won't have to use repros.

This is the new one I'm working on. Needless to say I haven't worked on it in a couple days because I'm still mad I made a mistake. LOL I'm still not sure I like stitching on linen, but I have to admit it looks awesome.

Since work has been very scarce for Steve he has been working on things around the house. Remember my son's room? Oh he wasn't done!!!! This is like holy crap Steve!!!! He really needs to go back to work. LOL

Then some other things he's doing.

Ummm... I told him I would be painting this little table, but while I was away he did it. Grrrr.... Anyway he's still not done with it.

Today I need to send out a customer order Christmas sign. Then I'm trying to decide how I want yo make the curtains in my living room. I'd like fishtale swags, BUT I have to figure out a pattern for them since I already have my fabric. I don't just want to drape fabric. I want a valance in the middle with the swags on the sides. I also have some other things I want to do. I really need to start getting fabric for the quilt I'm going to make my daughter for Christmas. This should be fun since she like the browns, teal, bright green, tie dyed look, BUT specifically said NO PINK!!!! LOL

I'll show you my progress tomorrow if I decide to start the curtains. Have a GREAT day everyone!
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Traci said...

Sounds like you've been up to quite a bit, LOL... and Steve has been busy too....Have a Great Day, Traci

Brenda said...

I do my cross stitch the same way you were taught. Not sure if I could do an x at a time...lol! I love all those shelfs in your son's room!


basketsnprims said...

your sampler turned out perfect. I love it. Sounds like you two never quit, send me some energy, lol.

renee said...

Hi Mary,
I am finally able to interact here! LOL! I love your sampler! Oh how I WISH I knew how to understand those patterns, I just can't seem to figure them out. I can do them without patterns somewhat, but there are some lovely ones out there. You are always so busy! Just so you know I am not a crazy person, I e-mailed you about the time you were asking about the Halloween trees~ I suggested the brown spray paint.
Have a good week!

~Jess said...

I've never gotten into counted cross stitch...I would love to though. If Steve gets bored could you send him over here?

Willow said...

Wow Mary I loveeee those samplers ! I started tryin' to teach myself to cross stitch last winter and finished one small project but haven't done any since then...I may JUST hafta pick it up again cause your samplers make me feel motivated lol...Hope you have a fantastic weekend..

Angie Berry said...

Oh goodness, if I had to stitch like that it would never get done. I would be in a big, confused heap of mess. I stitch like you. Your projects look great, Mary!

WOW! What a wall! That is so awesome, I'm sure your son loves it! That's a great way to display a collection. Steve sure has been busy, lol!