Friday, February 18, 2011

More Redos...

I have gotten a few more redos done this week. Not as many as I had hoped because this stupid yo yo weather in Ohio has made me come down with a sinus infection. I thought I could skate by and it would clear up. Oh No there would be none of that. I've been fighting this thing since Sunday. Yesterday it went full blown. Grrr... So basically I haven't been feeling up to snuff. I know excuses excuses. LOL.

First, on the agenda was the little unpainted box I got during my thrift store jaunt on Tuesday. I base coated it in black. I got some crackle medium on Tuesday also so I thought I'd give it a try. Slapped that stuff on then put my new favorite color terra cotta on it then finished it with and sanding and stain.. I know the picture stinks...

Remember I told you I wanted to try a new painting design? Well this is what I was talking about. I am going to paint quilt patterns on wood along with real fabric ones and attach them to wood or in frames. Of course I'm going to sell them. I can't keep everything I make right? So if any of you have any ideas for color choices or quilt design you'd like to see if I can do let me know. These will all be free hand since I don't have any stencils of the individual blocks.

Next I got this little stitched and quilted top at Christmas from a thrift store. I figured it had sat long enough and that I would make a small quilt with it. I used some of my new fabric from Tuesday for the backing. YES I actually cut it!!!! Woohoo!!!!! LOL.


And after my coffee stain... hmmmm to sell or not to sell THAT is the question... LOL

I've started on my little bench from the thrift store today. Not sure but I think I may just leave it brown. It needs another coat and some wax, but we'll see I'll probably change my mind again. LOL.

Last but not least it is not done yet, but of course I've been working on another sampler, which I have been working on here at home. I get so into it that I can't stop. Normally I try to leave these alone to do at work, but this one has drawn me in. It's not done yet because I'd like to put a border on it or at least a border on the top and bottom. I'm still thinking on that one.

Laundry and crafting today then back to work tomorrow. See you soon have a great weekend!
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Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Love the re-dos!
OH, keep the quilt it is so pretty~ how could you give it up!
hope ya feel better~ bug is really spreading around~ yep, that time of year~
take care

Carmen at Primcats said...

Everything looks great!

So sorry you are feeling bad! Yuk! I have been sick for 5 weeks now and I can't kick it. Stupid ohio! It's must be int eh air because it seems everyone has it!

Carmen and the Primcats

Anonymous said...

I too live in Ohio, lots of germs going around. Hope you feel better.
Nice finds and redos! Keep crafting.
Country at Heart

Green Creek Primitives said...

I like the way you have redone things. I know how you feel with that sinus infection. I am very prone to those. Have been fighting with sinus problems about a couple of weeks, it makes you feel like not doing anything. I hope you feel better. If you are like me I am always wanting to do things, sitting is not my thing. Vicky

Becky @ The Crow's Nest said...

Great Redos! Love the small box! The quilt is a keeper!!!!
Feel better!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Love the terra cotta color you are warm and rich! that bench would look great in it too!

I just got over 3 weeks with my sinuses... I sure hope yours improves a lot sooner my friend! Have a great weekend! hugs!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love your little wooden box. Hope your feeling better very soon. Prayers & Blessings!

lilraggedyangie said...

Everything looks great, how can you part with anything? lol I hope you feel better soon , and I went treasure hunting today , and had to come home 35mph up the main freeway , because of this lovely ohio icy snowy mess! rest up and take care of yourself!
lil raggedy angie