Friday, March 25, 2011

Excitement is in the Air

Good Morning!!!! Let me start out by saying I have been off my meds for 3 days and NO more blood in my urine!!!! I even found that some other issues I had going on are cleared up too. For awhile I had what felt like a lump in my throat that sometimes I felt that I couldn't swallow. My throat was also very sore. It is completely gone. Nothing nada GONE!!!! I am so excited and feeling much better. Yes, my fibromyalgia is flaring up, but I am only taking my pain meds at night to sleep.

So as you all know I have been chaining Steve outside to work on new items. LOL. OK not really he has been super busy building stuff. I think he actually enjoys it, but if you ask him he probably wouldn't admit it. LOL. Anyway, he is totally painting and building everything without my say. And let me tell you he's had awesome results!!!! I came home from work today to find all of this... some of it still needs "prim'd" up.

Some of my friends are coming this weekend to check out the goods. Then Steve says list on my selling blog after they come over. Sooooo... I will let you know when we decide to list them.

I have found some energy finally to get crafting. I am making coffee stained tags for the booth. I finished up my frame for my stitchery I made a while back and even got glass for it.

And as promised I have been working on my quilt. I will try to post part three on Sunday.

So I have a full day ahead of me and a lot to do. I even have the energy. See you soon. Thanks for visiting today.
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Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Mary, I am so glad you are better. My husband also has fibromylgia, seems to be under control for right now. Steve has been busy, lots of nice items, he does great work. Enjoy your day. Vicky

Penny said...

Glad you are feeling better!
You sure do have a lot going on there..... your husband makes some wonderful items! I'm sure they will sell quickly.
Have a happy weekend!

Sheila said...

Hi Mary,
glad that you are feeling better. Will continue to keep you in my prayers! Mr. Steve has been a very busy man. I'd love to come shop at your house and booth;-)
Have a great weekend girl!

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you are going to start selling some of your wood items. I am interested in your bowl shelf and corner sconces.Or can I order from you now. Let me know on my blog or e-mail from my blog.
Country at heart

lilraggedyangie said...

Mary ,
I am glad to hear you are feeling a bit better sheesh I sure was worried about you! I have been diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and it sometimes feels like a losing battle you either suffer with the disease or suffer from the drugs. I wish the best of luck. And my goodness that man of yours sure is a GOOD one and a Busy one.I plan on stopping by your booth for sure on our honeymoon if not before. Take care of yourself and have a great weekend. hugs
lil raggedy angie

denise said...

glad to hear you're feeling better. good luck with your booth!! looks like you have lots of goodies . denise

Margie said...

Oh my goodness you have such beautiful, primilicious things on your blog and what a blessing your hubby is too !!! I am new to blogging and am a fellow fibro-ite (YUCK), but I would love your input on my blog, so please stop by at Hungry Hook Primitives anytime. I am SO glad you are feeling better too...any day we feel good is a good day, right ??

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives

Anonymous said...

Mary,I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better..And Steve..Oh my..He has been one busy person..It all looks so beautiful..