Friday, April 15, 2011

My New Treasures...

As promised I told you I'd show you some new things I picked up recently. The first ones were found in my Mom's garage that belonged to her Mom and Dad (aka my grandparents lol). Mom and dad are going to be tearing down the old garage and building a new one this Spring/Summer. We were going to go out to dinner last Saturday too because my parents are also remodeling their kitchen. My BIL was tearing out the old one and re drywalling too. My older sister was their too and decided to go treasure hunting in the garage. Me, having the bionic leg, couldn't climb over stuff so she did the picking. She came up with these great treasures for me.

First is this great pinkeep/purse. I need to figure out how to clean the beads without damaging the fabric. The fabric seems to me to be a velvet.

The beads on the front have come undone and I have no idea how to fix them.

then inside...

These little books. One is a pocket dictionary from 1926 and another is Popular Foreign Phrases from 1906.

I also got this little mat. The only thing is a lot of the yarn ends are sticking out. Not sure if I should clip them. Those who are hookers (LOL no not that kind) let me know.

I also went to the thrift shop that benefits Hospice of Wayne County. I think sometimes their prices are too high, but I still bought some things.

You know me and anything quilted...

Awesome wrought iron candle holder which is big enough for a plate or picture maybe even a bowl.

A prim candle paddle and braided mug coasters. I am really getting in to these braided pieces all of a sudden.

Self explanatory... need I say more??? LOL The larger piece is Thimbleberries flannel.

Of course yet another quilting book.

So as not to put your brain on overload, I will hold off on my other thrift store finds. I am so excited! Just need to tweak some of it so that I can put them back up for sale. I am finishing up my quilt binding today and hope to have my final step up this weekend for my quilt along. I am anxiously awaiting starting a new quilt because I finally splurged and bought a walking foot for my sewing machine. Now I am going to teach myself how to machine quilt to make this go a little quicker. I bought a new quilting magazine the other day that many of the quilts are from fat quarters or strips. They seem pretty easy and so I bought some Civil War repro looking fat quarters at Pat Catan's for $1.00 a piece. This will be my brown and pink quilt I've been wanting to make.

Keep your eyes pealed for an upcoming Giveaway. I noticed that I am up to 350 followers. yiippee!!!! I am looking around the Homestead for some good stuff to give away. I may be making a few things or maybe I'll get Steve to add a little something too. So keep checking back.
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Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

HI Mary I can fix the beaded pin keep. DON'T wet the beads. Sometimes they are dyed and the color comes off. Try a very soft little brush to get any dust/dirt off.. Maybe an extra soft tooth brush. You going to the APJ meeting in Aug? I am. I can bring my needles and thread and fix up the pin keep. You can help!! I oue you for the lambs ear!!Hugs Rene

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love the flannel. The pin keep is awesome. Blessings! Lara

renee said...

Wow! Rene, that's sweet of you to fix that for Mary! I have seen them on the Roadshow, but wouldn't know how to fix them.
I like your finds Mary, great stuff! Ican't wait to see your quilt when it's done.Have a great weekend.

Becki said...

Nothing like shopping in the family's attic/garage! Your sister picked good for you!

Take care!

lilraggedyangie said...

Woo hoo awesome pickins and even better you didnt have to break a sweat ! lol Love that pinkeep and Im all of a sudden getting into the braids as well , dont know why either! Congrats on 350 , and too think I got excited about 50 !!! lol I can't imagine 350 WOW you go girl, it's cause you and Steve Rock! Enjoy the weekend!
lil raggedy angie

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Wonderful treasures!! What a great thrift store you have! Congrats on your 350...I'm still hoping for 10 LOL!! Have a great weekend!! ~Kriss~

Anonymous said...

The Hospice Thrift Store of Wayne Co
is right across from our new library.
I need to go there. I have not been there
for a long time. I think their prices are
higher because they only accept gently used.


nancy huggins said...

Love all your finds and thrift stores and $$$ tree are my favorite stores to shop in.
I have been painting on fabric and did mostly squares but now that I am a little better at it I will be doing some fat quarters so watch my blog for when I get them done. May not be until first part of May because we are leaving the 25th of this month to go back to storage and get the things we had to leave behind. You can see some of the fabric I painted now in my blog..1 or 2 posts down :)