Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Get Your Behind Moving Day

Good Morning everyone!!! OK I know some of you will be reading this in the afternoon or evening so I apologize. And so you don't feel left out Good Afternoon or Good Evening everyone!!! LOL. Alright I stuck to my guns on Tuesday after I talked to you last. I had a lot of energy and was ready to work until about 3pm and then I crashed. Right now I just don't have as much energy. I just got off of another 24 hour shift and we had a 1 hour nap last night and that was it. I know I need a nap, but I have so much I want to do. I am so excited to share some what I consider awesome news. My Facebook friends already know. Facebook friends raise your hand and repeat after me.... I will not reveal Mary's secret until the end of this post. I did not hear you! A little louder please. LOL. For those who don't know keep reading. I am purposely putting it at the end so you have to read my entire post until you find out. So there!!!

Alright so I promised pictures of some of my UFO (unfinished objects) that I finished up. I was even climbing over my mountainous pile of junk in my garage to get to one of my projects. I was only thinking of you and how much you all would be heartbroke and have sad faces if I didn't do something and have something to show you. LOL.

So what should I show you first...

OK I'll show you my newest items that will be for sale.

I finally decided how I wanted to do my cutting boards. The whaletail one is a wax finish only. The others well they are pretty much self explanatory. LOL

Next, I decided to try my hand at a couple pin keeps. I have 3 more lids to make more. These were so fun and simple. But yep these babies will be for sale too. Horrible inside pictures the one on the left is red, white, and blue. The one on the right is a coffee stained brown.

This is what I climbed the mountain in my garage for. I will also have you know I came home from work and went without sleep to be able to show you this. I had it painted but it needed stained so I did that this morning. It is out drying in the sun. This was a muddy brownish green paint I got off the mistint rack at Lowes. It was awesome then of course I smeared my stain all over it.

But wait... I had yet another one to paint and stain. So this one got a redo too. I don't have any black ones so I decided it was time. I really like how skinny these two cheese boxes are. If I ever get my buttr'y made these will be made part of the display.

And now drum roll please..................................

I have decided to start making cross stitch patterns to sell. Right now they are hand charted, but I am hoping to find a good program to be able to use to computer chart them and start selling them. I have one completely done and a second one almost done. I did them yesterday while I was at work. I have a really awesome thing planned for all of you when they come out and are ready to sell. So stay tuned... you will have a chance to get a free chart and a chance for your family to be famous OK famous in my eyes. That's all I'm saying. I'm not going to spill the beans yet.

So... do you want a sneak peek? Sure you do... LOL

Obviously these will still need to be stitched for accuracy and so that I can include a color picture of the finished product. Hmmm... I may not have time to do this so... someone may get to be a test subject for me. :)

So now a question for you...

If you were to buy a cross stitch pattern would you be more likely to

A. buy just the chart
B. buy a kit (including floss, fabric, and directions)

Alright so now I can't sleep because I really would like to finish the second chart today and hopefully find a program to start computer charting. I'm also going to come up with a FREE chart so that those of you who don't know how to cross stitch can learn because I feel a tutorial coming on. LOL. For those who already stitch, well, it'll just be a free chart. LOL.
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jennifer768 said...

Love your redos !Congrats on your new adventure! I am sure it will be a huge success ! I,for one think that kits would be nice.I can not wait for your tutorial because I really would love to learn how to cross stitch.Thanks for doing this in advance.Have a great day and try to get some rest.Hugs,Jen

Brenda said...

Awesome news Mary! Can't wait to see your charts, that's basically all I do anymore is cross-stitch. When I buy a pattern, I'm more likely to just buy the chart and directions.
Good luck to you girl!!


Penny said...

What good news! I love to cross-stitch and am always looking for new patterns.... I usually only buy the patterns, but occasionally pick up a kit if the colors in the piece are those I am looking for! Good luck with the new venture!
Your redos are great!
Happy 4th of July!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Whew! You're just like a little Energizer bunny I swear! How do you do it? And coming off a 24 work shift no less?? Yikes! Love your little cutting boards - and the cheese boxes are AWESOME!! And congratulations and good luck on your new venture! As for your question - guess I'm a hybrid....I do NOT like having the floss in the kits as they are never usually the length I like to work with or I run out, etc. However, I do like the option of being able to get the fabric with it - if I like how the sample was stitched, I will want to use that fabric, and finding the right piece of linen can sometimes be a challenge around here....Guess I really don't need directions - unless you work in speciality stitches....but definitely a color chart....Hope that helps!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

You are the energy queen!! Sleep is overrated anyway! Waiting to hear from you! ~Kriss~

Jan said...

Mary!! I am so excited!! I LOVE your cross stitch, and can hardly wait.....I will be a regular shopper!! And, sometimes I buy the chart, sometimes a kit...since I live in a small town, and have to travel 62+ miles if I want threads, if the chart is in colors I don't have, I want the kit. Can't wait!! Jan

Linda said...

Excited to see your new cross stitch pattern. I usually just buy the chart, but would consider the kit!