Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you everyone who has been keeping up with my selling blog and helping me clear out the clutter.  I'm happy to report I have more to post tomorrow night.  YES, my home is a bottomless pit full of prim goodness.  After tomorrow evening the sale may slow as I uncover and go through more things.  Anyway, this was my dining room, but is now shipping central. :-)  I'm so glad my things are going to loving homes.

It seems as though all I've been doing is listing, invoicing, and packing. I'm not complaining, but I haven't had much time for anything else EXCEPT trash picking (yes you heard me right) and a little more organizing.  I know I said I was simplifying and I am, but this pile of rubbish er uh my next shelf was crying to me in the trash down the street.  I just need Steve's touch to put this baby back together.  We may have to substitute another board for the one long piece that's broken BUT isn't this prim goodness?!?!?  I just love the chicken wire!!! I know call me crazy. LOL.  I'm sure many of you would have hubbies that would say just throw that away. :-)  I think Steve was thinking it, but he didn't say a word. teehee  I think I know the spot I'm going to put it in too.  I can see little quilts stacked in the cubbies :-) or a couple stitcheries leaned in them... or ....

My next organization feat, I've been wanting to do for awhile, but just never got around to it.  Sunday, I was bored, and Steve was watching TV and napping so I sat down at this very computer I talk to you from and started printing.  Printing what you may ask?  I printed out almost all the free cross stitch charts I've been collecting and saving on my computer.  Yes, I need for printer ink now. LOL.  I put them all in sleeves and now at a quick glance I can decide what I want to stitch next.  As you can see there are still empty sleeves on the right.  I know there are more free charts out there I haven't uncovered yet. :-)  I still have some already printed out in my basement that I need to organize still too.  This will be my stitching go to book.  It still needs some fine tuning, but I can do that as I go.

Last but not least, I think I found the quilt block for my next Americana quilt.  It is a free block pattern found at Connecting Threads.  Cute right?  I will have to do some substituting, but you all know I will have something in my stash that'll work. :-)

Well, my friends, the buzz of the dryer means I must get to my house work.  Thanks for stopping by :-)  Remember to check out my selling blog tomorrow night Wednesday for another update !
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marly said...

I love that quilt block! That's the best Americana block I've seen and I want that fabric!

Becki said...

I'll be waiting ! LOL

Never So Simple said...

Hold up. I am guilty for not reading blogs like I had been. Life is just in fast forward right now. BUT Wait yes I did read Steve. Are you two working on things again. I hope so I'm hoping to read more good news!


A Primitive Homestead said...

The shelf will be worth the repair. One mans trash is another's treasure I always say. Love that eagle stitch chart design. Blessings!

frontporchprims said...

What a wonderful shelf you found. It won't be hard to repair I bet. You are doing a great job getting things cleared out and sold. I know after a while it's just so much work and not fun anymore, but you are determined. I love free patterns. It will be nice to finally have yours all printed out and organinzed.
The quilt block is beautiful. -Steph-

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I have some of the fabrics in that quilt block!! I just got inspired to do my own version of it!!