Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Staycation

As the title states I'm on staycation this week.  Same thing as vacation though I'm not going anywhere.  Steve hasn't been working at his job long enough to get vacation so of course I'm not going without him.  It's OK though.  I prefer to stay at home.  Like I told my co-workers... I LOVE my home. I LOVE the way I decorate. As much as I work and am away from my home makes me thankful to be home.  This week is also my youngest child's birthday.  In fact, it is today.  My baby is thirteen.  This means I'm not officially a Mother to two teenagers.  uggghhhh... I guess the upside is in 5 years they both will be adults. lol.  I tell you the years have gone by so fast. :sigh: 

Anyway, I've been busy in the workshop aka basement creating.  Over the weekend I received orders for my apron and bonnet sets. So Monday was spent sewing.  I have to admit that it took me longer than it should have because it's been so long that I've made them I forgot how. LOL.  I had to go and read my own pattern again. Sheesh  However, I did get 4 sets made.  These are just two that may be available if the customer doesn't like them. 

I've also been making a few goodies I will have for sale this weekend on my blog to start off fall. I have 3 of these.  Each one of them is different.  I made one a few years ago and last year I got so many comments on him I decided to make a few to sell.

I've also made a few different leaf table squares and runners. I hand stitched the leaves on.

As I said before today was my son's birthday and he wanted to go to Berlin (Amish Country) for lunch today.  So my kid's and my son's friend went and ate at The Farmstead Restaurant since they have a buffet.  Thank goodness for the buffet especially with teenagers. LOL.  While we were there they even let me stop at 2 different fabric stores. I know what you are thinking LOLOLOL.. I was buying fabric for additional aprons and bonnets... AND I couldn't leave without some other fabric too.

The blues to the left were for a customer. She didn't like the blue in the first picture I showed you.  I liked it so I made the set anyway. lol.  The last fabric was awesome!!!!! Seriously it called to me!!!!  It's too fabulous to cut so I'm thinking it will be a quilt backing.

The 2 fabrics to the right are for a customer because she didn't like the bonnet/apron set in the first picture either.  So, I bought these hoping she likes them.  The middle is more mustard, but maybe it'll work.  The fabric on the left was for me.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is an olive/gray green with black.  I can see a really awesome quilt with this.

This last photo the red fabric is for a possible apron/bonnet set.  My customer likes red and brown.  I thought this fabric was awesome! We will see if she feels the same :-)  The fabric on the right is actually small Uncle Sam's. I still have tons of patriotic fabric, but didn't have any smaller print to blend so I picked this up for a song.  Can't you see it coffee stained? Gorgeous!!!!

The next four days are till up in the air as to what we will do.  Hopefully I can do some more creating.  I have a few little things I think I'd like to make yet for you.  We will see.  If I don't see you before then check my blog Friday night for my new items I will have for sale.

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Pendleton Primitives said...

My oldest turns 12 in a week so we are all most to the teenage stage and I'm not liking it. Drama. Ugh. Your bonnet and apron sets are darling and I love your fabric choices.

renee said...

I love them! So I am happy that you will make them.
I also like the above fabrics in the browns, they are nice too. You always find great fabrics!
Glad you are enjoying your Staycation.
Have a good night.

Angela said...

Love the sets you showed us Mary. And Happy Birthday to your son. He picked a wonderful place to eat lunch. When we have visited Berlin the last two years in Sept. We had supper there almost every evening. My mister just loves those noodles.. Hoping we can vacation there again in Sept.
Enjoy your staycation. Have fun creating.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I could spend hours looking at fabrics and I don't even sew....trying to learn though since Joy got her sewing machine for her birthday. Speaking of, she's 13 and like you, don't know how time flies that fast!

I LOVE that owl! I just may have to get one of those. Will be back Friday to see what you have for sale! Must remember!

Have a great staycation, Mary!