Thursday, May 16, 2013

Danger Zone

I don't know if you are like me, but when I get my crafting mojo on I go full speed ahead.  I have fabric, scissors, and junk everywhere by the time I'm done.  I have been feverishly trying to make up some Patriotic goodness this week for my next update.  What is an update you ask? Well, I do them periodically on my business Facebook (can be found here.)  You can still buy if you aren't on Facebook you will just have to email me. What they are is I make up a few goodies to sell to you.  Not patterns, but actual one of a kind items that I offer for sale.  My next update is this Saturday May 18th at 7pm sharp EST. I think I have come up with a few goodies that are going to be hard to sell, but I have a graduation party to pay for. :-)  I even figured out how to make bird legs.  Which now that I know how to do that it will open up a whole new avenue for me! Like I need anymore on my plate right? lol However, I'm not showing you what I actually have because I don't want to ruin the surprise, though I gave you a sneak peek in my last post. What I will show you is how messy I really am.  This is as of this morning...

Just step over things as you enter my idea room/craft room/ laundry room/ basement/ junk catcher room etc...

Yeah there I times I can't find things I just sat down because of the mess. lol

Yep fabric that fell on the floor I just haven't picked up yet...

Just throw things anywhere....

Do you ever wonder how I get things done? lol  Well, this morning I need to get this picked up because I have a few more things I'm working on for Saturday night that I need room for.  So, if you don't hear from me call in the troops I'm probably buried somewhere in here.

Have a great day!!! Hope to see you Saturday night :-)
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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Lot Going On

Last week was so busy for us here at the homestead.  The school year is winding down and it seems as if I'm either working, running my kids here or there, or now going to to end of the year recognition ceremonies for my daughter.  This past Thursday my son left for Washington DC with his class.  This was the first time he had been away from both his Dad and myself. From the moment he left to moment I picked him up I was so worried someone would do something stupid in the DC area like a terrorist attack or the like.  Then I worried about the tour buses they were on because you hear about those wrecking.  I was a worried mess to say the least.  Needless to say he had a great time!  He was just happy to be able to hang out with his new girlfriend.  UGGGHHH!!!! I didn't go through this with my daughter.  Plans are now made around this girlfriend he jumps on his bike to go see her when he can.  Luckily, during the DC trip, they kept the boys and girls separated as much as possible.  She is a very nice young lady and her Mom is also a paramedic and single parent.  The funny thing is when my son had to be transported to a different hospital than where he was when he was probably 3-4 years old the Mom was the paramedic who took care of him. LOL. Very small world I'd say.  I've taught classes that the Mother was in so we know of each other.  Anyway, all of this happening with graduation and now him with a girlfriend is making me me feel old. On top of my son will be a freshman in the next few weeks. Wow!!!! Time is flying by!!!!

On another note... my daughter has decided she does not want a job involving computers.  She apologized to me for it.  I told her not to apologize as at least I didn't pay for the education she got.  I'm just glad she saw it now before deciding to take online courses for it then deciding she didn't like it.  She of course has been volunteering at YMCA 3 days a week since the beginning of the school year.  She has decided this is what she wants to do is to work with kids.  She says it makes her feel good to be able to help them with their problems.  The director approached her last week to see what her plans were for the summer.  We of course are waiting until she turns 18 to start the job search through the board of DD.  The director asked if she would want to stay on and possibly work full time during the summer.  What an amazing opportunity for her!!!!! I sure hope the position is there for her.  What an answer to prayer if they decide to hire her. My daughter's job placement specialist will be talking with the director soon.  I hope he can secure this position for her. Fingers crossed everyone.

Remember my last post about stitching? Yeah I had to deviate a little.  I can't ignore my customers.  I was getting requests for patriotic items.  So last week I pulled out my fabric and went to town.  I have a ton of ideas and have made a few things but the requests keep coming in.  lol.  I've even had a request for a witch already this fall.  I also have several stitching requests on top of that.  And of course on top of that planning a graduation party!!!! Arrrgggg!!!!!! I guess I need make a list of what all needs done and get to it. LOL.  So instead of me talking your ear off I'll give YOU a sneak peek.  I haven't even shown this stuff on Facebook.  You are the first to see. :-)  I know the coloring is off, but it gives you an idea.  I accidentally spilled wood stain on my camera and have not bought a new one yet.

I'm also working on this special order...  the middle sheep has to be torn out along the bottom because it actually looks two toned like I must have used two different whites. grrr....

This was my latest finish of my pinkeeps I was working on.  I think they turned out great!!! And the customer LOVED them!!! 

I worked this past weekend and had a wedding on Saturday so I got nothing done.  Today is laundry and catch up day.  Before I forget Happy Mother's Day!!!!  I had to work, but when I got home Steve had bought Popeye's chicken and a strawberry pie for me.  :-)  And both my kids were home to see even though I told my son he was the bad child for not texting me Happy Mother's Day earlier.  He was worried about our power being off for a few hours yesterday and a toy DC truck he wants to buy and texted me about that instead!  LOLOLOL  That kid of mine.... I tell you. :-)
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not My Plan

I'm the type of person who has to have a plan.  Everything must be in place and ready to go before I jump. I have never been a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl. The weird thing about that is Steve is exactly like that! Whatever happens... happens.  Ugghhh just typing that freaks me out.  Nope this girl is... this is what is going to happen, when it's going to happen, and how it's going to happen.  Alright alright I'm a control freak!!! There I said it are you happy? lol  I must be in control at all times.  That being said why I named this post what I did.

Not my plan... when I started crafting a few years back it was purely for me only.  Oh sure I sold a few things here and there, but I did it so I could have awesome prim stuff that I just couldn't afford. Then, I sold my items wholesale to a few shops around my area. All my idea... my plan.  Woohoo!!! smooth sailing there!!! As many of you remember my divorce hit and I stopped crafting. Not my plan, but just didn't have any mojo or time. You are going to start to see where I'm going in this post. Hold on a few more minutes. Finally, the mojo came back after meeting Steve since he to is an artist and I started my booth.  I made all different types of things for my booth from wood signs,  to fabric stuff, to wax ornies, you name it I probably did it. My plan was to have an awesome booth and earn extra cash to be able to afford things for my kids. Over time, I found that I just was not having time to create as much as I wanted to to keep my booth stocked.  Again not my plan... When I was creating I would show my items on Facebook and at the snap of a finger they would all be sold and I had nothing to take to the booth and no time to create more.  So, MY PLAN was to close down the booth and sell solely online.  I would concentrate on my fabric items like dolls, quilted items, ornies, and stuff like that.  Non breakable items so USPS wouldn't break them when I shipped. So, that was my plan at the end of March when the booth closed.  OK my point to this whole post is coming.... You all know I LOVE stitching samplers and have from time to time shown you what I've made. I have also made patterns for others to purchase.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be selling my stitcheries.  For those who stitch know how much time and effort goes into them. The hours you spend stitching.  Well, since my booth closed I have been overwhelmed with customers wanting me to create and design stitcheries for them.  The two things I absolutely LOVE creating and stitching!!! the added bonus is not as much hoard from supplies :-) I have had no time to create my "fabric stuff" as planned  with the exception of a few quilt tops (I'll show you those in another post). My business has taken a turn.  It is in no way a bad thing just not planned.  It is finally evolving.  I'm finding my niche so to say.  I have decided to go with the flow and see what happens.  Quit planning what I want to happen and "just let it happen."  Uggghhh could it be Steve is rubbing off on me??? lol In a way it isn't a bad thing but I'll never admit it to him. :-)

So, I'll show you my most recent creations for customers.  They both just told me what they wanted in their samplers and let me design and go from there....

There will be a pattern available for this one...  the customer gave me permission to make it available to you only with the word Simplify or a different date on the bottom.  She just happened to want her wedding date included on hers.  This one is not in my normal style, but I still had fun creating it.

The ones I'm currently working on are three pinkeeps... You'll notice the top one is my free design but the other two were names she gave me to use.  I'm still working on the third one as you can see.  This customer uses navy, burgundy, and browns.  Those were the only stipulations I had.  Easy enough :-)

So, for now I'm just going to go with the flow.  I enjoy stitching and as long as my wrists hold out I'm going to keep on doing it.  The last time I went to my massage therapist she asked me what in the world I had done to my right forearm as it was very inflamed.  I told her that is the hand I hold the hoop or fabric in when I stitch.  Funny thing was I never felt it until she started working on it. lol  Hopefully I will finish up the above pinkeep today or tomorrow and have another pinkeep to stitch.  Then I have another couple stitchery samplers to design for a couple other customers. Shew... one day I will catch up. lol

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