Monday, July 8, 2013

Diet Update...

Good Monday morning!!! Well, I am at the 2 and a half week mark of my diet. I have been trying so hard to stick with my 1400 calories a day and it is getting easier.  I heard somewhere that it takes something like 21 days for you to form a new habit.  I'm almost there!!!! I have not had pop/soda up until Saturday evening at a picnic we went to.  The pop was in a drink that the hostess made so it wasn't pure pop in a cup.  After that I drank my detox water that I brought with me.  If you are looking for a refreshing and addicting way to drink water you need to try it. 

Detox water recipe:
1/2 cucumber sliced
2 lemons sliced
12 fresh mint leaves

Throw all of this in a pitcher and keep it in your fridge.  I used it for 2 days and kept adding water to it as I drank it.  I drank 4 or more glasses in a day.  I warn you it makes you pee!!!! lol It is suppose to help get rid of any water weight gain you have so that your body can burn fat more efficiently.  I don't know if it's true, but it is really yummy! 

I'm sure you're wondering if I'm making any progress.  Well, if you'll remember I don't own a scale so I haven't been weighing myself.  However, I do work as a paramedic and have access to scales.  So the other morning when we took a patient to dialysis I stepped on their scale.  To my dismay it actually showed I weighed more than what I did at the doctor's office.  My partner did remind me that all of the clothes, boots, and equipment we carry do weigh quite a bit.  I left it all on when I got on the scale.  So, I'm not discouraged at all. lol.  I will say though I am noticing a change in my muffin top/ spare tire.  I know you are thinking there is no way you can tell in 2 1/2 weeks.  I'm not down a pants size but I can tell I'm not as bloated.  I'm pretty happy about my progress anyway!!! I thought I'd show you some pictures today.  I should've worn the same clothes but you'll get the idea. lol

The pictures on the left in teal are when I started... the ones in the dark blue shirt are today.  Please ignore how icky I look today.  lololol it's laundry day!!!!

So, I am showing progress in my eyes!!! This makes me want to keep going.  I do need to add some belly exercises, but I'm trying to decide which will be the best for my fibromyalgia so I don't feel like I've been kicked in the gut for days on end.  lol.

I'm trying to get a few things done today and will try to post again soon.  Have a great day!!!!
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marly said...

I really see a difference. Congratulations on accomplishing a task that is very hard to follow. Little by little is the best way to lose. I'll try the water.

Primlish ♥ said...

Totally see a difference! Way to go!!

Elisha said...

I'm encouraged by your progress! Need to try thAt water!!! Need to find me a cuke! :) I've found eating lots of lean protein helps keep me full longer with less chance for melt down

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Congratulations on all your achievements...
You can totally tell that your shaping up nicely ~ I really need to loose my huge muffin top ~ not an easy thing to do.
I'll have to give the water a try.
Prim Blessings

Earlene Landis said...

wow Mary there is progess. You look great! Keep it up!

kstehens100 said...

I see the progress


Jeanne said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent....thanks for the info on the detox drink....I'm going to try that. Keep up the good look great.

1890* said...

Awesome Mary!! RESULTS FOR SURE!! Wishing you ease as you keep up with the good work! {{HUGS}}

Tina said...

looking good. keep it up!