Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Finishes

Before I delve into my finishes it has been brought to my attention, by a very kind reader, that if you are a subscriber by email that my posts may not be delivered.  I have checked into it and hope I fixed this problem.  If by chance you are having an issue receiving them please email me and let me know.  Please check your "Spam" folder to see if it might be going in there or my reader advised it came several hours after I posted the actual entry.  Either way please let me know if you are having issues. I'd hate for you not to see what I'm up to. :-)

Alright!  If you happen to be like me, ADD if you will, and can only work on one project for a certain length of time before you get bored you have UFO's (unfinished objects) just laying around.  I have quite a few!  I still have 3 unfinished quilt tops and a couple snowmen just laying around.  I see great stuff on Pinterest and think "Oh my gosh how cute and easy... I just need to make it."  So, I try it and well I'm just not doing well and it doesn't look like the picture so I give up.  I'm sure none of you are perfectionists and think it has to be perfect the first try. UGGHHH!!!! I put way too much pressure on myself.  It's a curse I tell you. LOL.  Any way, this past week I actually finished up 2 UFO's.

My first UFO was this cross stitch pattern by The Cricket Collection "Shadows" designed by Vicki Hastings.  I had to butcher it a little to make it fit on the piece of linen I had on hand.  OK when I say finished I stitched it.  I haven't "finished" it because I am horrible about either framing, hanging, or making it in to something.  That part of my brain just doesn't work!  I have a ton of unfinished cross stitch samplers waiting to be hung.  :shaking my head:  If you'll remember this is the first time I used variegated thread.  I really like it.  I know the picture is horrible to see.  The floss is greenish gray fade to light tan.

I also attempted to finish my first ever punch needle project.  Note to self even though it says great for beginners it wasn't!  OK it might have been had I had a smaller needle for detail.  Let me tell you that stitching with 2 strands of floss with a big needle doesn't work. It took forever!  That is why it became a UFO.  I didn't get it right on the first try and it made me mad.  So, I put it down for a few weeks and just picked it back up.  After I finished it I spoke to a great gal I met on Facebook who does amazing wool hooked rugs and punch needle projects.  She gave me some great advice for my next project.  I can't believe I'm going to do it again. LOL.  Only this time I will stitch with 6 strands or 3 strands.  She said it is too difficult to use 2. Really?!?!?!?! As you can see I have bare spots and some of the loops look horrible but like I've always told you I will show you all projects good or bad.  I try to be a jack of all trades but master of none. LOL.  When I start my new project I will post some of the great advice for you if you want to try punchneedle too.

I just got off a long run of working and will be responding to your comments today from previous posts.  I didn't forget or am not ignoring you.  Thanks for all the well wishes after my fall.  I'm still very bruised, but not as stiff as I anticipated and my shoulder is working much better. :-)

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Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Your x-stitch is lovely... very subtle and soft looking. Love the punch needle and am most interested in your sharing of those tips and using different size needles. I finished one piece and was not that thrilled with my results so have not attempted any more. Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a Blessed Day,

Linda said...

Mary, I love your positive, you always are getting things done! the jury is still out on whether I love punch needle or not. I just can't seem to get those needles to go in the right place. But I will keep trying too!

Jessica said...

I suffer from the same things. There's so much I want to make, but for some reason I lose patience and it becomes a UFO. It doesn't help that the sewing machine and I are not friends. Love your cross stitching and I like the look of your rug hooking project!

Prims By The Water said...

Nice work on your UFO's..I have many myself. I tried to do punch needle again and gave up..and thing is I was really good at it before...LOL maybe I don't have the patience. Will have to try again. Janice

jennifer768 said...

Mary love the cross stitch piece! The color is so nice.I agree that it is better to use 6 strands of floss for punching.I think that your first attempt is great.The more you punch the easier it becomes,I love doing it.Have a wonderful evening,Jen