Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stepping outside the Comfort Zone

There was a post on Prim Mart not to long ago about making dolls. It basically was about stepping outside the box and making a doll that maybe isn't your style. I find this very difficult because I usually make things that I like that I decorate with. I like old, dirty, dark prim things. Well, I challenged myself to make a doll that wasn't quite my style. Here she is...

Her body is actually made from a Ball jar covered in fabric. I thought she was kinda cute, but like I say not my style. Not sure what I will do with her yet. Maybe my website maybe Ebay OR... if someone wants to deal I am open.

Guess what??? I started on Christmas items a couple nights ago. One thing didn't turn out so well... Note to self ... NEVER coffee stain fabric after you printed on it. Why you ask... well.. ummm... the print runs and disappears. LOL. One project down the drain. It happens what are ya gonna do. Live and learn I guess. For me it is so hard thinking Christmas today as it is 81 degrees and muggy. YUCK!!!! But I guess it's better than 40 like at the beginning of the week. My DD is at a pool party that I was for sure it was going to be too cold, but again I was wrong. More on my Christmas in June coming in the next few weeks.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I'm up to

Hubby was off yesterday so we went and got the grocery shopping done. I'm telling you the prices of food is ridiculous along with gas. But then we went out to lunch together. We rarely do this or dinner by ourselves. We normally take the kids with us, but since they were in school we went. We went to Chipotle. We had never been and it was really good. I LOVE Mexican food.

Well, today is the last day of school for the kids. I have already heard from my 8 year old son that he's bored. WHAT??? The summer hasn't even started. It's going to be a long summer... My DD is planning a b-day BBQ here in June to celebrate the big 13. About 11 kids I think. I am so excited for her. Before now she would plan parties and no one would ever come because she thought these kids were her friends and they weren't. My heart just broke for her, but since we moved she has friends and even a "boyfriend." Part of her Asperger's is that she has difficulties socializing with others. She doesn't know how to add to a conversation and always talks about what interests her instead of what the conversation is about. So you can imagine how the other kids act towards her. I'll keep you posted.

I was talking to a dear friend Patti, who owns a shop in PA yesterday called Brick House Craft Shop, and she inspired me to get my behind moving and start creating. So I started this little set last night and finished it this morning. It is not coffee stained yet so it'll end up being a little darker. It's my own pattern for a child size bonnet and apron with pockets.

I need to start thinking fall and Christmas now. It's almost June and I need to be ahead of the season. It is just so difficult to think cold weather and Christmas. OK maybe today as it is about 42 degrees out. But I did turn my furnace back on yesterday. LOL. I am making a promise to myself to start next week. If you believe that I have some swamp land property for sale!!!! I do have plenty of ideas I just need to start making the patterns and prototypes. As most of my items are made with my own patterns.

Until next time...
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Well... it's almost June and the temperature is barely hitting 60 degrees here in our neck of the woods. I turned the heat off in the house Monday when it was so warm and much to my surprise it is 60 degrees in my house. BRRRR... it's cold in here. Since it's so nice I thought I'd take some pictures of the homestead since we mulched this weekend.

I have no idea what this bird is... but she yells at me every time I walk by. She has decided to build a nest in our driveway of all places. The kids say she chases them when they get off the school bus and head inside.

Last but not least... my rhododendrons that I transplanted next to my porch. The previous owners spray painted the fence next to these so that is what the white spots are. I didn't think they would bloom but they did.

More pics to come as the warm season starts.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a weekend!!!

We had the annual Memorial Day picnic at our home yesterday. As always we all over ate. The weather was great and the rain held off so that we could eat on the deck. All 12 of us. There was a mad dash to throw it together as my sister told me Saturday it was at my home. So of course the mad dash to clean my house began and ended after I went to the Fiber Arts show on Sunday. All in all it was so fun to have everyone over and enjoy a holiday at our home.

On another note... my hubby is installing my new foyer floor. I looked high and low for a tile that would scream brick floor. Well, my sister found it for me and I had to have it. It's amazing she knew my style. After begging and pleading my hubby started to lay the floor. There is no grout yet but the floor is down. YEA!!!! I can't wait to repaint the walls now.

I'll keep you posted as time goes on and I decide what color I want to do.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Busy Day

I went to the Wayne County fairgrounds today for a fiber arts show. I had never been so my Mom and sister and I went. I never knew there were so many types of wool and fur available to buy. People dyed there own and then were spinning it while we were there. I had a wonderful lady from Wooster, Ohio show me how to needle felt and then wet felt. I didn't know people did that it was so awesome. She made the most fabulous flowers from wool. I was looking for wool for my Santa's this year and found so much I just couldn't decide so I didn't buy any. The prices ranged from $1.00 an ounce to $ 12.00 and ounce. Of course then there was alpaca fur you could buy. I was just amazed at everything I saw. I also found out there is an alpaca farm only 5 minutes from my home where I can buy. I will have to visit them.

I am trying to clean today as I was told yesterday the Memorial Day picnic would be at my house tomorrow. UGHHH... I was not prepared to clean from top to bottom today. It is beautiful outside so I did go and finish planting my annuals today. I checked my strawberry patch and I have tiny ones starting to grow. Now I really need to get out there and weed, but I don't want the frost to get them. I am hoping the cold temps are over in the nighttime. I lost all of my hanging baskets to the cold this week. I planted them last Sunday and they are dead. Oh well, what are you going to do. Mother nature has been playing tricks on us here in Ohio this month. We have only had 3-4 days of 70 degree weather this month. I am hoping this doesn't mean the summer will be cool. I LOVE the hot weather as I am always cold. Until next time... Have a great long weekend and Memorial Day!!! God Bless all that have served and those who serve today!!!! Thank you!!!!
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Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have decided to plunge into the world of blogging. I want you to know a little more about me, my life, and my love for primitive things. This will be the start of a new journey and learning experience for me. I love creating, talking about, and of course buying primitives. The grungier and dark the better. I am by no means an expert, but I hope to give you my tips and failures when making my primitive needfuls. I hope to talk about my family, my home, and my crafts. I don't cook so no exciting recipes here... LOL... unless you like simple thrown together casseroles. Please mark my blog and I hope to see you often and look forward to your comments and emails. Have an awesome prim day!!!
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