Monday, June 22, 2020

Grain Sack Cleaning Update

After we spoke last I decided that I was kinda dumb.  I have a perfectly good washing machine that has a "soak" cycle.  Uh, why don't I use that?  So, I grabbed a few more bags and decided to soak those and the ones I  had in the sink.  I have been reading online different ways people have cleaned grain sacks.  I know it sounds silly, but I don't want to ruin them.  I mean if you could see and smell these bags you would think there is no way to ruin them.  

I grabbed the last of my Oxiclean, about 4 scoops full.  Threw it in my washer.  I have a top loader with an agitator.  I had to buy a new washer within the last year and let me tell you it was difficult to find.  I am truly a traditionalist when it comes to my washer and dryer.  PLUS I have a kiddo who would not be able to wash her own clothes if I got one with a lot of bells and whistles.  My last Whirlpool lasted about 15 years so that is what I went with on this one.  Anyway,  I then threw my sacks in and turned on the really hot water.  I used my large load function and let her fill up and turned it off. 

This was this morning when I got up.  It almost looks like coffee stain, but I assure you it does not smell like it and it is definitely something I would not drink.

Since I have never used my soak cycle I had no idea how to stop it. So, I found the owner manual online and figured it out.  All it does is let the water out.  It doesn't spin them at all.  Anyway, I figured they now needed to be washed.   I used my normal Arm and Hammer detergent AND added some Arm an Hammer washing soda to the load.  I was crossing my fingers and hoping they would clean up.

This is after the wash.  I decided to hang them dry for now until I decided if another washing is needed.  My son said he needed to do laundry tonight, so I can't do it tonight.  I sure wish I had a clothes line.  Oh well.  This will work.

Remember yesterday when I said these didn't have any writing on them?  Guess what!!!! I'm so excited.  Here all the bags were turned inside out. There are even some repairs made to them.  I LOVE it!

The one below had some bleeding of the blue ink :-(  

The one below is my absolute favorite because of the repairs. 

Some of them may be permanently stained, but I think it may be worth one more washing.  I still have some bags to wash.  The interesting thing about those is they are waterproof.  Like there is a coating on the inside of the bags.  The outside is canvas but inside a coating.  I tried researching bags like this, but found nothing.  They even say Bemis made them.  

I will show those once I can use my washing machine again.

We finally got rain last night and today. Hooray!!!! My flower gardens are rejoicing as are the weeds in my lawn. LOL.  We will be visiting my gardens soon. Until then have a wonderful day.  

Remember you can only control what's in your circle, so don't worry about the rest.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Flea Market Fun

Yes, I know today is Father's Day.  Last year was only a month after my Mr.'s Dad had passed away so he was not in the mood to celebrate.  I went and celebrated with my Dad, but he stayed home.  This year Bill said let's go to the flea market.  So, that is what we did.  I had spent Friday with my Dad and gave him some mulch for their flower beds and spread it also.  He was going to my sister's today for a cookout, so I decided to go shopping this morning.  Boy howdy! It sure was HOT! We were there around 9am and the sun was blazing.  We haven't had any rain for quite sometime here in our little part of Ohio.  

They are keeping a close eye on how many people are at the flea market and how many cars can park.  Luckily, we got a place to park right smack dab in the middle.  You know, just in case you need to take stuff to the car.  We have learned the hard way that you don't want to park at one end or the other.  Here it is mid June and I haven't been to one market yet this year.  Granted I am getting very picky with what I want.  I am not buying to sell.  I am buying to decorate and don't want a lot of "stuff" sitting around.  

Anyway, we walk up to the booth directly in front of the car and he has old advertising cans and bottles and stuff then I see them.  Grain sacks to excite any prim person right there.  He had quite a few with words and graphics, but not Bemis ones. He says those are $10 each. They were not my taste so to speak.  Then I see a pile on the ground next to the table.  They are all plain with no advertisements.  There is some writing and marks, but I can see through that.  When I was flipping through them they are crusty, dirty, and musty smelling.  The guy comes over and says he picked them out of an old barn and that those ones were $1 a piece, or if I took them all $10.  I had not counted them, but I figured it was still a great deal.  So, I obliged and paid the man.  I then spotted an old wood box.  I LOVE wood boxes as they have a ton of uses.  Most of them are priced too high and I figured the same of this one.  The Mr. pointed out that it was an Anheuser Busch box.  Of course he would see it was a beer box. LOL.  The man said of that box is $10.  I asked him why he told me that.  He joked and said I needed the box to carry all the grain sacks in when in fact that is the box he picked them in.  Needless, to say the grains sacks were back in their home.  Lucky for me the car was just across the driveway.  Once I got home I counted 16 bags.  Not bad!  That is the box I got too.

Yes there is some red and black paint on them, but the other side is plain.  Even if I only use one side I paid less than $1 for each.

We then meandered our way around to the other booths and of course the normal junk is there.  I was looking for stuff I could put in my flower gardens or planters for some plants I have.  In the midst of looking I saw a larger hide stretcher.  I already have a really big one, but this one was smaller.  I was perfect with no holes or cracks and had a beautiful patina on it.  The guy told me the price of $20.  I was on the fence.  He told me to look around and see if I wanted to bundle some stuff.  He had some boxes, but the bottoms were coming off and they were too expensive for what they were.  I told the Mr. I really wanted the board, but I didn't want to pay $20.  So, I walked away.  We continued to look and all I kept thinking about was that board.  Often times people say you should buy it when you see it if it speaks to you.  So, needless to say it came home with me.  

It just needs cleaned up a bit from the dust and dirt before I bring it inside.  I have no plans to paint on it.  I LOVE it as is.  It is airing out on my porch for now.

Back to the grain sacks.  I have some plans of pillow shams or other crafty things from them.  But, first things first is washing them.  I was looking online and most people suggest soaking them first for up to 24 hours.  So, I decided these 4 would go first.  They are FILTHY and dirty.  


Into my laundry room sink they go.  I added some Arm and Hammer Washing Soda.  I got some of this because I'm on a homemade cleaner and disinfectant kick with essential oils.  In they go...

I turned off the water and swished them around a little and I think I'm going to throw up! LOL

Stay tuned as I plan on changing the water several times and then throwing them in the washing machine.  Let's see how they come out.  

Only 3 more loads to clean! LOL

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Friday, May 1, 2020

Third Time Is a Charm

I think I finally have a pattern that I like for a face mask.  I have decided I like to have a little room to breathe.  I don't want something flat across my nose like the surgical mask.  I wore one of those in the Emergency Department during my paramedic training.  I had to observe a doctor putting a chest tube in a patient.  I LOVED watching the procedure, but I got really hot really fast with that mask on and felt sick.  I also don't like the elastic around my ears.  I tried one on that my son got at work where the elastic was ponytail holders.  Nope!  I know, I know picky picky.  But if I gotta wear it it better be comfy just like all my other clothes.  

First of all look at the mask not the mask wearer. This girl might as well go gray because my roots are really long and the salons here in Ohio have no opening date set yet.  My last color was February 8th! Eek!  My Mom said I looked tired when I went to visit her on Tuesday from the car.  Where I work we have a few people positive for Covid-19 so I don't get out of my car to visit my parents.  I do not work near those people, but I'm not taking the chance.

That being said this is the mask using the actual pattern it has metal in the nose to make it more fitted.  My daughter wanted a dog mask, so that's what I tried first.  There was a lot of folding, ironing, and unnecessary sewing.  I mean it serves the purpose don't get me wrong, but I wanted something easier.

I tried a second version tweeking the pattern a bit.  Let's just say I got myself turned around and made the chin the nose and the nose the chin. LOL.  So, I had to rip out some stitches and take the nose piece out.  So, that version isn't a fitted one. Nope! Don't like that one.  I'll give that one to my son.  Shhhh He doesn't need to know it is just a cast off.

Third time by golly I think I finally have it right.  Same pattern as the first picture, but I tweeked it.  I know it doesn't look much different, but the way I sewed it together was MUCH easier for me.  I also am using a layer of interfacing in between the layers.  I went to the quilt store yesterday and bought that and some elastic in case I make some masks for the family and they prefer that. This was an Amish quilt shop and when I walk in all eyes are on me. LOL. Those are the closest stores for me to buy my sewing goodes.  Anyway, so can you see my mask?  It's camo so I bet you can't! LOLOLOL

I even made my own bias tape using my bias tape maker.  Can you tell I'm proud of myself?  I prefer the ties over the elastic.  I tried a piece of elastic before I made the ties and oh my goodness I would have died if I had to wear it that way.  Although I would have gotten a free face lift.  I also like being able to take one strap off my head and let the mask fall and still be around my neck.  Then if need be I just pull it right back up and I'm good to go. 

I will be making a couple more for us around here this weekend.  My daughter and I will have pretty ones and the boys will get Americana ones, camo, or plain.  This is a good way to use up fabric so I can buy more soon! 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sewing With a Pattern

The time has come for me to make masks for the family.  I was told today that starting next Monday I am being mandated to wear a mask at work.  I get it! I really do.  I work in an office all by myself, but must still wear one unless I'm eating lunch.  Seriously, they had to say in the email "unless you're eating lunch."   I have so much to say about that statement, but I just have to remember that is why McDonald's coffee cups have to say Caution Hot!

I can sew...somewhat... OK, straight lines and primitive dolls.  I have never sewn anything with a pattern piece per se.  I have watched multiple videos and gotten several mask patterns at my fingertips.  I will be trying several different styles and sizes because Bill is a big guy with a big long head.  Don't tell him I said that! LOL. My daughter is going back to work tomorrow and she to has to wear masks.  So, everything craft wise will be on hold until I make some.

So wish me luck and check back to see what odd shaped things I come up with. :-)

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Happy Halloween to Me

I swore to myself I would get an earlier start on my fall/Halloween items this year.  That way I can get an earlier start on my Santa's and snowmen too.  I know I know... most crafters are a season ahead.  I just haven't been able to do that.  I like crafting fall items in fall and Christmas at Christmas.  To be honest my crafting is normally for fun not profit since I have a full time job.  I won't say I don't sell things, but I just don't go overboard and stress myself out.  

Back to what I was saying about getting an early start.  Today I received my first shipment of Halloween goodies.  I normally don't decorate with Halloween unless I make stuff that doesn't sell or doesn't sell right away.  Secretly though I love the vintage looking Halloween stuff.  You know the old blow mold figures and paper mache JOL's are my favorite. That being said I LOVE to paint them too.  But I also like my plain old pumpkins for fall too.  I will have some of those on the way in a few weeks.  I have to space out my spending. LOL.  I'm going a little hog wild for Halloween stuff. By visiting tonight you will get a sneak peek at what I will be working on.  BTW, I'm so excited to work on these that I took a couple vacation days Mid-May to paint.  :-)

I came home from work to find my box. Ready set cut the tape!

A box full of paper... LOL

So here are some of my new items...

This guy didn't last long last year.

This one says TRICK on one side and TREAT on the other.

This is one I haven't done before.  If you look close there are small witches around the base.

I thought this one was kinda cute with the scarecrow.  I haven't done one like this either.

I love this witch.  My son says I have to add a mole to her when I paint her.

A witch and cauldron.  Also new this year.

Of course JOL's.  I will have 3 different sizes this year.  I will also have plain pumpkins like this that I may make into pails.

Can you see why I'm so excited?!?!?!

Update from last week... My daughter made dinner once for herself and brother 1 time since I was working 2nd shift.  She claims she cleaned up her room, but I don't see much of a difference.  She has OCD, but not the neat and clean OCD.  She is like those people you see on the TV show "Hoarders: Buried Alive"  She gets overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start so she doesn't do anything.  I can't help her because I just want to throw stuff away, but it has special meaning to her and she has to look at it and touch it. Although since working her OCD has gotten better.  I know that's hard to believe, but it was bad bad.  She is on medication and sees her doctor regularly to keep it under control.  

Hopefully now that I'm back on 1st shift I can post a little more.  I did just finish a project and need to start a couple for some customers.  So, I will keep you updated.

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

New Project

Last week I started to get a little overwhelmed and anxious so I headed to my studio aka my basement.  I don't have a fancy schmancy studio.  I have a space in my basement just for me and my crafting stuff.  According to Bill I have lots of it.  Is there really such a thing? I think not!  I LOVE to do too many different kinds of crafts so I have stuff. LOL.  OK, back to what I was saying.  I went to my studio and decided to clean up my space.  Believe it or not that is therapeutic for me.  As I was down there I was trying to decide what to work on next.  I have been having a really hard time getting into crafting.  Just not feeling it.  I normally do a lot more painting of sheep and bunnies, but I had no desire.

I was hoping by cleaning up I would be inspired and I was.  I looked in my tub of wool and saw my frame.  Yep. It is wool hooking time.  Am I good at it? No! Do I enjoy it? Yes! LOL. I pulled out some foundation linen that was really cut weird from other projects and decided to square it up.  I now have 2 ok sizes of things I could make with it.

I like the look of shapes and geometric things.  So I decided I would make a small runner with odds and ends of wool I have.  I even hand cut some black for my border.  I have really been thinking hard about getting a wool cutter, but I'm not sure I would use it that much.  So, for now my rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat with work.

I took and dumped some of my wool in a bag to pull from.  Um, yeah I will need a lot more because I don't want to keep using the same colors.  BTW, this is really hard to be spontaneous with color  when you are OCD a bit. I still find myself planning the colors.

This is as far as I have gotten since last night.  I am pretty slow at hooking.  But that's ok.  It doesn't have to be done right away.  What's funny is I always seem to start a wool project when I am about to start 2nd shift at work.  Starting Monday I will be working 2nd shift for a week to cover for a lady on vacation.  It isn't you normal because the hours stink.  I will go in at 4pm and work until it's done.  Recently it has been between 2am and 3am because I work in food production.  We are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.  Yes that's good in some ways, but bad in others.

I think it's time to go cut some more wool.  You'd think I'd learn to make an arm guard for my frame, but no.  I prefer the cut up arm look.  

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon.

P.S. If you read my last post my daughter has decided to "self quarantine" for the next week.  The anxiety of wearing a mask and being overwhelmed at work took it's tole on her.  She claims she will be cleaning her room and cooking twice this week.  I'll keep you updated if this really happens or not. LOL.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Ham and Egg Burritos

Tonight I had all intentions of making dinner.  I had leftover ham from Easter that needed used up.  I didn't want scalloped potatoes or cheesy potatoes, well, ok I couldn't because I used up all my potatoes when I made mashed potatoes on Tuesday.  I've been looking up recipes of what I could do with it.  I finally decided on ham and egg burritos for the freezer.  I had some brown eggs from a friend to use.  Speaking of eggs, I went to the local grocery store and their eggs ranged from $2.99 to almost $5 a dozen. Holy cow!  I about fainted.  

Anyway, my plan got cancelled because my daughter came home from work upset.  If you'll remember she is mentally disabled.  She is a high functioning autistic, has OCD, anxiety, and a non-verbal learning disability and works as a cashier at a local farm store Rural King.  This whole virus thing has her on edge especially at work.  She doesn't understand why people are coming into the store for non-essential items.  She says the lines never let up and now the company has decided NOT to limit the amount of people in the store at once.  They are already short on cashiers, but 2 have self quarantined themselves and made them even shorter.   Needless to say she is a mess and was crying when she came in the door.  She said she needed a cheeseburger so off we went to the Wendy's drive thru for a cheeseburger.

Our little excursion still didn't help the fact I needed to use that stuff up. So, I came home and looked up a few recipes and concocted my own  filling.  I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but I've been having the urge to cook and bake.  NO I'm not nesting. If I am some doctor is going to get sued. LOL.

What I used:
10 eggs
2 TBSP of sour cream
1/4 cup onion
2 cups of ham
salt and pepper
Shredded cheddar cheese
8 8"burrito wraps

I would use less because I had extra filling. I mixed up everything in a bowl then poured it into by cast iron skillet that I had melted butter in.  I cooked it up just until the eggs were set, but not over cooked.  I put them on a plate to cool a little.  Then I took a wrap put a tablespoon of sour cream on it then put the filling in the middle with a little cheese on top.  Then I rolled up the burrito.  One of the recipes I found said to wrap them in parchment paper then put them in a freezer bag and freeze them.  They said they will last 1 month.

That being said I bought my first roll of parchment paper. EVER... awhile back and opened it for this occasion. LOL.   I also bought a container of yeast at the bulk food store for more bread baking. Nothing like a fresh loaf of bread. Mmmmm.

BTW I posted this recipe in case I want to make them again. :-) 

I will leave you with this photo.  If there are mistakes blame it on Oreo.  He is too big to be a lap dog, but he insisted on sitting on my lap while I typed.  He is a little mad that I'm not playing ball and paying attention to him this evening. 

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