Friday, March 10, 2023

Farmhouse Fun

My son was lucky enough to be able to rent a farmhouse that was built in the late 1800s. It still has some of the original charm mixed with some really bad remodeling from the 1950s. There was an addition put on at one point that the  kitchen is now housed.  In my last post I told you that I was helping him get it ready to move in.  Some of things we can't change for obvious reasons so we got creative. How about a quick tour of what we did. 

The before of the living room.
After:  They went with a light grey on the walls and the landlord got new carpet. Thankfully.  If you look at the ceiling above my son the ceiling was wallpapered. Eeeek. We decided to leave that alone because I knew it would be a mess if we pulled it down.  There were a couple spots that were sagging so we used spray adhesive to "glue them back up." We then painted the ceiling in hopes of disguising the brown old glue from the paper. It looked great until... the paint was too heavy and pulled the paper down in places.

This picture with the TV was the night my son told me he used white duct tape to fix the sagging pieces. 😂 You have to do what you have to do.  The ceiling paint really lightened the room and made it look clean.

The next room was a room they would be using for their bedroom. It is on the main floor of the house. The tenant before had a daughter who used it.

View from the living room.

The white board was used to board up a window.  The window faces an added on porch and is an original window.  There is insulation in between. You have to love the ceiling light 😂. Did you see the vintage wall light?  Every room is quite small.  

My son's grandpa, on his Dad's side built the bed and night stands for him.  He also came and had to put up the trim around the window because it was missing from when they replaced the windows.

I know since I was there last they have done more decorating so I need to get more updated pictures.  

These two rooms were the main ones we did so they could get moved in.  I have more pictures of the house to post that we didn't do anything to yet. They have only been in 3 weeks so we have plenty of time. It is definitely a new experience for him and myself. I'm not quite an empty nester, but it sure is different.
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  1. Most old farmhouses had small bedrooms. Beds were also smaller back then in the 1800's. No queens or kings back then. The remodeling is going well! Love the colors chosen. Janice


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