Monday, September 29, 2008

Louisiana Part 2

So maybe you won't cry unless you're laughing too hard at my misfortune.

So a recap... We left my home at 12:30 am 9/11 in 45 degree northern Ohio weather. I had my jeans, t shirt, boots, and sweatshirt on. It was chilly. We drive to Cincinnati for our 6 am meeting with all of the other squads to leave for Alexandria,La and we have to be there by 11pm that night. It is approximately another 14 hours per our navigation devices. Some of us had Tom Toms others had Garmins. Did you know that each and everyone of them had a different set of directions at first? Nice. LOL. The sun was coming up as we set out. Ahhhhhh.... what a beautiful drive as you can see...

It's still not fall in Ohio yet...

I love the rocks along the Kentucky highway.

Oh yeah don't forget the time changes in Kentucky so lets all synchronize our watches now. My partner forgot about this and looked at our cell phones and went what???? hehe we forgot we'd be in another time zone. We were laughing and joking and talking. OK so my partner is in his early twenties. How much does a 34 yo have to talk about with a 20 something male? Actually a lot... he has a baby due in November and just got married this past Friday night. Most of the time we were talking about our truck because it is a 1993 Ford ambulance that has given our department nothing but trouble for the past few years. You see it is our last out truck that hasn't been used in any way in the past 10 months. It just sat in our parking lot. Our chief was hoping it would break down and FEMA would buy us a new one. Jokingly he said please push it into the ocean when you're down there. We are replacing this truck at the end of the year because our new one is being built right now. Ahhh... the excitement is mounting we can't believe we are doing this...

Hey look we are in Tennessee after driving through the hills of Kentucky as the temperature is climbing.

It is getting very hot and humid... when did that happen I hadn't noticed. Hey partner turn on the air conditioning. So we turn on the air. As we start climbing the beautiful hills out truck starts losing momentum. We were all humming along at 80 mph and we are dropping to like 65. What the???? My partner says to me we have to turn off the air the temperature gauge is going up. again I say what???? it's hot!!!!! So the air goes off the windows go down and the vent goes on. It is blowing the most awful hot air you have ever felt never mind the floor under my feet is like 1000 degrees. So we all decide it is time to stop for fuel. All of us pull off into the gas station and we are parked waiting our turn going pee you know the usual when I look under our truck. I know that red fluid is not normal under a vehicle. Mind you I am no mechanic so I ask around to see if anyone is that is with us. A couple of the guys walk over as I am a damsel in distress. LOL. Mind you there are only 3 females in amongst all this testosterone. They of course get down and wipe there fingers in it and smell it... I was waiting for someone to taste it too. LOL. Yep... it is your transmission fluid. WHAT???? how am I gonna fix that???? By now I am sweating in places females aren't suppose to as the temp is climbing to the 90s, now my truck is breaking down, and I might have to turn around and go home, I pull my hair up into a ponytail wipe my brow and ask now what? We all decided we would add tranny fluid and just watch it. Maybe we could baby this truck all the way to La. Boy was I embarrassed for my department and chief. So we get back on the road and the end of the line because our truck also has the worst exhaust in the world. It could fog the mosquitoes out for miles. Again we knew it before we left. So we drive on... stopping to put fuel and tranny fluid in when we stopped. In the mean time the commander and I decided on the phone we would call ahead to the destination and find a Ford garage to fix the truck as soon as we got there. No problem all set up.

Well, one of the the chief's from another department decided around 8pm he needed fuel and asked if anyone else did too. We were good on fuel but wanted to check our engine so the two of us pulled off as the rest of the convoy went ahead to get to La before 11pm. At this point we are in Mississippi on I-20. This is a 8 lane highway the speed limit is 70, but again we are all going 80 or 85 to make up time. So we pull off. Ooooppppsss no diesel, but the chief got his gas. He asked if we were good on fuel. We were as we have two tanks. So back on the road we get to try to catch up with the others. By now we have lost radio contact with them and can't talk to them other than phone. No biggie... the chief and us can talk by radio. Now it is getting dark no lights over the highway to help see. We are still upset over the transmission and now we are thinking it is 9/11. I joked about what else could happen and all of a sudden we hear a loud PING and the entire truck starts shaking violently......we go from 80 to 20 in a snap. I scream at my partner he yells back to shut up. LOL. We were extremely tense. Thank goodness he was driving as he expertly gets our truck off the road without rolling it or hitting anything or anyone. We stop and I tell him to get out in case the truck is on fire. (Did I fail to mention I am the squad leader in charge?) I asked... ok yelled at him as to what we hit. As I'm getting out of the truck I'm thinking did we hit a deer, an animal, a person and is it going to come crawling out from under my truck or is it wrapped around it. My partner informs me we blew out the tire on the front driver side. It is dark now, the cars are whizzing past us at at least 80 mph, we have no idea where we are, we have no spare tire, the chief that is with us is screaming at us to get off the road and stand in front of the truck. By this point I realize what happened and start crying hysterically, shaking, and mad as heck at my chief for sending us in a bum truck that already had mechanical issues before we left, and I have not had sleep in almost 36 hours. Now the chief is telling us we might have to go home now. I did not come this far to go home now. So my poor partner who has no idea what to do with me comes up and hugs me and says it'll be ok. I scream at him no it won't it is 9/11 what else is gonna happen... oh wait I know we're gonna get hit out here on I-20 and killed that's what. He again tells me to shut up because every time I open my mouth something happens. LOL. He was joking by the way. You know me I'm a drama queen. So we call 911 a bunch of times to get a state highway patrol and tow truck out there. I have gathered myself up after calling my hubby and sobbing to him. We are standing out by the guardrail when the state patrol officer shows up. We are talking and he was a very nice man... I ask a really dumb question by most but very important to me. "Excuse me sir, but is there snakes in those woods behind us that I am hearing... Yes ma'am... first of all I'm not a ma'am don't call me that is what I'm thinking... ummm... do they come out of those woods at night and cross the highway... yes ma'am. ummm... are you allowed to shoot them it they come near me with that gun you have.... no ma'am as he is laughing from his gut. Ok now I have to worry about snakes too.... Yep I'm going die along I-20 or get bit by a rattle snake. GREAT!!!!

Finally the tow truck arrives around 10:30pm to get us. OK I know I am stereotyping, but he was a good ole boy but very nice, but just had that tow truck driver look... dirty jeans, plaid shirt with cut off sleeves and chew in his mouth. Where ya'll want this towed too??? Uhhhh hello I'm from Ohio I have no idea. So we decided a place called ODIE's in Clinton would get our business after he so kindly advised us of the shop. One of us was to ride with the driver and I pulled rank and made my partner ride with him while I rode with the chief to the shop. Are you kidding??? Me get into a tow truck with a man I didn't know NOT a chance!!!! Anyway the chief had a chance to refocus me Chief to Captain (yeah that's my title) and straightened me up. We all got a hotel room for the night and decided to go to the shop by 8 am to get it fixed. It doesn't take much to excite my partner and I as we don't stay in motels much can you tell...

Yes we took pics of the granite surround tub... LOL

Our towels were even folded nicely. As this would be the last good nights sleep and shower we would have before we got to our destination, which by this point had been changed by FEMA. We would now have to head to Zachary, La in the morning. So my partner headed over to the chief's room to plan the route and I fell fast asleep. Later he would tell me that the chief thought that my partner and I were a couple. WHAT????? I'm thinking this man is delirious... we run together 3 days a week and know each other like the back of our hand. That is how we work together as we anticipate each others next step. We eat, work, talk, and joke with each other for long periods of time. I asked my partner if he set him straight. He said he had, but it's funny the chief wouldn't say a word to me about it. AHHHH the Good ole boy syndrome that women don't belong in the fire service. Now won't this be a good rest of the trip.

The other trucks had just about made it to Alexandria when they got the call from FEMA that our mission had been changed.... You need to report to Zachary, La just outside Baton Rouge.

Now for us a shower and a good nights sleep for tomorrow's events.... (story another day) Don't want this post to get too long as you'll stop reading LOL.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who entered my Welcome Home, 100th Post, Happy Birthday Giveaway. I enjoyed visiting all of the new blogs I found. I also want to thank everyone for the thoughts and comments on my last post about some decisions I need to make. Hey this is suppose to be a happy post so I need to quit with the sappy stuff. So... everyone who entered went into my bowl...

My assistant aka... my son picked the lucky winner....

drum roll please........


Rondell from Tomato Creek Prims is the winner. Hmmmm.... I think I might already have your address. LOL. Congrats!!!!

Well, I was going to tell about Louisiana today, but I think I'll write the post over the weekend and post it Monday. I need to get my pictures and story together. You will laugh, cry, and be glad you weren't me. LOL.

Last night was parent teacher conferences at the schools. Of course hubby worked and didn't go. So I had to go to my DD's first then rush to my DS conference after at a different school across town. I always feel weird at conferences. It's hard to explain, but I feel like my Mom should be there. I don't feel old enough to be going to conferences. Now I've been doing it for 8 years now and I still am not comfortable with them. I have never had a bad experience and all the teachers say my kids are doing great. This year was no exception. My kids are getting As and Bs with the exception of my DD with a C in Math. The only reason is that she forgot to turn in her homework one time and got a zero. I told her that she needs to be better organized and her teacher is going to help her every morning doing so. She won't listen to me, but will listen to others. Hmmm.... stubborn I have no idea where that comes from.

They just built a new house in the lot behind us and today they were out plowing and trying to put the lawn in. Well, my son loves tractors and saw that they were out there so he grabbed a folding chair and headed out back to watch. See the little red dot that is my son out in the backyard watching the people behind us. It was too funny yet embarassing as we have not met these people yet. He said they waved at him.

Check back Monday for the continuing saga of Louisiana...
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giveaway Reminder...

Remember you have until 7pm Eastern time tonight to enter my giveaway. I will draw the winner tomorrow and post on Friday!!!!
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Apologies and Watcha Workin On Wednesday...

First and most important... my sincerest apologies to Tammy and Jo-Anne for not posting a tag and an award. I really do appreciate every time someone gives me an award or tags me. I do try to get to them it just sometimes gets away from me. Especially right now with my giveaway going on I lost track of some of my posts. But fear not I have gone through them and are trying to get back to each of you. So... The tag from Tammy was to tell you six random things about myself which I did yesterday but I wanted to let her know I did read her post and answered it.

Now Jo-Anne has graciously awarded me with this great award...

I am suppose to pick only 5 blogs for this award, but I just can't. I have met so many new friends through my giveaway that I feel everyone deserves it. Please feel free to take this award and use it wisely and may the force be with you. LOL (A little Star Wars in there).

If I have missed anyone else who has given me any awards or tags please speak up or forever hold your peace. I am a scatter brain still, but am slowly trying to get back.

Ok, well,on to Watcha Working on Wednesday. For the first few days of being home I slept and cleaned last week so not much got accomplished. So I will share a few things we got to.

First my hubby built me this stool. I don't know whether to leave it alone or paint and distress it. I haven't decided nor do I know where I want to put it. He built me this before I left. Yes this is exactly what I wanted it to look like. I saw one in a store I loved it so I came up with the measurements and he used the power tools.

Next I have a big supply of slate from my great aunts house and decided I needed to try painting on it. I like it, but again it's missing something. Words, picture, or something above the checkerboard. Again I'm open for suggestions. I started this before I left and just haven't finished it yet. Next I'd like to try a welcome sign on another piece. But that is down the road.

Then on Sunday I decided it was time to paint my front door that faces in the house. So I choose red of course how original huh? LOL. This is the same red I have throughout my house. My camera wouldn't cooperate today and it is really dark, but at this time of day my foyer is really dark. Anyway, you get the picture. I still need to trim around the door a little bit better but I have to have the door open to do it. At this time I don't have a storm door, so all the bugs invite themselves in. I am going to order a door soon. We still need to finish the floor with quarter round too, but like everything I have to wait on hubby and as of this weekend deer season opens, so I'll be waiting a long time. LOL.

Last but not least I have been doing a lot of soul searching both during my trip and after coming home. I am making some tough decisions, both professionally and crafting. As of now it looks as though I will be closing down my website at the end of the year and not wholesaling either. I have so many things I need to do to my home like strip doors, paint, and such and I just don't have the time right now. I have also decided to further my career in more of a leadership role in EMS. I haven't figured out how I will do that yet, but I am looking. I am currently a captain on the department, but would like to move up. So there are many workshops I need to attend and schooling I need to do. Never fear I will still be posting here just maybe not everyday. I could never leave my "friends" or my love of prims. But more on all this later.

Please check out Leslie's blog as there are many wonderful people who participate in Watcha Working on Wednesday and if you don't you should think about it as it is a lot of fun.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Award...

I was given this award over by Janae of Cozy Coops Corner . The rules are I have to tell you 6 random things about myself and pick six friends to do the same. Aren't you just dying to hear what makes me tick... LOL. Really I'm full of weird random things, so I must think very hard about what you actually want to hear.

1. I am afraid of failing and letting people down. In my 13 years in EMS and all my life I have had many people tell me I couldn't do this or that. So of course that made me more determined to do it to prove them wrong. However, the thought was always there that what if I fail then they would be right. I always worry about what people think of me and how I come across to them constantly.

2. I do not have but one or two females that I consider friends, other than family, where I live. I still would not confide in any of them as I am a very private person when it comes to my personal life, ideas, and thoughts. See number one... do you see a pattern...

3. I can't read a regular pattern to save my life. Patterns from other prim artists no problem, but give me a clothing pattern and you might as well write it in a foreign language.

4. I don't like talking on the phone. I do it, but I don't like it.

5. I am a perfectionist or as the people I work with call it anal. OK you got me obsessive compulsive when it comes to my job. It does come through at home too, but not as much. If I don't make one of my own pattern crafts perfect the first time I get angry and normally won't make another. That pattern goes to the junk pile. LOL.

6. Last but not least... I am a jeans and sweatshirt tomboy kind of girl. I don't get into purses. I don't wear makeup. I haven't painted my nails in about five years. I hate wearing dresses and dress shoes. I buy all my clothes from the thrift store as I can't pay full price for clothes for me and then I keep them for years.

Now I am suppose to pick six of you to accept this award. Well... since many of you have already done this when I was gone if haven't please do and let me know you did. I like to know about the people who read my blog. I have read a lot of comments from new friends on my giveaway post. I will try to come visit each of you so please be patient. I am having a very hard time adjusting after coming back. I have been working a lot and trying to get caught back up, but I do appreciate those who have added me to their blog rolls and I will return the favor.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Giveaway I Won... Louisiana Part 1

A few weeks ago I came across a wonderful blog My Brown Bag Studio by Kimberly. She was having a giveaway of her Greensleeves java jackets. I'll be honest I had no idea what they were until I read her blog. They are sleeves to go around your coffee cup to keep you from burning your hand. They are fabulous and such a great idea too. Well, I just happened to be on her blog while she was having a giveaway. I thought it was too late to enter her Halloween giveaway, but imagine my surprise when she told me I had won. I NEVER win anything. Skip ahead Thursday Sept. 18 the day I arrived home from Louisiana to find this package in my mailbox...

I was so excited... I love getting packages...

Aren't these just awesome??? They are meticulously made. Each detail... WOW!!!!

And a wonderful hand written note too...

Thank you so much Kimberly... You couldn't have timed it any better!!!!

Now on to the boring stuff (don't worry I'm not going to bore you all at once just a little at a time so that way it is agonizing for a long period of time hehe)...

My trip to Louisiana...

My partner (Cale) and I had to be in Cincinnati by 6am 9/11 so that meant we decided it would be best to leave around 12:30 am to get there and maybe take a little nap before everyone got there to leave for LA. It is approximately a 4 - 4 1/2 hour drive down. We got there no problem... but there were already people there so we decided we would talk to them and get to know them first. Before we knew it it was 6am. Everyone, all 15 ambulances, from all over the state of Ohio had arrived. We were checked in and given our assignments. To be in LA by 11pm that night. Everyone understood we got in our trucks and drove a few hours before stopping for fuel.

Here are a few pics of the ambulances... I must warn you I don't take a lot of pictures I just feel funny about it. But everyone has promised me they would send me copies of theirs so that I can have them. It might take awhile to get them so I may show you pics come Christmas LOL. Anyway... it is hard for me to explain to you in words how awesome the chance to be able to be apart of this was. I love my job as a paramedic and was truly excited to get this chance of a life time. The site of these ambulances was just awesome going down the road. All 15 of them in a row all the colors of the rainbow is just beautiful to me. For some of you I know this is boring so bear with me. We were going to represent the state of Ohio in another state that I have never been to. We were going to help those who were in need after a terrible catastrophe. I didn't know what to expect...what I would see... who I would meet... could I handle it... do I have the skills... what if I see a dead body floating in the water... are the men going to accept me as a woman... will my kids be ok... will my hubby be able to handle things while I'm gone... will I be safe... will my ambulance make it (that's another part of the story LOL)... and much more went through my head. If you couldn't tell I am a worry wart and get excited about things beyond my control. Let's back up a little though... by 6am on 9/11 I had maybe 8 hours of sleep since 9/9 Tuesday night. All of Wednesday we had packed and prepared our ambulance to go and didn't get off work until 6pm 9/10. I then came home to do laundry and finish packing my personal stuff to be ready to be picked up by 12:30am. Keep this in mind for further stories coming soon.

Here are some of the pics I have...

And the story will continue at a later date...
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome Home...100th Post ...Happy Birthday Giveaway

Hey everyone as you can see by the name of the post I am home. Since my post on Wednesday we were released several hours later to come home. We started out at 4pm Wednesday afternoon and we arrived home at 12:00pm Thursday. My partner and I drove through the night to get home. My shower and bed never felt so good. I spent yesterday trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning my house. I 'm still working on it today too.First of all Thank You everyone for leaving me comments. It was awesome to open my email and find all of you thinking of me(us). I had comments from both my blogger friends and non-blogger friends. It was so appreciated you will never know!!!!!

Anyway, I'm not in the mood to tell you about he events as I am in the mood for a giveaway. I promised a 100th post giveaway...well... aren't you lucky because today is my birthday too. So, if you'd like to leave me a comment on this post you will be entered. Remember my non blogging friends you can still enter just leave me an anonymous comment with your name. What I will do is make this a monitored comment post so if you'd like me to not post your comment I won't just let me know. Since I've been away I'll leave it open until Wednesday at 7pm Eastern time. I will post the winner on Friday of next week.

In this giveaway you will receive the brown and cream tan checked towel, yummy creme brulee rosehips,cinnamon sticks, and star wax melts, two grubby mustard candles, one handmade sheep by yours truly, and some awesome smelling black raspberry soap, and last but not least 3 small Indian corn cobs. Who knows I may end up throwing in some other stuff too by the time I pick the winner. I just didn't have time to make anything else before today.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Still Here!!!

Sorry for not updating you all on what I've been doing, but I haven't had any computer access until now. One of the other firemen with me let me use his computer.

We (all of the Ohio strike teams) are in what is called staging in Alexandria LA. We are sitting here doing nothing until they decide if we are needed elsewhere. So to be honest we are bored out of our minds. We are sleeping on army type cots and none of us are young pups anymore. We wake up every day with back aches and muscle pain. We are eating food provided by FEMA, which sometimes OK most times isn't great. We have been treated really well by most of the residents and they are truly happy to see us. They are very accomodating and the true southern hospitality is true.

We still have no idea when we are coming home as the state of LA really likes the Ohio team as they have sent home PA and MD teams already. I will try to post pics as I can when I come home.

Thanks for thinking of us and I'll try to keep you updated.
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're Here!!!!!

Hey everyone sorry it's been so long, but we had an awful experience on the way down here. We were on the road 20 hours our transmission fluid ran out and we had a front tire blow out going 85 mph down a highway. Yeah I saw my life flash in front of my eyes. Anyway, I am in Baton Rouge running 911 calls. We are still waiting to see if we will be doing search and rescue in the hard hit areas. We are for the moment safe and sound. No pics yet sorry. I'll check in when I can!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget...

By the time you read this I will be on my way to Alexandria, Louisiana... I am taking a laptop and if Wi Fi is available I will try to keep you posted. I am also taking my camera and will try to keep a diary of our days. Thanks so much for thoughts and prayers.

I thought this to be appropriate for todays post.

To all those who gave their lives on this day 9/11 THANK YOU!!!!

To those who continue to serve so that I may continue to have the freedoms that I do... THANK YOU!!!!

Please accept my thoughts and prayers if you personally lost a loved one during these horrific acts.

If you have a few minutes I would like to share a wonderful tribute to all those affected by 9/11.

Please click here
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Watcha Workin on Wednesday

I haven't workd on much for this week, but make sure you checkout Leslie's site more great projects people are working on.

Well, once again I have received the call to pack my bags to head south. If they decide that we are needed I will be leaving by 6am tomorrow. Yes 9/11. The Fire and EMS service are supersticious. It just feels weird to leave for a catastrophic event on 9/11. I am not as wound up this time as last since we were cancelled last time. I am at work and will once again pack up my ambulance and get her ready to go. Then I need to head home later and get some laundry done. I will be gone for 2 weeks if we go. Which means I will be gone for my birthday. No biggie though as I've turned 29 something like 5 times all ready... LOL. So, it you do not hear from me after today you'll know where I went :-) So please remember...

So on to what I've been working on. Other than what you saw on Monday I haven't done much except Christmas. I do wholesale to a few select stores and my friend Kim from Salt Creek Mercantile asked me to make Christmas pillows and ornies that would remind you of an old fashioned Christmas so this is what I came up with... also I have been working with Kim on her new website...Salt Creek Mercantile. If you visit please bear in mind we are not done and are having difficulties with the graphics person finding a picture she likes. BUT... here are some of the great items she carries... We didn't want to go live yet, but she has some great fall items that I don't want people to miss out on. Make sure you check back often as we are still working on adding items (fingers crossed Friday if I'm still here)

Pillow tucks there are red ones and green ones...

I made 18 of these with all kinds of Christmas sayings, but you get the idea... They are both red and green...

These pictures don't so them justice. I did read one page of my camera book and now must try what I learned to take better pics for you.

Pam from Wooster just a note I missed the Budweiser Clydedales at the fair... I totally forgot they were there until I saw the newspaper. I think my son would've loved them.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Little Bit of the County Fair

Before I get to the fair I found out something very interesting while doing a little crafting. As you all know I have told you that it is a good idea to wear rubber gloves while staining. Why you might ask? Well if using oil based stain it does not come off with regular soap and water. OK... this would be why my arms are covered in stain at the moment even though I wore gloves. How did that happen? LOL. So anyway I then needed to do some coffee staining too yesterday. I ran out of gloves, which I sometimes bring home from work in my pockets. Don't worry they are clean... LOL. I headed down to my basement and I had a pair of staining gloves that I figured I'd use for the coffee mixture. Now, I use really cheap instant coffee for my staining. I took all my stuff out to the back deck and started to stain my fabric with my staining gloves on. Did you know that coffee and water will dissolve oil based stain. The old stain just rubbed off the gloves and they looked new again. Hmmm.... imagine what it does to our stomachs. LOL. I think I need another cup!!!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of my DD since she went off with her friends. As you arrive you are greeted by this covered wagon and tractor. Wayne County is mainly and agricultural county. Lots of 4-Hers and farmers. I was once told, but not sure if it is still true that cows out number people.

Once in the gates to your right are the cow barns... I had never seen a cow getting a haircut like this...

Here's looking at you kid... I watched the cows eye follow me through the door.

The kids wanted to ride the rides, but there is a problem when you are short like my son. He's too old for the kiddie rides, but yet to short for the big rides. He got so bored I felt bad for him. I don't ride any rides as I get sick easily. I think he was a little bummed that he didn't see any of his friends to ride with so he was stuck with Mom. He did go on the huge slide that is his favorite. But as the day went on the line got longer and he didn't want to wait.

We went through the barn that has all the fresh produce from peoples gardens and these pumpkins were huge... That's 1010 pounds!!!! You like my unwilling assistant LOL.

I LOVE Indian corn... can you tell???

Of course my son then wanted to see all the tractor displays and tell me what each piece of equipment was and what you use it for. He climbed on a mower so of course more pictures...

Thought these were cute displays and beautiful flowers. All of my flowers have died. LOL. I gave up watering when we weren't getting any rain.

It was very hot but beautiful yesterday. My DD got sunburned on her face. She stayed a little later and her friend's parents brought her home as my son got bored and we left. I came home and did some crafting. We finally got rain last night. Even a thunderstorm!!! YAY we are in need of rain!!!

I also got this awesome award from BasketsnPrims. Thanks so much Pam!!!

The rules are:

Choose award, copy & put a link on your blog.

Add a link to the person who awarded you.

Nominate 5 other blogs who you think ROCK

Add them to your blog list if they aren't already there

Leave a message for your nominees & let them know you think there blog rocks.

Now I am taking the easy way out. If you are reading this blog then you rock so please post it on your blog!!!
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello Monday....

I accomplished a few things this weekend even though I had to work yesterday. I won't get much else done because I am working the next three. But, that is another story. I am off today because here in Wayne county our fair began on Saturday. On Monday every school has the day off and all the school kids get a free fair day pass. So, Mom gets to take them today. It is always so busy with kids everywhere. It is also so scary because several years ago a little girl was abducted from the fair and then found dead. Yes, the killer was found and found guilty. And so I worry when all these kids are down there. Most times parents just drop them off and come back and get them later. That's what my hubby's Mom used to do. But that was a different era. Anyway, so we will be going later.

I did try to sand and stain my tater bin. It is still drying on my porch... It is hard to tell from these pics. I am still trying to figure out my camera. If I would read the book maybe they would look better. LOL.

This one is a little better...

I also got a full day in sewing on Staurday. I am working on some Christmas items and also fall at the same time. I decided I needed to add a little black dress to my website. Whatcha think? It is modeled after the Amish dresses I have seen around here. They do not use buttons or snaps. The aprons are not tied, but straight pinned to keep them closed. I didn't use a straight pin, but I used a rusty safety pin. They also normally wear white aprons, but I didn't want the stark white so I used Osnaburg. Mine is only 19 inches long I have a stick tied with jute so that you could hang it from a peg. I actually have two of them if anyone is interested let me know. You all are the first to see them. If I sell them here first I won't list them on my website. I am asking $12.99 plus shipping. So here it is...

I am getting close to my 100th post so keep an eye out for my giveaway. I am so excited about it. But until then there is a give away at The Pickled Pepper Patch make sure you check it out.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Here's Another Recipe from Grandma...

I promised a Fat Friday so here is another one from my Grandma. Since I am in the fall mood I thought this would be appropriate.

Cinnamon Apples
2 cups sugar
1 cup water
3 Tablespoons cinnamon (candy drops)
1 teaspoon red food coloring (optional)
6 apples peeled and sliced

Make a syrup of above ingredients then add apples.

That's it... I've never tried it, but I would suppose you could cook the apples too. I might have to make after I get my fall apples from the orchard.

So I have to ask all you Moms a question... Do your kids sing while they are in the bathroom? LOL. My computer is in the basement which is under my first floor bathroom. I'm minding my own business typing away and I hear my 9 y.o singing the Star Spangled Banner while he's sitting on the toilet. I thought I was gonna fall off my chair I was laughing so hard. I needed that good laugh.

I also want to thank another new friend Rosemary from Prim Thymes for also giving me the Primitive Excellence award. If you haven't been to see her yet make sure you do as she is decorating for fall and it is fabulous.
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Fat Friday... I Forgot My Recipe at Home

I did paint my tater bin yesterday, but it's not done completely to show you. I actually got inspiration from one of my new Judy Condon books. My son even said it looked cool. So I just need to decide if I want to add or just sand and darken it and see what happens. So here is how far I've gotten...

Sorry about the quality of the picture. My flash was leaving a white mark and you couldn't see anything. But this was my inspiration... a Spitler design somewhat that I have done.

Well, my DD got voted on to student council as a representative for the choir/band. She was running for President, but thought that if she got president she wouldn't be able to represent the choir so she dropped out. Bless her heart. She is so excited. I am excited for her. You have no idea what a different kid this is than just 2 years ago. She hated school, didn't want to get up, hated life so forth and so on. Since we moved to this new school she is totally different. Her guidance counselor started a social skills class at school that she is attending. This is where her Asperger's comes in to play. You and I as adults would be tolerant, but teenagers are brutal. This will help her learn how to respond to people. This is hard to explain, but she can not interpret body language and facial expressions. So she has no idea when people are being mean or trying to ignore her. They are doing role play on how to react to different situations. I can't believe it a school willing to help my child. You all have no idea what I went through with the last school. Anyway, my son is thriving and not getting into trouble for talking. Imagine that my son a talker. LOL. I have no idea where he got that from. He is getting quite the attitude and a mouth that is gonna get smacked for talking back. Not really, but he has been getting in to trouble for it. But I am so proud of both of them for doing well in school so far.

Well, I ran off and forgot my recipe today that I was going to post. So I will have to add it when I get home from work tonight. So if you'd like to check back later this evening I will get one posted. I know you just can't wait... LOL.
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