Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Award...

I was given this award over by Janae of Cozy Coops Corner . The rules are I have to tell you 6 random things about myself and pick six friends to do the same. Aren't you just dying to hear what makes me tick... LOL. Really I'm full of weird random things, so I must think very hard about what you actually want to hear.

1. I am afraid of failing and letting people down. In my 13 years in EMS and all my life I have had many people tell me I couldn't do this or that. So of course that made me more determined to do it to prove them wrong. However, the thought was always there that what if I fail then they would be right. I always worry about what people think of me and how I come across to them constantly.

2. I do not have but one or two females that I consider friends, other than family, where I live. I still would not confide in any of them as I am a very private person when it comes to my personal life, ideas, and thoughts. See number one... do you see a pattern...

3. I can't read a regular pattern to save my life. Patterns from other prim artists no problem, but give me a clothing pattern and you might as well write it in a foreign language.

4. I don't like talking on the phone. I do it, but I don't like it.

5. I am a perfectionist or as the people I work with call it anal. OK you got me obsessive compulsive when it comes to my job. It does come through at home too, but not as much. If I don't make one of my own pattern crafts perfect the first time I get angry and normally won't make another. That pattern goes to the junk pile. LOL.

6. Last but not least... I am a jeans and sweatshirt tomboy kind of girl. I don't get into purses. I don't wear makeup. I haven't painted my nails in about five years. I hate wearing dresses and dress shoes. I buy all my clothes from the thrift store as I can't pay full price for clothes for me and then I keep them for years.

Now I am suppose to pick six of you to accept this award. Well... since many of you have already done this when I was gone if haven't please do and let me know you did. I like to know about the people who read my blog. I have read a lot of comments from new friends on my giveaway post. I will try to come visit each of you so please be patient. I am having a very hard time adjusting after coming back. I have been working a lot and trying to get caught back up, but I do appreciate those who have added me to their blog rolls and I will return the favor.
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simple~needs said...

i hate wearing dressy clothes too. i bet i havent seen a dress (besides the dickens village festival costume) in 20 years. :)
i dont care much for make up either.

i understand what you mean about not ever giving anyone the satisfaction that you failed. maybe thats why we choose the careers that we do. i used to hate filling in at nursing homes because i want to make people better. i dont want to think that they are there to stay till dying.

i have only one close friend here too. i bet i talk more to gals online then anywhere else.
but i have always been sort of a loner. not that i wanted to be, i just was.

anyways, i am so glad to know nore about you mary. you are such a wonderful person. :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Thanks for sharing more of yourself Mary...I used to worry about what other people thought but since I've gotten older that feeling has left me and I say thank goodness, it's like jealousy, such a wasted emotion.
Have a great fall day!

Kindra said...

I dont' have many close girlfriends either. I've been burned many times. :( So it's hard to trust anyone anymore.

It's great to see you back. I know how it's hard to get back into the blog/daily life groove when you have been away from home. I'm with ya!

cornely_84 said...

Hey Mary I have left six things about myself on my blog!!

Jo-Anne said...

I think we are a lot alike...only I am going to add the "no bra" factor to my jeans and sweatshirt days! :)
I also just awarded you with another well deserved award....but get to it when you can. I know how difficult it is to get back into the routine!
Have a great day!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I just viewed the photos of your home..I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! you have a great eye for decorating...come and do my home...thanks for sharing alittle bit about you...I share some of your qualitys too..take care.
Gina :)

Julie said...

I have one close friend--and that's all, so I understand. SO glad you're home and okay. thanks so much for your service. Julie

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I agree with Kindra...I've had friends and got close, then got burned. I do have one very best friend but she is 300 miles away from me. :( The people here in Seattle think very opposite of how I think so finding friends here is a great challange-I tend to spend all my extra time with my husband (who is my closest friend)
I do have people that I love and trust in the blog world though-
I love hearing about your 6 random things Mary-We are so much alike other then #1-I really don't care enough of what people think of me. I am however concerned about what the Lord thinks about me! This pretty much keeps me on the staight and narrow! :) For the most part! LOL!
Have a great day, don't over do it!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

All my friends are online! I am a to myself kinda girl, the last time i had a good friend it did not end well. So i just tell my husband everything, LOL!

Nicole said...

Yeah, your back. It looks like you've been back for a while. Sorry, great blogging friend I am huh! Congrats on your award, It was fun learning more about you.

Linda said...

Wow - that really helped to get to know you better. We share 1, 4 and 5 !!

Take your time getting back to us bloggers! We understand my friend!

Colleen said...

Wow, Mary -- I can definitely relate to numbers 1-5! It was fun to learn a bit more about you and I hope you're getting settled in now that you're home...

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Congratulations on your award, very nice and I believe you definitely deserve it!

Sue said...

We both won something from My Brown Bag Studio....she is great! Answering your question about muscadines....they are "similar" to grapes...I really like them better (except for the seeds)...they are sweeter to me. Enjoyed reading about you today.

Renna said...

You and I are very much alike. Numbers two through six on your list could be describing myself to a great degree!