Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Honey I'm Home...

Well since all of you were praying so hard Gustav weakened in strength and I didn't have to go to Louisiana. HOWEVER... we are now watching Hanna on the Eastern Shore. If predicted correctly it will hit Florida and South Carolina. So, once again it is a wait and watch. I will unpack my bags and hope I can stay home. I know my kids and maybe hubby (LOL) will be glad to see me stay. You should have seen me trying to explain how I do things in less than an hour and what bills needed paid while I was gone. Hubby just looked at me and shook his head. I'm not quite sure he knew what all I was talking about. He just kept telling everyone I was leaving and he was going to change the locks while I was gone. He didn't tell anyone why I was leaving. So, of course my Mother believed him and got mad at him until he set her straight. My hubby quite the jokester.

I still did go shopping on Saturday for a few hours. I kept my phone nearby just in case. Our weather was beautiful and it was hard to believe what the south was going to see. We hit about 4 stores in about 5 hours with drive time. I picked up some items for my 100th post giveaway, so I can't show you those yet. Otherwise I'll show you what I got...

My favorite candle Butter Maple Syrup and yummy smelling wax dipped corn. I wanted these so bad last year.

1/2 price basket because the handle was broke. I fixed it with super glue turned it to the back and there you have it a basket. Now I don't normally do blue... but I liked the shape and the color.

I'm thinking bonnet and apron. On sale of course.

Yes knit stockings. I'm going to try to make some after Linda made some and inspired me to try.

And my candle shelf. I'm debating on having hubby drill holes to put candle in instead of having a jar sit on it.

And I bought 3 of Judy Condon's books. I can't seem to peel myself away from them. They are fabulous. I got Country on a Shoestring Of Hearth and Home and A Simpler Time . If you like Early American antiques and decorating there are great pictures in them.

Well, I must get back to the routine. Thanks everyone so much for your thoughts and prayers. You are all the bestest!!! And for those who still may be going down to the gulf to help or have family down there I will say an extra prayer for them.
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This simple Life said...

I am glade you didn't have to go. I'm glade it wasn't as bad as they feared.

You got some great stuff.

Char said...

well....glad that Gustav wasn't near as bad as they thought and you got to stay home...love the goodies too!

Linda said...

Good stuff there girl!! Love the dried corn in the bowl with the candle!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to stay home and sew!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm sooo very very happy you get to stay home!!! Your comment about your husband made me laugh out loud. That sounds like something my husband would tell my mom and she would believe him too! But she always gets him back. :)
Love all your finds...I always do!
I'm just so thrilled everything worked out well and we will just have to keep praying for the other storms headed towards Florida!
Take Care,

Leslie said...

I'm glad that you got to stay at home and I hope you get to the rest of the hurricane season!

Great finds. The candle sounds yummy and the corn looks so great!

I still cannot get in the fall mood.....what is wrong with me? Maybe a week or so?

Sandy said...

Glad to hear your not going and I am sure the family is really happy!!!
I know what you mean when you try to explain to hubby to pay this and that when they are not use to. Hopefully the next storm wont be as bad as they are saying. We are very lucky to live where I do...we don't get anything like this at all. Just really bad snow storms in the winter but I can live with that.

That is my favorite candle also :)
It makes the whole house smell so good. My mother in-law says it makes her hungry...to funny.

Love all your finds and did you mention a 100th giveaway??? Oh got to love those :)

You mentioned a few posts back that your dad has the same thing as me...does he take any meds? How bad is his situation? My body has deteriorated really bad in the last two years. My last pregnancy did not help. My Father and Uncle also have it but my father is doing really good with just over the counter meds but my Uncle is really bad. Just as bad as me if not worst. And then I have a Cousin who is also just as bad as me and he is only 37, two years older then me. It seems at the moment I am the only female in the family who has it. I know it is more common in men and that is why it took so long to detect it. But I am trying to remain positive, knowing that this is what I have to live with.

Also to let you know I purchased the book Country on a Shoestring...and loved it. Now I want the one for decorating all seasons. That will be my next order...lol

Take Care...

simple~needs said...

glad to know you are at home. who is making the knitted stockings?? i got some red ones from a cash & carry show. i wish i knew how to make them.

Nicole said...

Glad your were able to be home with your family. I was thinking about you whenever I saw Gustav on the televison. Love your new finds, and that candle sounds really yummy smelling.

Shay said...

So glad you are getting to stay home! Wonderful news! Okay that sounds like something my DH would do to my Mom and it would completely go over her head till he explained it! lol

Oh love the new goodies! Yum, I bet the candle and wax dipped corn smell yummy!! Have a wonderful night!

Jo-Anne said...

Ughhhh! (that's a huge sigh of relief coming from me!) I am so glad you didn't have to go and I am hoping and praying you don't have to go at all!!!
I had a little giggle at your husbands comments....(your poor mom...) It sound exactly like something my husband would say. He's always trying to be funny! :)

I love all your fun finds. Thanks for sharing!
Take care.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I am so glad you didn't have to leave!

And I have Judy Condon's first book and I want the othes! She is an awesome lady with great ideas!

Love all your new goodies! And if you get tired of that blue basket, you can always paint it. :)