Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watcha Working on Wednesday

For the most part I couldn't get in the mood to do anything over the weekend. But because I made a promise to myself to join Leslie's challenge I took a few pictures of what my FIL worked on, my MIL and SIL worked on, and only one thing I worked on.

First, my MIL calls me from her car phone to ask if I wanted a rocker for my porch. She knows I do, but then she proceeds to tell me it is in the trash in front of someones house and did I want her to get it. Well, why not I could use it for decoration. So my SIL Tiffany was home and she wrestled it into the car to bring to my house. We won't be able to sit in it and rock, but it is really awesome to decorate with. Oh and there is the tater bin I haven't finished yet. I just can't decided what to do.

Next while we went shopping on Saturday my FIL came over and hung a light above my dining room table. This is a hand me down from my MIL until I can afford what I want. I think it works great. But for some reason one of light bulbs was missing so I threw a waxy bulb in it. Do you see it? I figured I'd point it out before one of you did. :-) So now I need to go buy bulbs for the light. Just so you know I did not have a light above my table before. We had to eat by table lamp light. I didn't have to worry what the food looked like then. Now I have to make it appetizing looking. LOL.

Now lastly I finally made more panels for my window. Not exactly what I want, but the sun is so bright it is bleaching out my dining table and antiques. Linda gave me the idea to use roller shades, but I can't get my hubby to commit. So while biting my nails and pacing while waiting to see if I was going to leave I sewed these up quick. I do open them when the sun isn't as bright.

Well, that's it. Now I need to get busy and do some things around here.
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Tiffany said...

If only you knew how I really did wrestle with that thing...Mom was yelling "Hurry up, I don't want anyone to see us!" You know how heavy it is, and I was trying to fit it in the back of the car!!

Mrs. Trixi said...

I love your dining area. It looks so cozy.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love the rocker, looks like those super nice ones they have at The Cracker Barrell. Love the curtains too!

~Jess said...

I have the same light fixture in my dining room. JCPenney's was carrying it. They also have a whole slew of lampshades to go with it.

Your dining room looks so lovely!

Back in the Day said...

Love the rocker! What a great addition - I am always stopping and picking up something off the side of the road! If it's Free its for ME! lol

Julie said...

Mary--I added to Jan's award for you--I gave you the primitive excellence award, too. I love your prim home and get such great ideas from you. Come visit!! julie

Wendy said...

The rocker is awesome!! How great is that SIL!!!LOL and your diningroom looks great the light completes it!!! Have a great day!~Wendy

Sandy said...

I love the prim. I am sure you will decorate it oh so well. I also think your light looks great there. It goes well with your dining room. I just love your decorations and pieces.


Linda said...

The dining room looks great! You can get the cheapo roller shades at Walmart and those don't cost much at all. You can hang them yourself they are so easy - then they hide behind valances or something when you don't need them down.

Mary I saw bittersweet all over OH last October when I was out there. I am going to take more pics as it turns yellow so you can see what it looks like. I'll post when I do!

Elise said...

Wow your home looks great!! Prim Fairy did a great job ;)
Gotta love free-great rocker!!

This simple Life said...

I used to have a room that was so bright you couldn't stand to sit in it. Now my house is so dark I pray for light. GO figure?

Leslie said...

I love that old rocker! It's a keeper for sure even if you can't sit on it!

The light looks great. Mine is just a cheapy brass one from the TS, spray painted black and I love it.

I want to make simple muslin panels for my living room soon!

Have a great day!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Love your new light...and the rocker and the curtains make a real difference!
I missed your post before with all your looks great! Wish I had mine done. Dianntha

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

You really have great in-laws Mary, you are very blessed.
Love the rocker and could just see your poor SIL trying to hurry to get it out of the trash! Sounds like something I would do!
Great job on the window treatments!

This Country Girl said...

That was nice of your MIL & SIL! I would have wanted that rocker too!

Your dining room looks like a page out of the Country Sampler, Mary! It's gorgeous! I love just what you have on your table....I like simple table centerpieces! Yours is perfect!

Nice window treatment too!

~ Tammy ~

Colleen said...

We don't have an overhead light in our dining room either -- no wiring for that. Two standing lamps do the trick for now. I'm sure your food will still taste delicious ;) Too funny!

Everything looks wonderful as usual, Mary.

Anonymous said...

everything looks wonderful! This is nice blog Steven

basketsnprims said...

I love your rocker ~ don't you just love free stuff? Your light also looks great. Your dining area is so warm and cozy.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! Your diningroom looks so warm and inviting...such soft colors and lighting. Love your "new" rocker too, lucky you!!
blessing, kathy