Sunday, November 9, 2008

In All Fairness

I must tell you some things about me. I have been informed that I must tell you about how I was unfaithful to my husband about 6 years ago. He stuck up for me and told his parents some awful things because of me. However, he stuck by me and we worked through them and stayed together. He forgave me, but never forgot which is understandable. I just want you all to know that I am not without fault. I am not trying to put myself on a pedestal and I am not trying to air my dirty laundry and get your pity. After this post no more about what is going on. There is no one at fault other than myself and my husband and nor should anyone think anything about anyone else involved. I am sorry I have caused embarassment to certain people because of my blog, but I wanted to come clean and let you know I am not without blame.
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Linda said...

Mary - I admire your honesty in all this. That can't have been easy to post. Marriage is complex and hard even under the best circumstances. I wish you the best as you move forward and make a new life. Lots of hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes Mary and your hubby was willing to forgive at the time.
I'm not sure i understand why he's doing the same to you now..two wrongs don't make a right.
Take one day at a time and try to keep your chin up..easier said than done i know. Thinking of you.
Keep on blogging..i love your blog, as do a lot of others.
luv Ann.xx

Kimberly said...

Mary, thank you for your honesty. Like Linda said, that can't have been easy to share. Just remember that we're all human and no one is perfect.
Take care, Kimberly

Kristie said...

Hold your chin up girl!!!! Life will get better!!! :)

basketsnprims said...

Mary, I too, admire your honesty. I wish you the best.


This simple Life said...

You didn't have to tell us that. You could have built yourself a little support group who thought you were just an innocent victim. That was very brave and I admire you for being so honest. Keep your head held high girl, and rock on.

Terri said...

Honey, we're all human. You are strong and you will get through this.


simple~needs said...

you are being honest and that says alot......

we love you and keep your chin up!!

the purple plum said...

Stay Strong.and don't look back.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh Mary,
my heart breaks for you and your entire family. The past is gone, and you're hurting now. That is all that matters. But your heart will heal and you will have happy days again! It just takes time.

So you take good care of yourself and those precious children. And I'll be praying for you.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

That couldn't have been easy to post but I do admire you for it. We are all only human, no one is perfect except God.
Just keep on blogging and making me smile:)

Cindy B said...

It is not anyones place to judge and I respect you for your honesty, though it wasn't necessary..anyone can tell what a special person you are and the love you have for your family. You are a strong and will get through this...God bless you!

Karen said...

Mary, Thanks for your honesty; I guess I'm thinking that, yes, it probably still hurts, maybe some things not worked out, but if forgiveness had taken place 6 years ago and you are going along in life, I guess I don't understand why that would be an excuse really for leaving the marriage through unfaithfulness 6 years later. Obviously, there must be some hurts that need healing, but that's still no reason to mess your family up with. Let's keep praying for a miracle. I still say that if you end a marriage and tear your family apart, you do it to the kids, too. There's more than just divorcing a wife, it's breaking up the kids' home. That's selfish. And it's going to cost a lot.
I pray for healing for all of you! Karen

Debi said...

Mary dear,
You dear sweet girl!! Everyone here knows it takes two to do anything in life... and I can't speak for anyone else, but I am not laying blame!!! Honey, no one is perfect in this life... if so we wouldn't still be here!! I want you to know that I still love you as a good friend, and please don't be so hard on yourself here. The good lord has plans for us all... and we just have to be willing to do whatever he has in store for us! I hope everyones sake involved that it works itself out as quickly as possible!! I am sorry it took me so long to get over here and let you know that we are with you in our household also... Scoti and I were talking yesterday here at my house... and she told about it (sorry been busy here trying to get ready for a neighbors wedding.) Honey, please... keep on going day by day... as things will improve. Everyone here wishes you and your whole family our blessings... and remember the story of "Footsteps in the Sand!" Now is his turn. It will get you through hun.

I hope you have a truly blessed day dear!! Keep you chin up!! And enjoy those "Happy pills!" They are kinda different... don't forget to eat!! (I know I am one to tell you that!!)lolol. Sending you a great big HUG hun!!

I will keep you in my heart and prayers also my dear. :D

Raggedy Angel said...

Lots fo love and prayers for you! Beth

KATHY OF SWEETHOME GARDENS said... are a very strong person to have shared that with is very tough...stay strong my in God!



Black Sheep Lisa said...

Sending Prayers your way.

Tina said...

My prayers and thoughts of goodness toward you have not changed.
You are still on a good journey that will lead you to a better place.

Leslie said...

I admire you for being honest. We're not all perfect and we do things that we regret that sometimes come back to bite us. It's hard but hang in there, girl. This is just one of those bumps in the road and whatever happens is just supposed to happen. You'll be okay no matter what. I know you will.

BTW~I e-mailed you back the other day, however, it keeps bouncing back into my in-box, saying it couldn't be delivered. I got all sorts of reasons why. But it's been happening with other e-mails to the same ISP.



carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Regardless of past mistakes, your fellow blogger friends are on your side. None of us need to know all the details. You do not owe us any explainations.
We know all that we need to, that you and your family are hurting. So we will continue to pray for all of you. We care!
Hang in there, and be good to yourself.

Jo-Anne said...

Dear Mary--your honesty is truly admirable.
Hang in there, my friend. You won't know what it is that you are supposed to learn from this until you are on the other side of it. I pray you will have strength and wisdom as you try to get there. Take care of yourself.
Much love,

Julie said...

Wishing your bucket- loads of love and hope. Move on from here, and take good care of yourself and your kids. Sending a hug. Julie

Back in the Day said...

You have a lot of guts and I admire you for that! Like you said, just take it day by day. After my separation, I was devastated and now I know it was the best thing for me.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

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