Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Wonderful Friends

This week has been such a trial for me. In my previous post you'll remember I told you I was urinating blood well I went to the doctor and had a stat CT done he was checking for kidney stones. Well, the results came back negative no stones, but I'm still bleeding. The words bladder cancer were mentioned, but I need further tests. I am hoping it is only stress related. I look like death warmed over dark circles under my eyes and now I can not stop shaking. I was eating, but after the text conversation with HER, since he won't talk to me at all, I stopped eating again. She was very rude and mean to me over something she should not be involved in. The good news is he has decided to only have visitation with my son and I get custody. The bad news he wants the house, which I was ready to deal on until SHE got nasty with me. We are going to try a dissolution, but I can't see my attorney until next Tuesday. And then it means we must agree on everything. As long as I have my kids I'll be OK.

On to many Thank you's.

This beautiful inspirational card was sent by Linda Thank you so much it was so kind of you to send it my son also thought so to. P.S. I tried to email you, but my email addy for you isn't working.

This stitchery was just what I needed to see each and every day. It is still my motto. Thank you so much Kimberly it was so sweet of you.

Justina was so kind to send me this book. The awesome thing is her aunt helped write it and even signed it. I have only read a couple pages, but so far I love the way it is written.

This is where things get odd with the bracelet. Each and every bead on this bracelet has a meaning. It is about the life and death of Jesus and how much he cares for us. This bracelet was given to me by the CT tech at the hospital. She noticed that I wear bead bracelets and she took off her wrist and said I think you need this more than me. She had made it herself. She didn't know me from anyone else she just gave me a hug and the bracelet.

Then as I sat at the table telling my Mom about the bracelet she started to giggle. She said I need to show you something. She pulls the key chain from her purse and said a lady that she and my dad have talked to at Wendy's restaurant before saw them that day and talked with her at lunch. She is a member of a local church and does RAK. She handed my Mom the key chain and said give this to someone who needs it. So guess who has it. I know that you are all praying for us and I can see that it is working as things are getting easier. Thank you so much everyone.
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Janene said...

Mary~ I thinking and praying for you everyday!
Divorce is so hard on EVERYONE! I had to go through that with my parents when I was around 6 years old.
I wish that I could send you some of my HOHO cake, that would fatten you right up! LOL
Stay strong and know that alot of people are looking over you.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

You are in my prayers...Everyone involved is in my prayers.
I know your motto is Day by Day...I love that. Mine is "Let Go and Let God" On bad days you can hear me say out loud-"Lord, I can't handle this so I am letting go of what is out of my control and giving it to you." I always think he must say back, "Thank you Robin for FINALLY getting out of my way so I can get down to business!" LOL!
Let us know as soon as you find out about what is going on with your health...In the mean time we will pray for a miracle for you over here in Washington. :)

Justina said...

I am so glad you got my book. The other things you've gotten are great also! You have many praying for you and your family.. Day by Day is what I've learned through all my "trials from God". Glad you did not decide to quit blogging altogether! Lot's of Hugs- Justina

ohiofarmgirl said...

How disappointing that there is a she involved. I know that must break your would mine.
Try to allow your body some rest as you are wrapped in the arms of Jesus. Thinking of you, Dianntha

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Awwwwww! What sweet surprises for you! And the story about the bracelet & keychain is awesome! God wants you to know that HE is with you!
I hope all goes well with whatever is going on with your body. But sweetie, you MUST eat to keep yourself strong. Not just for you, but for your kids too. They need you more than ever right now. So please try to eat.
I wish there were some magic words to say to make thigns all better, but unfortunately there isn't. Just know that you are loved and so many are praying for you.

This Country Girl said...


I had tears of sadness in my eyes for you as I started reading today's post which then turned to tears of joy as I read how God is bringing wonderful people and things your way. It makes us here in blog world feel like we're helping by praying. Sometimes we just pray and someone else is the legs to those prayers and is able to deliver happiness to you! I hope you know that so many people are thinking of you and praying for you! Thank you so much for keeping us posted!


janie said...

Hi Mary, Please try and eat. I am sure things will be ok with your health. Stress can do so much to our bodies. You have so much to deal with right now and you need your strength. Praying that things will lighten up for you, Janie

Black Sheep Lisa said...

God is moving mountains for you Mary. Just hang in there and it will get better. You have had so much happen in such a short time, i dont think your body knows what to do, Keeping you in my prayers.

Julie said...

So sorry about the heartache, but isn't it amazing to see the hand of a loving Heavenly Father in your life. What an inspirational post to see that you have been the recipient of such goodness. You more than deserve it. Please email me your address when you have a minute--you're still in my thoughts, too...and not just at the grocery store---HEEHEEHHEE!! Hugs---Julie

Terri said...

Hang in there - we are all thinking about and it seems clear to me that God is watching out for you, although sometimes I know you must feel very alone. Try to take care of yourself as best you can - if you can't eat, make smoothies and sip them. Whatever it takes, you know?


Kindra said...

Mary, I'm am so glad that you have decided to keep posting on your blog. Online friends are so loving and supportive and we are all happy to be there for you. What wonderful gifts from the heart, you received.

I will be praying that medical news is no news...I know stress can do a number on the body. :( Please continue to eat... and please know that we will always be here for ya. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Continued warm thoughts, and Prayers sent to you my friend, and your children~~~

Elise said...

Oh Mary, I am praying for you. I hope your health improves and that it is not serious.

Anonymous said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. This is such a sad and difficult
time for you. Your friends and family can be your strength and support for you.
Did the Docs do a UA for a UTI also? I assume they did.
Sue ( Wooster )