Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Alright everyone here are some photos of the NEW Gettysburg Homestead!!!!! I have since moved things around already and brought out some Spring stuff. I can't leave things alone. For some of you who may be new to my blog I downsized from a huge 100 year old farmhouse to a small duplex. So everything looks crammed in because it is. LOL. I have found I have way too much stuff, but one day I will have a house again and will fill it with all my stuff.

Welcome... come on in...

As you come in this is the first thing you will see.

Alright minus the tractor you don't always see that. LOL.

I know this is as little dark sorry... this side is one of areas I have already changed.

My daughter doing what all teenagers do best..... watch TV.

Shelf close up... This is a test what is wrong with this picture.... yep one of my candles fell out of my candle holder. LOL Did you see it???

Moving on to the dining room.... yep some of this has changed too.

Like the peg rack I don't have hung yet. LOL.

This is all I have for now, but I will go back through and retake my Spring pics and my kitchen and bedroom.

Update on my nephrologist appointment... I have some type of kidney disease, but he doesn't know what kind yet until I have a biopsy of my kidney on April 10th. I also have a lot of bloodwork that I must get done to see if I have minor or major damge to the kidney. So keep praying away for me.

My friend and I went to a Serbian restaurant last weekend. It was so good. I had chicken paprikash and he had some type of sausages (don't know the proper name for them lol) but that's what they were. They didn't taste anything like regular sausage though. I can't explain the flavor to you either. Then we went to church with my parents on Sunday and went to dinner with them afterward. My friend and my Dad talked about the service and how if differed from his church. That got a bit uncomfortable. LOL. All in all though it was an awesome weekend. This weekend I have my kids with me so we are just hanging out and playing games inside since it is cold and rainy. Oh and I made my corn casserole last night per my son's request and my friend had never had it before and just loved it. Imagine that never had corn casserole.LOL.

I need to get going and finish up my laundry. As of tomorrow my hours at work get cut. Now maybe I will have some time to sew. Last weekend I unburied my sewing machine and set it up. I brought all my fabric in from the garage and finally have the desire to start sewing again. I can't wait to get started.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Quick Update

I thought I would let you know that I did have my CT done of my flank and pelvis done a week ago and once again nothing. So in my urologists suggestion I will be seeing a nephrologist (kidney specialist) next week. Hopefully I will be able to get some answers. My original appointment was in May because they were booked then all off a sudden after I called the urologist to let them know I get a phone call that it has been moved up to next week.

I will also be signing some papers that needed to be drawn up by my attorney next week also. Let's just say I have only received $300 since November from my soon to be ex to help with expenses. My attorney and I are fed up with the feet dragging.

I will work on pictures this weekend because my kids will be with their Dad's and my friend is doing a side job on Saturday. It is also suppose to be sunny so I can get a picture of the front of the duplex. Now if only I could find my Spring stuff in my garage. LOL. I have no idea where it is in the mess. Hmmm... maybe I had better rearrange my garage too. LOL. Wow I just keep making more work for myself!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Long Awaited Photos

Alright I was ready to put my pictures on here when I went back and looked they were really outdated so I will have to retake them and get them on here. But hey for your viewing pleasure this is me on Valentine's Day. My friend took me and my daughter out to dinner and he brought me some yummy chocolate too. I had other plans to take my kids out, but my son's Dad had other plans and mine had to be cancelled. So my friend said I'll be there to pick you both up in a couple hours. We had a great time, but I really wanted to spend it with both my kids. I had been planning it for a week and told my son and everything and he seemed so excited, but again my plans got changed.

Since no pictures I will tell you a bit more about my friend. He has never raised his voice to me or my kids. He is very laid back (unlike me) LOL. He is well aware of my situation and mistakes I made in the past. He would rather talk to me than watch television. Weird I know. LOL. He was doing work for my parents at their house and before he left he went and sat down with my Dad and talked with him for awhile. My Dad had just had foot surgery and had been cooped up in the house, he said he felt bad for my Dad. My Mom has invited him to meet them for dinner with me. Friday night he went with to get groceries and never complained or yelled at me for the way I loaded the cart or unloaded the cart like I was before. He even took me to Coldstone Creamery and shared a huge ice cream waffle cup with me and let me choose the flavor. By the way if you have one around you it is awesome ice cream this was the first time I ever went. I made him pecan pie and Rice Krispie treats yesterday and he told me it was better than his Mom's. True or not I'm not sure. LOL. He gave me two pieces out of the entire pie to bring home and he kept the rest. Did I fail to mention he loves his sweets and his Dad used to own a bakery. LOL. He also made me steak and asparagus on the grill last night. The asparagus had olive oil and Serbian spices on it and it was delicious as I'd never had asparagus before because no one in my house would eat it. He said he's going to take me to a Serbian grocery store to educate me and buy stuff for me to try. I am so excited. Ok no more boring you with useless information.LOL

Oh and my health... well I am still dealing with the blood in my urine and have had many procedures (cystoscopies) and another CT scan on Saturday. Let's hope something is found. The good news is my deductible has been met. LOL. And I'm still on HIS insurance. haha
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Bi Monthly Post

Alright I know I promised pictures, but I have them on my storage device that my daughter has been using and at the minute I can't find it. I am going to try to post them. Yeah I know I've said it before. Maybe one day. I especially want to post a picture of one thing in particular that a very sweet lady made me and sent me before I moved in December. It was so awesome and I have never thanked her and feel very bad about it.

So on to the saga of what is now my life. I work, eat and sleep. I got news yesterday that my hours are going to be cut, but I will still be full time. So instead of at least 50 hours a week I will be down to 45 plus any overtime. I worked 72 hours alone last week. This leaves absolutely no time to do anything with my crafts. I am going into withdrawal too. Though I decided I need to make curtains for my kitchen. Now I just need to remember where I put my fabric in the mess in my garage. LOL.

I can't talk much about the pending dissolution or divorce right now. All I can say is no papers have been filed, but will be very soon.

My social life is not very much, but I have met a very nice tall, dark, and handsome man who I have been spending time with and so have my kids. LOL. I met him New Years Eve and a mutual friend's get together. I knew of him before, but never really talked to him. We have only been out by ourselves 3 times all the other times my kids go with us. He has never been married and has no kids, but treats mine so well and even babysits for me when I work late. He is making me dinner tonight since he has a grill and I don't. LOL. He is a member of the Apostolic church around here, which does not allow him to "date" someone who is not of his faith nor am I allowed to meet his parents. I am baptist and his Mother said that it would be OK if he found a nice Baptist girl since he did not feel that there were any girls in the church he was interested in. LOL. She does not know about me, but his sister does. So I am kind of in a hard spot especially to because I have kids and will be divorced. So it is hard to say what will happen. Oh and his parents are straight from Yugoslavia so they are a little more strict than most. He is used to his Mother's Serbian cooking and when he went with me to the grocery store last night he kept asking if I knew how to make certain things and I just looked at him like he was crazy. So then I threw out a couple things like hush puppies. He just stared at me like I was crazy. LOL. So this should be really fun trying all kinds of new foods.

That's about it for now. When my daughter gets home tomorrow I will see where she put my stuff and try to get on here and post pictures.
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