Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!! Christ is Risen!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

Thought I would update you all on my biopsy. My parents and my friend Steve went with me to the hospital on Friday. I was suppose to have my biopsy at 9:30, but there was someone in front of me and the radiologist was late. So mine didn't start until 11:00am. They had to do a CT scan first to be sure there were no masses and to figure out exactly where my kidneys were. They gave me some Versed to relax and numbed up my back. I don't remember much good thing I think because I remember the pain of the needle to numb up my back. I remember the click of him taking the tissue from my left kidney then he was done. On my way back to the room Steve told me I looked at him kinda funny when they wheeled me by. LOL. Hello!!!! I was on drugs!!!! LOL. Anyway, I stayed til 2:30pm and they let me go home. All I have is a small hole in my back and a bruise in my arm from the IV. Now all I have to do is wait until May 7th to hear what they found. I figure what's a few more weeks since it has been almost 6 months since it started and since HE left me. Sorry I promised myself I wouldn't talk about it today.

Steve went to my family's Easter dinner last night with me. I have talked to my parents and sister and they are OK with me seeing him. My kids LOVE him according to them whenever someone asks them if they like him or not. I have my lovable son back when he is around not the depressed kid he has become. I do have him seeing the school counselor and psychologist. I am hoping this helps him. His grades dropped this last grading period since he decided to stop doing his homework. Of course I blame myself for not checking it every night, but I need to give him some responsibility for himself.

Other than that work is going OK other than working a lot. I filed for divorce and now have paperwork started for child support. I am the sole residential parent for my son with visitation for his Dad every other weekend and Wednesdays. I feel like things are now finally moving and I can get on with my life now after almost 5 months. My kids and I were talking the other day that we are doing OK on our own. I have proved a lot to myself that I can support not only myself, but my kids too on my own. We have a roof over our heads and food to eat. I can be independent and don't have to rely on anyone else. Though I am not opposed to it. LOL. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and kind words through all of this. I hope someone out there reads about my journey and finds the strength to carry on in their time of need. If anyone needs encouragement please don't hesitate to contact me I will help in anyway I can.

Oh I have decide to let my website close. That doesn't mean I won't occasionally have things for sale, but it will be on here that you see them. I just can't keep up with everything right now. Thanks again and have a Blessed Day!
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