Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Pics are Here

I figured it out!!!! Here is the newest addition to my home. The door was $20.00 at a local antique store. Steve, my friend, brought home some old baseboard and casing from a home he was doing some remodeling in and built this cabinet around the door. The end result priceless. He kept asking if I was sure I wanted chipping paint. Uh hello.... ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Not sure I'm thrilled with the bright white, but I figure a little stain can fix that right up.

Ok a few more pics of my living room...

Like my peony in a pop can. LOL. Steve came home with it from his Mom's house. Oh and the mess to the left is my spring stuff I need to put away.

Like the bare spot on the right side of the black shelf... I decided to go sparse... LOL no I took something away and put it elsewhere and haven't found anything to replace yet. Hmmmm.... I know I have something somewhere.

I know you can't see very well, but most of those pics are samplers I picked up at the Ragon House warehouse sale a few weeks ago. You have no idea how much I didn't pay pay for them. They range from $7.00 to maybe $13.00 a piece. I was so excited.

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There were suppose to be Pictures....

I just took pictures of the newest addition to the Gettysburg Homestead furniture pieces. I LOVE it... and it only cost me $20.00. I know what you're thinking... really???? $20.00 it can't be that pretty. Well, it's not pretty per se, but too me it is awesome and adorable and oh so prim. You see it only cost $20.00 to build. It has chipping paint and re purposed supplies. Do I have your interest perked yet? Well, when I figure out what is wrong with my darn computer I will post pictures. I've been having computer issues and had it fixed and not everything is on here that I had before. LOL I know a big let down.

Let's see where did I leave my saga... oh yes... I remember.

As you will remember I had a kidney biopsy done before Easter. I went back to to see the nephrologist and he said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my kidneys. Everything was gone, no more urinating blood, no more problems at all. There was no trace that anything had ever been wrong. He was stunned because he thought for sure he would find something. So praise God I am healed!!! Thanks everyone for the prayers.

Now, as for the divorce process... My soon to be ex took me to court for custody of my son. He made my 9 year old son go to court and choose what parent he wanted to live with. You have no idea what this did to my son. I had no choice in the matter and had to take him with me. Of course my soon to be ex showed up with his girlfriend to court. Luckily, she was not allowed in the actual court room. Anyway, the magistrate talked to my son and I still have no idea what my son said because the magistrate promised him he would not tell us, but he told the attorneys that he was not inclined to change the current order, which is me as the sole residential parent. So my ex was given the choice to drop his case or to make us go into a hearing. Well, he thought he had a case so we went into a hearing. I will spare you the specifics, but I received the final order last week that I will remain the residential parent and my son will stay with me except every other weekend and Wednesday nights. You have no idea how much of a burden was lifted from my shoulders. At this point I don't care much of what happens. We have also agreed on a few other things and hope that we will be able to bring this to an end on July 14th.

My life otherwise is going well. I am still seeing the man I told you about earlier. He is actually the one that made the piece of furniture for me I wanted to show you. He is starting to come over to the primitive side. He likes to look through my Country Sampler magazines and get ideas to build other furniture. Right now I'm looking to build a TV stand for my living room and am having a difficult time deciding what I want. I do have my bed designed and just have to wait for him to tear down his privacy fence for the wood I'm going to use. I told him he had no idea how much of a gold mine he had in weathered wood. LOL. He just looked at me and shook his head. Oh yeah I'm not that bad... he was getting ready to tear down the fence anyways and rebuild it. LOL.

Alright, well let me get back to figuring out this computer problem and get these pics up.
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