Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Pics are Here

I figured it out!!!! Here is the newest addition to my home. The door was $20.00 at a local antique store. Steve, my friend, brought home some old baseboard and casing from a home he was doing some remodeling in and built this cabinet around the door. The end result priceless. He kept asking if I was sure I wanted chipping paint. Uh hello.... ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Not sure I'm thrilled with the bright white, but I figure a little stain can fix that right up.

Ok a few more pics of my living room...

Like my peony in a pop can. LOL. Steve came home with it from his Mom's house. Oh and the mess to the left is my spring stuff I need to put away.

Like the bare spot on the right side of the black shelf... I decided to go sparse... LOL no I took something away and put it elsewhere and haven't found anything to replace yet. Hmmmm.... I know I have something somewhere.

I know you can't see very well, but most of those pics are samplers I picked up at the Ragon House warehouse sale a few weeks ago. You have no idea how much I didn't pay pay for them. They range from $7.00 to maybe $13.00 a piece. I was so excited.

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simple~needs said...

mary, its so good to see you post. you sound sooo happy!!
the house looks great!! i want to head to the wholesalers sometime in the next month or so. country side finds is one of my faves. :)
i just read your last post too. so glad to hear that you are well!!
i can't wait till you get back to sewing and making all the great goodies. ;)

Janene said...

Glad to see you posting again~
I agree with Kim, you sound so much happier than before!
Your home is primtastic! You have always made such cozy homes for your family!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

OMGosh! I love your new cupboard!

Jan said...

Mary! I have been off, and have missed you........I kept wondering what was going on. So, tonight, I know! I am so thankful that your medical report turned out like it did! God is so good! AND, I LOVE your cupboard!

Debbie @ said...

Hi! Great pictures. You always find great deals, and you do the neatest things with what you find!

Michele said...

Hi Mary ~ I'm so glad things are going well for you. Can't believe your soon-to-be ex brought his girlfriend to court...and your poor son...just glad it all worked out.

I love what you guys did with the door...looks amazing!


Julie said...

I love your new cupboard--good to hear from you. I hope that all goes well with the divorce process and that your son is okay. take care. Julie

the purple plum said...

so glad all is well with you.MICHELLE


It looks GREAT! Love the new cupboard!!

JenW!~ said...

Mary, Hi it's been awhile since I've visited but hey better late then never right. LOL Love the cabinet. The door looks awesome. The new place looks wonderfully decorated. I love it.Glad to see you are getting along ok.

Thistledew Farm said...

Great find - I love the door and love what you've done with it!

This Country Girl said...

That door-turned-cabinet is fantastic, Mary! I love it! Everything is looking good there and it's so good to hear you sound so happy and upbeat!

Thank you again, SO MUCH, for the Americana dress. Jason hasn't finished adding the pegs to my shelf, so I haven't hung it yet, but I'm going to show it anyway on my blog post!


One Prim Girl said...

I agree that it's good to see you posting, I've missed you! Thanks so much for all the wonderful pictures and I must admit I totally LOVE the cabinet in the living room. Your home looks awesome!