Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I know I haven't done this for awhile so I thought I'd post a few things.

First a set of benches I bought last year and never did anything to them.

After "primming" LOL

I am so bad about not taking before pictures. This was an old beat up table, but I love the shape of it and know where it will go. I just got the first coat of paint and sanded yesterday. I still need to stain and wax.

Next an ongoing project for several weekends now. This was the other item Steve bought at the antique store. We decided to try to strip it. HINT:We have been using oven cleaner to strip it outside in the sun. It's still not done obviously. It has been sitting so therefore things have been piled on it and around it. I am so easily distracted from a project that takes a long time. LOL.

Last but not least my prim friends. Fear not.... The secret weapon in any prim home has come out of the back of the dusty cupboards...

Yes yes coffee/cinnamon stain will be used once again. All you need is a little fabric that has been sewn, yes sewn, on my machine that has not been used since December. Will I tell you what it is... NO!!!! LOL not yet stay tuned. I rummaged through my fabric stash to find just the right one to make THIS.

FYI... my schedule will change at work and I will only be working 3 days a week 9am until midnight. What does this mean for you???? I will be sewing once again and crafting!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! Oh wait this could be a bad thing too LOL.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a Tuesday Post???

I know I know I don't usually post on weekdays, but my weekend was full and I worked a 24 hour shift getting off at 7am today. First, it started out I worked 7 hours of overtime on Saturday since my kids were at their Dad's house. Then I came home to find my internet service and phone service were down. So there I was on the phone with the cable provider at 9:30pm trying to figure it out. You know the old reset your computer, reset your modem, reset your computer, reset your modem on and on for about 45 minutes. The bad thing was I was on my cell phone because obviously my home phone didn't work. Well, I don't get good service in my home for my cell, so it kept dropping the call to the cable people. GRRRR... they were going to send out a service tech at 10pm to fix it, but I said it could wait til Sunday. So they came and had to give me a whole new modem so now I'm back online.

Sunday we celebrated my son's 10th birthday since his birthday was on Saturday but he wasn't here. He had already picked his cake he wanted me to make... chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and the candle numbers on top 10.... could it get any better??? LOL. I had the hardest time finding the number one for the cake 3 stores later I found one. So it was baked and frosted when Steve told me we could not leave as such. He had an idea. Well, my son came home and we went to meet Steve's Mom at the Mexican restaurant. (The first time meeting her for my son and I.) Next, it was off to Wal-mart to complete the mission. Here is the cake after Steve and Bailey decorated it.

Notice the "dirt" and "colored rocks". Crushed up oreos and confetti sprinkles and a little white frosting to look like cement.

Well later on my ex-in laws and my parents came over for cake in the evening. My Mother-in-law tells me she made something for me. She made me some pantry cakes from the recipe that Linda from Behind My Red Door. posted on her blog. They were fabulous. So I promptly put them under the fly screen I made from from The Pickled Pepper Patch directions. I had a hard time getting that ring off as you can tell. Please forgive me for not remembering the magazine it was in, because it was read to me over the phone. Anyway, aren't they awesome.

Lastly, as many of you have commented how nice it is to have me posting again. Let me just share this awesome sampler I received at Christmas from one of my fabulous blogger friends Julie from Country Girl at Heart. She basically has summed up what my home is now. I look at this everyday since I have it in a very prominent place in my living room. Thanks again Julie it is fabulous.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who Me Shabby Chic????

I know I promised this yesterday, but I got busy working at two of my jobs then came home and had to watch one of my favorite shows. If you haven't seen it it's called "Cake Boss." It's on TLC channel. Love this guy and his staff. They are so creative. But I digress. LOL.

Once again I am at work in my ambulance minding my own business when I get this pic message from Steve. "What do you think?" Of course my answer is "Where are you?" "The Salvation Army and they are $3.99 a piece and I figure you could paint them up." So he buys them shoves them in the front seat of his truck and brings them to me at work. I happened to be at the shop when he came. All smiles he's like whatcha think? Whew I'm thinking these are UGLY what the heck am I gonna do with these.

Ok so here they are... all lonely and dirty at the Salvation Army. Actual picture phone pictures lol. You like the smokey finish? I thought it was screaming take me home and put me in your house. LOL. NOT!!!!

I'm thinking what the heck are they? So the conversation goes on and it appears that they were once a part of a dressing/makeup table but part of it is gone. Maybe they were then used as end tables. Pretty awesome aren't they. I know you all are thinking why didn't you leave them alone Mary. Well, you know me I couldn't leave them well enough alone.

I kept wondering what I was going to do with them. Finally it hit me. My daughter kept bugging me to paint her room she was bored with off white. Well, since we live in a rental I'm not allowed. BOOOO HISSSSS!!!! so the next best thing was decorate her room with color. She needs a desk since she will now be a Freshman, which by the way is hard to believe. (Oh on another note she passed all her proficiency tests except Math which she has an IEP for and it doesn't count against her.) For those who are new my daughter has multiple learning disabilities. Anyway, Steve helped me sand and paint her new desk. We went to the local glass shop and bought the top. I just about fell over on the price when Steve told me. For tempered glass (which is safer for my daughter) with rounded edges was $91.00. I told Steve I didn't have the money and that we would figure out something else. He said no that he was buying it for her. Now she can put her pictures under the glass. He bought her a cork board with a white board for messages,a new dog calendar for 2010,and some dog stamps and plastic bin to keep them in. He was so proud of it he put it up that night for her. I had another idea for a cork board that I was going to cover in fabric and criss cross ribbon on it, but not now since he did this for her.

So here is the finished product. New plastic glass looking knobs and paint job. Not very prim, but when I asked her what her favorite colors were this was what she told me. Well she told me sky blue, green, red, black, with hearts and flowers. UGHHH... OK I kinda like the shabby chic look but she loves it so everyone's happy.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trash To Treasure

I know I've only been posting on weekends, but this seems to be the only time I get anything done crafting wise. I also seem to be jumping from one project and room to another before the first one is done. Hmmmm... I wonder where my daughter gets her ADHD? LOL

No my kitchen isn't completely done, but I'll show you the new parts. Remember my dough box island??? Here is the finished darkened and waxed one. I haven't really decorated it yet because I want some pantry cakes or sugar cones first. I used a flash and it looks brighter than what it is. I am working on measurements for those who asked.

The next new addition is what I'll call my noodle board. We found an already stained board from some piece of furniture at the antique store for $4.00. We sanded and Steve cut and made this for me today. OK then Steve re stained it and I waxed it. I LOVE it. Again not decorated, ut I did make some fly screens that I plan on using. It seems as though I keep getting pushed out as we keep doing these projects. He seems to actually enjoy it now.

Last Monday I get a picture message from Steve. Plus a few others, but those are later projects. hehe The picture doesn't show it, but the woods don't match. It was a different top with the base. When I first saw the picture I thought the base was red, but no it was a wood tone.

I text him back "Where are you?" His reply an antique shop. He never used to go to antique shops mind you. He says you think $10.00 is too much. I'm like no. He says OK. Well he came home spending $50.00, but can't tell you what else he bought. So after some sanding and painting and staining this is the new table. At first Steve thought we should've painted the top too. I said no way. Oh yea I just threw something on it. I just brought it upstairs from the workshop/garage. LOL.

Tomorrow I'll show you the new shabby chic redo I did for my daughter's room. I have to wait for Steve to wake up to get the before pictures from his phone. LOL. I'm not really into shabby chic, but my daughter isn't into primitive either. So I tried to compromise.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Some of My Weekend Projects

I told you I had been working on some other projects last weekend. Well I finished some of them up so I thought I'd share.

First off, this is my half finished bathroom. I am at a stand still so please comments welcome of what I'm missing. Keep in mind I can't change the lighting situation. I HATE shiny gold fixtures, but since I'm renting it stays. WARNING: All pictures taken at night, but yes I did use a flash but it still looks terrible.

LOL I'm laughing because I know how excited you are to see my bathroom. I know the shower curtain is not real prim, but I love it and I got it at TJ Maxx for $14.99. It is mustard and a teal color, which you will see later. Hmmm... this pic makes it look green. I'll have to do a close up.

Anyway, above the toilet. This shelf used to be navy blue country shelf. YUCK!!!! So I decided I wanted a mustard shelf. I LOVE it now. BUT I don't love how it's decorated. This is where I need help ladies. Suggestions???? I love the blue jars because it brings out the teal in the shower curtain.

Now the pegs... A little dress I made and dried lavender.

Opposite of the toilet is this very welcoming picture. I know how weird to have a picture that says welcome in the bathroom. Not sure if it's staying. LOL

Last but not least my peg rack I painted. I found it at the Goodwill for like $2.00. It was unfinished so it was perfect for me to paint up and use. Not sure what to put on the pegs though. Again suggestions???

I'm still working on my kitchen and the new island. So, give me a chance to finish a couple other projects in there and I'll give the big reveal. Let's just say everyone whose seen the island in person loves it.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

My Sunday Project

I promised I would post pictures of my Sunday project. So lets start from the the beginning...

Yay he's (yes this is my friend that I've been talking about lol) home with the wood for my new project!!!! Both of us have been pouring through Judy Condon books trying to get a handle on what "we" ok I wanted. He is so awesome because he can just look at a picture and then come up with a plan. He is so creative.

Hmmm... what all this wood for just one project. NOOOOOO.. this is two projects. So yes I have another project up my sleeve. No I'm not telling you what it is LOL it's a surprise. Gosh Mary what ever could you be making now. LOL I know you're thinking it. There is a hint of part of the project on the bottom right of a piece that will be added.

Alright we got tools!!!! We are just about ready to begin. Oops hey you can see some other things I'm working on this picture. I swear Steve is such a slave driver making me finish all these unfinished projects I had laying around. Nah I just didn't have the want to do them until now. Don't worry I'll show you those too. But not today. Don't want to run out of things to talk about and show you. LOL

Sorry I missed the first cuts so you'll have to see the project mid way through cutting. OK what do you think it is??? No cheating and scrolling down yet. LOL

OK I can't resist... (I told Steve he could rread my blog when it's done LOL) Caption to this picture. "I know I measured twice now why isn't this fitting LOL." Just kidding he never got angry once while making this.

I know what you're thinking you know what it is, but do you??? hmmmm... are you thinking planter box??? WRONG!!!!! LOL

Are you mad at me yet for taking so long with my picture story yet? Here we have Steve putting on the bottom of my new ????? LOL I love doing this to you because you can't tear yourself away until you see the end product. Now don't ruin it and scroll down.

Almost there... Wow these aren't very flattering pictures of Steve LOL. You all have not been formally introduced to him yet and here I am showing these pictures of him. Maybe if you ask him real nice what he's making maybe he'll tell you since I'm not. "Hey Steve watcha making???" Hmmm... no response guess you'll have to wait. LOL.

Ok all you amrty pants out there... is it what you thought??? My new dough box/table/island for my kitchen. And the top was bought at an antique store for $4.00. Isn't it awesome???

OK I even painted it too. Steve even helped me pick the colors. Not bad for a comtemporary decorator like he is huh??? I love this thing!!!!! I keep catching him outside walking around it staring. So finally I asked him what was wrong he says he's planning another one and wants to see how he can improve it next time. What???? How can you improve it???? LOL Anyway, here it is...

This is it together... Oh my eyes it's too bright. LOL I painted and sanded it so next step is primming. I did get to that somewhat tonight, but you'll have to wait til it's all done to see it. In case you are wondering... I used Olde Century barn red and colonial blue or was that cupboard blue lol it's out in the garage on this piece.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!!!! Come in for a visit

I have new photos of my home and thought I'd share a few...

Oh wait don't drive past I thought you were stopping in... I'm the one with the primitive porch.

You made it Happy July 4th!!!

I had a day off yesterday to prepare for you. Though I only got my dining room rearranged I figured you'd like a tour. It's kinda tight in here so lets all think thin for a few minutes.

Alright now I little closer look...

The blue basket on the middle shelf was a really cheap find because the handle in the back is broke, but I'll bet none of you noticed that. I will always stop and look at the broken stuff at stores because most times I can move it or turn it so that most people don't notice.

I just bought those metal candle holders on the the wall for $1.00 a piece at a flea market! The shelf aka(bookcase) was a find last weekend at a yard sale for $3.00. No it didn't look like this... LOL. I worked a little magic and look at my new shelf. Steve thinks it's too dark. OK who here thinks too dark is actually possible??? LOL Not sure if you can see them, but I also got the tiny little jars in the wood box on the middle shelf at the same yard sale. I believe they are jam jars with tin lids. A whole box for $1.00.

Hmmm... nothing cheap here except the ladder was free from my sister.

I think I already showed this picture awhile back. I made the checker board.

I opened up the sewing machine table for this display. I like it except for the hole under the writing box. LOL

I just bought the writing desk for $10 at the antique store. The glasses, pictures, and hand warmer, were all my great aunts so free, but priceless.

Last but not least... My dining room center piece. I bought the checker pieces for $.50 at the flea market. The candle holder I found today at one of my favorite shops for $15.99 with 15% off.

OK so this isn't my dining room, but I love it anyway. I just love aprons and bonnets of course made by yours truly. LOL. I once saw a set someone was trying to sell for $98 in one of the stores I go to. I thought to myself there is no way I would pay that so I made my own.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed your brief tour. I have some other things I am working on and bought recently that I will save for another post. I am really excited as Steve and I will be working on something this weekend for my kitchen. Not sure it'll be done, but I'll try to take pictures while we are making it. Hope you enjoyed yourself the picnic is at 6pm so stay for a bit if you'd like.
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