Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!!!! Come in for a visit

I have new photos of my home and thought I'd share a few...

Oh wait don't drive past I thought you were stopping in... I'm the one with the primitive porch.

You made it Happy July 4th!!!

I had a day off yesterday to prepare for you. Though I only got my dining room rearranged I figured you'd like a tour. It's kinda tight in here so lets all think thin for a few minutes.

Alright now I little closer look...

The blue basket on the middle shelf was a really cheap find because the handle in the back is broke, but I'll bet none of you noticed that. I will always stop and look at the broken stuff at stores because most times I can move it or turn it so that most people don't notice.

I just bought those metal candle holders on the the wall for $1.00 a piece at a flea market! The shelf aka(bookcase) was a find last weekend at a yard sale for $3.00. No it didn't look like this... LOL. I worked a little magic and look at my new shelf. Steve thinks it's too dark. OK who here thinks too dark is actually possible??? LOL Not sure if you can see them, but I also got the tiny little jars in the wood box on the middle shelf at the same yard sale. I believe they are jam jars with tin lids. A whole box for $1.00.

Hmmm... nothing cheap here except the ladder was free from my sister.

I think I already showed this picture awhile back. I made the checker board.

I opened up the sewing machine table for this display. I like it except for the hole under the writing box. LOL

I just bought the writing desk for $10 at the antique store. The glasses, pictures, and hand warmer, were all my great aunts so free, but priceless.

Last but not least... My dining room center piece. I bought the checker pieces for $.50 at the flea market. The candle holder I found today at one of my favorite shops for $15.99 with 15% off.

OK so this isn't my dining room, but I love it anyway. I just love aprons and bonnets of course made by yours truly. LOL. I once saw a set someone was trying to sell for $98 in one of the stores I go to. I thought to myself there is no way I would pay that so I made my own.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed your brief tour. I have some other things I am working on and bought recently that I will save for another post. I am really excited as Steve and I will be working on something this weekend for my kitchen. Not sure it'll be done, but I'll try to take pictures while we are making it. Hope you enjoyed yourself the picnic is at 6pm so stay for a bit if you'd like.
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simple~needs said...

mary, everything looks beautiful!!!
i so miss you posting!
so glad to hear that life is treating you good.
you deserve it!
i sure would like one of the bonnets : if you decide to make some to sell. :)
hugs, kim

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of our home. Hopefully someday I can get my house to look like that someday.


Dawn said...

Oh, your home is beautiful, you have collected some great pieces. Wow, I am impressed. You are so talented in your placement of things. Great job!

Tracie said...

Wow Mary you said you were going to update. Very nice! Your place looks awsome. Now come over and help me.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Mary,
You sound so happy...and I'm so glad for you!!!
Love, love, love your diningroom and I love the bookcase you got for 3.00 wow what a find!
Hope you will be posting again soon:)


WOW everything looks great!!! What a deal on the bookcase!!

Constance said...

You have a beautiful home. I love your decorating and your collections. Thnk you for the tour.

janie said...

Everything looks great. Wonderful deals you find. Have a great weekend, janie

JenW!~ said...

Hey happy to see you posting agin. Love the decor and best part you know how to find a good bargin. Thanks for sharing. I would love one of those bonnets. Maybe we could make a trade?

Tina said...

You know, as I was going through your post and looking at the picks, I was thinking that you've really created a warm cozy home there. I'm tickled for you. Love your displays. You gotta gift there my dear.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

WOW! It's so nice to come back to blogging and see that you are also back. Your home looks just awesome! You have a special talent for making a very ordinary place look absolutely spectacular! I'm so happy for you!

P.S. My blog name has changed, but if you pay me a visit, I hope you will remember me and add me to your blog list again.

Debbie @ said...

Wow, I love this room. And to be honest I like the tight fit...I get uncomfortable in really big rooms! hahaha....I love looking at your shelves and all the goodies on them. Great job. What a wonderful room Mary. You always do such a great job decorating. I love your prim style! have a blessed week.

This Country Girl said...

Your home should be in a magazine, Mary! You just have the touch! I love everything! I love that so many of your finds were such bargains and you saw the beauty in them for your home! Thanks for the tour!

Oh, and I love the outside decor too...very welcoming! I'd definitely be slowing down because your house would stand out to me! Lots of character there!

I'm glad you're back...and you DO sound happy!

Still can't thank you enough for my Americana dress! I just love it!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh my goodness - I have missed you! I use the followers gadget to keep track and you don't have it so I was missing out on your updates. You need to add it girl!

I loved seeing all your pictures and your new doughbox island and all the other goodies!

I loved your sense of humor coming through too - the old gal is back and it is so nice to see you!

hugs, Linda