Monday, July 6, 2009

My Sunday Project

I promised I would post pictures of my Sunday project. So lets start from the the beginning...

Yay he's (yes this is my friend that I've been talking about lol) home with the wood for my new project!!!! Both of us have been pouring through Judy Condon books trying to get a handle on what "we" ok I wanted. He is so awesome because he can just look at a picture and then come up with a plan. He is so creative.

Hmmm... what all this wood for just one project. NOOOOOO.. this is two projects. So yes I have another project up my sleeve. No I'm not telling you what it is LOL it's a surprise. Gosh Mary what ever could you be making now. LOL I know you're thinking it. There is a hint of part of the project on the bottom right of a piece that will be added.

Alright we got tools!!!! We are just about ready to begin. Oops hey you can see some other things I'm working on this picture. I swear Steve is such a slave driver making me finish all these unfinished projects I had laying around. Nah I just didn't have the want to do them until now. Don't worry I'll show you those too. But not today. Don't want to run out of things to talk about and show you. LOL

Sorry I missed the first cuts so you'll have to see the project mid way through cutting. OK what do you think it is??? No cheating and scrolling down yet. LOL

OK I can't resist... (I told Steve he could rread my blog when it's done LOL) Caption to this picture. "I know I measured twice now why isn't this fitting LOL." Just kidding he never got angry once while making this.

I know what you're thinking you know what it is, but do you??? hmmmm... are you thinking planter box??? WRONG!!!!! LOL

Are you mad at me yet for taking so long with my picture story yet? Here we have Steve putting on the bottom of my new ????? LOL I love doing this to you because you can't tear yourself away until you see the end product. Now don't ruin it and scroll down.

Almost there... Wow these aren't very flattering pictures of Steve LOL. You all have not been formally introduced to him yet and here I am showing these pictures of him. Maybe if you ask him real nice what he's making maybe he'll tell you since I'm not. "Hey Steve watcha making???" Hmmm... no response guess you'll have to wait. LOL.

Ok all you amrty pants out there... is it what you thought??? My new dough box/table/island for my kitchen. And the top was bought at an antique store for $4.00. Isn't it awesome???

OK I even painted it too. Steve even helped me pick the colors. Not bad for a comtemporary decorator like he is huh??? I love this thing!!!!! I keep catching him outside walking around it staring. So finally I asked him what was wrong he says he's planning another one and wants to see how he can improve it next time. What???? How can you improve it???? LOL Anyway, here it is...

This is it together... Oh my eyes it's too bright. LOL I painted and sanded it so next step is primming. I did get to that somewhat tonight, but you'll have to wait til it's all done to see it. In case you are wondering... I used Olde Century barn red and colonial blue or was that cupboard blue lol it's out in the garage on this piece.

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simple~needs said...

mary, love it!
what a great idea!
steve is quite handsome too. :)
so glad you found a prince. :)
hugs, kim

Janene said...

OMG! You found yourself a "Hottie" and a prim carpenter? You hit the jackpot girl!
The dough box looks awesome too...looking forward to seeing it antiqued!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Wow! How cool is that? Congrats on your new dough box/island!

JenW!~ said...

What a cutie you got there. Like the dough box too. UMM is he for hire? LOL

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Don't you just love men that work in wood? Glad I found one too! I can't wait to see it all primmed up:)

Tina said...

This looks so great. I'm totally inspired now.

primhouseonthehill said...

Ok Mary, That is awsome!! I just have one question. Are ya willing to hire your man out to create some stuff for me?. I want to see a picture of that it your kitchen. Is that comming soon?

Ann said...

Wow two posts in the same week?! You must be back ,girl..

Tiffany said...

Mary that looks fabulous!! Can't wait until I get the dough box dad made me back to my apartment and decorated so I can post pics!


Anonymous said...

That is very nice Mary.
Glad to see your posts again.
Susan in Wooster OH

Karen said...

Nice team work! It's good to see you posting Mary! Karen

Black Sheep Lisa said...

You go girl, gotta man who works with wood, every prim girls dream, LOL!! I love it, now get it in place and decorated!!

Sandy said...

I LOVE how this turned out! At first I couldn't imagine what it was going to look like but it turned out great!

So happy to see you back into crafting and putting together things. Can't wait to see more. I also wanted to let you know that your home is really coming together. It looks more and more like a welcoming home :)


Raggedy Angel said...

Hey Mary
IDK how I missed this all week....this is exactly what I am wanting for my kitchen! Old ones are so expensive and not high enough for an island....OMG I cannot believe ya'll made what I had it my head.
Would you share measurements?
So glad to have you back!!!!