Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trash To Treasure

I know I've only been posting on weekends, but this seems to be the only time I get anything done crafting wise. I also seem to be jumping from one project and room to another before the first one is done. Hmmmm... I wonder where my daughter gets her ADHD? LOL

No my kitchen isn't completely done, but I'll show you the new parts. Remember my dough box island??? Here is the finished darkened and waxed one. I haven't really decorated it yet because I want some pantry cakes or sugar cones first. I used a flash and it looks brighter than what it is. I am working on measurements for those who asked.

The next new addition is what I'll call my noodle board. We found an already stained board from some piece of furniture at the antique store for $4.00. We sanded and Steve cut and made this for me today. OK then Steve re stained it and I waxed it. I LOVE it. Again not decorated, ut I did make some fly screens that I plan on using. It seems as though I keep getting pushed out as we keep doing these projects. He seems to actually enjoy it now.

Last Monday I get a picture message from Steve. Plus a few others, but those are later projects. hehe The picture doesn't show it, but the woods don't match. It was a different top with the base. When I first saw the picture I thought the base was red, but no it was a wood tone.

I text him back "Where are you?" His reply an antique shop. He never used to go to antique shops mind you. He says you think $10.00 is too much. I'm like no. He says OK. Well he came home spending $50.00, but can't tell you what else he bought. So after some sanding and painting and staining this is the new table. At first Steve thought we should've painted the top too. I said no way. Oh yea I just threw something on it. I just brought it upstairs from the workshop/garage. LOL.

Tomorrow I'll show you the new shabby chic redo I did for my daughter's room. I have to wait for Steve to wake up to get the before pictures from his phone. LOL. I'm not really into shabby chic, but my daughter isn't into primitive either. So I tried to compromise.
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Janene said...

You have some great prim goodies for your new home!
Steve sounds like the perfect guy for you!
Can't wait to see what else he brought home from the antique shop...You do plan on showing us, don't you?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

This Country Girl said...

Sounds like you're training Steve well! Seriously, he sounds like a great guy! You have some great prim stuff there! Love it!


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love the new goodies, U have founds a good man in Steve, he sounds like a keeper!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Just wonderful Mary, love everything:)

simple~needs said...

mary, it looks great!!!!!
i love it all!!!
yea, you got a prim man- thats the best kind to have! :)

~Jess said...

You find some AWESOME! stuff! I look at local antique stores and they want $$$ for things that are crap!

Seems like your training Stever right ;-)

Tracie said...

Ummm hello may I borrow Steve.. I know who I am sending shopping. I LOVE THE TABLE. You know what, you deserve it girl.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Your trash finds look too do great work together. Dianntha

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Wow, that is too cute!

It's so nice to see you back doing things you love!

I missed your last posts because I usually check my "follow" list and you don't have that added to your blog yet. So I will try to remember to keep chceking my regular blog list for updates.

Enjoy your day!