Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

I realize I haven't posted for a few days, but I have been both busy and lazy. LOL. Work work work is the theme since Christmas is around the corner. While at my second job yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to take my car for an oil change and get my tires rotated since it's been a year. It's nice the shop is just around the corner. I drop it off in the morning he fits me in and I pick it up before I go home. Anyway, the shop owner is awesome. He is always the bearer of bad news. LOL. I go in to pay for my car and he looks at me and says we have a problem. LOL I said you didn't try to put my window down did you? My passenger side window motor has been shot for a few months, but hey I driver window right? Last thing to fix on my list. He said no, but said did you know you have an oil leak??? What??? He proceeds to take me to my car lay on the ground wipe his hand underneath and sure enough we've struck oil. UGGGHHH... I need new oil cooler lines (whatever those are). Then he says AND you need new back brakes and rotors. WHAT????? So of course me I start bawling like a baby because I know I don't have the money to fix it. He's like it needs to be done next week and you can borrow my jeep while I fix it. OK but how am I going to pay for it??? He says he will let me do a payment plan since he knows my situation. He looks at me and says "your kids are what's important and I can wait on my money." What a great guy huh???? Too bad he's married LOL. To top it off he says and I can't believe you still have the original battery in this car (it's a 2004) come winter you probably won't be able to start it in the morning if it's cold. TOUCHDOWN I am officially depressed. Then of course I come home pick up my mail. Lo and behold there is my final bill from my attorney. Yep more money I don't have and he doesn't accept payment plans. So I decided I may have to donate a kidney just to pay my bills. LOL. Hey anyone want a hand painted sign???? LOL

So as not to end on a sour note my Mom stopped over the other night after church and brought me some of my old cross stitch things I had done way back in the day. She decided it was time to clean out her sewing room so she is bringing me all kinds of stuff. Anyway, I believe I was in high school when I did these... So yep I crafted way back then too.

I think I tried to wash this way back and some of the purple bled down on the left corner by the berries so I just put it away because I was mad. So Mom brought it to me wrinkled and all.

The next one isn't too bad I guess for a kit...

I know she brought me some other ones, but of course I can't remember what I did with them at the moment, but when I find them I'll show you. Other than that I've been working on my swaps here and there. I know not too exciting, but today I hope to go to the thrift store to find some goodies.
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janie said...

Hi Mary,
Sorry for the bad car news. It always seem to come all at once. The plus side is with winter coming the car will be safe. Nice that the mechanic is willing to make payments.

Hope things get better, Janie

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

It is nice to have a mechanic like that! Things like this ALWAYS happen right around the Holidays without fail!

I hope things get better for you, have faith and it will all work out:)

Char said...

CHIN UP, GIRLIE! know there is ALWAYS a blessing right around the corner...cuz the storm always seems to hit first!

I am sending my Christmas swap this Friday to my partner...she has been a fun one to chat with!...thanks for a great swap!

~Jess said...

It always comes at once doesn't it *hugs* At least the mechanic sounds like a decent person.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Mary, I hope things look up for you soon. As for the mechanic, he is an angel! Hang in there! Sending you a hug.

Julie said...

It will all work out--because it just does. I cringe everytime we have to take the car in because it is ALWAYS more than expected. Your cross-stitch projects look great. I have a Christmas one that is unfinished that I have had for 19 years. I know because I started it the year I got married. I just can't seem to finish it, and I just can't seem to give it away. How wierd is that!! Hope you have a great day. Julie

Nancy said...

Good things come to those who wait, I bet good things will come to you and also the very nice man who is waiting to be paid for your car repairs. It gives you faith again in good people when you meet one like that.
I love both your cross stitched pieces.

Jo-Anne said...

UGH! I feel your car trouble pain. Right before Craigs accident, we spent $2000 for a new fuel pump thinger for out suburban. Now it's totalled. Big bummer.
I hope things are better soon.
(I am working on swap stuff, too!)

Sandy said...

For the longest time, I always had the same problems with my car's'...yes cars! I told my husband that we need to purchase a horse and buggy but be our luck the horse would probably die. We have no luck with vehicles, new or used, it doesn't matter.

At least your mechanic was a man with a heart and offered a payment plan, especially with Christmas just around the corner. There still are some really nice people in this world.

I hope that things will start looking up and I know they will.

I love your music cross stitch. My oldest is a singer, she would love something like that.

I hope you have a really good weekend. It's allowed, enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

HI Mary,
This is my first comment on your blog. Sorry I have to say this and you might want to check this further. Your car is a 2004? Have you ever heard your brakes squeak? I have never heard of rear brake pads and ROTORS needing replacement ( especially a 2004 !). Is it possible he said front brake pads and even then if you haven't heard them squeak it doesn't sound right about replacing the rotars. I worked at a car dealership for over ten years and seen women being taken advantage of.I don't want to bash the guy working with you on your car but I also don't want you to be taken advantage of.
I wish you the best on this!