Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few More Spring Pics...

First, let me say Thank You to those who have emailed me and inquired recently about some of my items that you see on my blog. I appreciate each and everyone of you. I truly do enjoy creating prim things and to know that others appreciate them too is a bonus. When I create for others I only make things I would have in my home. I use my own pattern. For me that is half the fun is figuring out how to do it and if I sell it it isn't a copyright issue. LOL. Almost everything is a one of kind as I normally change and tweak each one. Sure I will make two or three of something if someone asks, but usually just one. So, thanks again for your inquiries, you never know what I might sell unless you ask.

I really wanted to get more done this weekend, BUT everyone else had other ideas. Saturday I had to complete an Emergency Vehicle Operation Course on my day off for work. Luckily it was all overtime. Yiippee!!!! Then I picked my daughter up from church as they went to a Youth For Christ talent contest. She was in the choir. They came in second place according to her, which I know isn't bad, but there were only two choirs. LOL. Second or last, half full half empty. LOL. Then off to get my daughter a pair of hiking boots and moisture wicking socks. I have reluctantly allowed my daughter to travel to Tennessee over Spring Break next week. She will be going with the Earth Science Club from school. They will be hiking through the mountains and parks there. Just a little background my daughter walks nowhere. She prefers to get a ride from whomever will take her where she wants to go. I don't believe she understands how many miles she will be hiking. I've tried to tell her it's not a good idea, BUT "MOM I really want to go!" So I've decided she can pay for the trip out of her savings account. So if she poops out it's her money. This is very frightening for me as with her disabilities she has never been away from home more than a weekend in Washington DC last year. She will be on her own to take her medication and to make decisions and judgements. I am just sick with worry already.

Sunday I promised my son I would take him to a Train and Toy Show at the local convention center. Talk about bored!!!!! UGGGHHHH. The things we do for our kids. LOL. He isn't into trains, but he sure is into Matchbox cars. We searched every booth in that place for a car/truck that he doesn't already have in his collection. One guy gave him a free Chevy Nova car and I bought him, after a lot of pleading, a utility truck for $2.00. I was never happier to get out of there. LOL. We came home and I had to get started on the mountain of laundry that we somehow accumulate. I don't know I think it's the dirty laundry fairy who brings it at night while I try to sleep. Steve was getting a cold so he slept all afternoon until about 8:00pm. I decided to rearrange AGAIN and peel the border off the wall in the kitchen. Needless to say I got restless and bored and decided to paint too... I'll show you a sneak peek in a bit.

Just a few more pics of Spring...

My living room... Remember the other day I said I couldn't find the smaller eggs...ummm well... ahhh... teehee they were in a jar in my kitchen. LOL.

I added a few on the middle shelf. You tired of seeing this shelf yet? LOL

And finally I changed in front of my stairs again... Yea I see it my kids pictures are crooked thanks for pointing that out. LOL.

My kitchen ... Like I said I peeled the border now all I have to do is get the paper backing off the walls. I thought I'd show you a before and after...


After.... I like it better now than before. Ummm... duh or else I wouldn't have changed it.

This is just a little sneak peek as to what I'm painting. It will be for sale as soon as it is done. Steve says he likes how it came out...

I have been trying to post this all day, but I think Blogger was having issues as it wouldn't post my pictures for you. Sorry.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thrift Store Finds AND Light a Candle Cuz You Never Know...

I know that many of you have talked on your blogs that you just aren't finding anything. I have to agree with you. Since Christmas I have not found much at all, which is a good thing for my checkbook. LOL. If you'll remember I said back at the beginning of the year as a New Year's resolution I was only going to go once a month. Yeah... I already blew that out of the water. I can't help it I'm addicted AND unfortunately my basement shows it. I need to get going on my redo's. I buy with every intention on repainting or repurposing and never seem to get to it. Hmmm... oh wait this isn't therapy... on with the show. LOL.

I was at one of my favorite thrift stores in Amish country. I was getting a little down because I wasn't finding anything. Trust me I know where to go to find the things I want in the store. There a certain places I don't go because most times there is no use. But as I was walking around in the craft section I found the wood eggs. Like I said yesterday I am not normally into Spring/Easter decorating but I liked the unfinished wood eggs. I think I will just stain them and leave them out all year in a jar. For some of my new readers... the plates, bowls, and placemats are all thrift store finds from previous trips to the same thrift store. Oh yeah... like my dining room table arrangement I did yesterday???? I think I need a riser under it though.

Next as I wondered up front to the game section, where I never go, I found this beauty. It also came with the actual game pieces. I have no idea how to play it, but it'll look nice on the wall. LOL. I think I paid $2.50. On the back it says "Checkered Past 1991". It is nicely painted and framed out.

Next I found this wood masher type thing. LOL. It reminds me of the wood thing my Mom used in the metal colander when she canned her tomatoes to mush them up and strain the seeds out.

This is where I put it...

Now a true story... all names have been changed to protect the stupid... LOL.

Light a Candle Cuz You Never Know...

Two weeks ago today it was a cool day and I decided to start decorating my home for Spring. Well, to get me in the mood I lit two candles. One... a French Vanilla and the other was a sweet scent you know like maple, or cookies or something like that... (I can't remember cuz I burnt it all and threw away the jar.) Anyway, the house was smelling good but after while I didn't smell it because I was in it all day. I went about my business the kids came home from school and my "son" went out to play with his friend. Not thinking much about it my son came in early went took his shower and put his pjs on. No big deal it was like 7:30pm. Next thing I know my door bell is ringing. Now I still have stuff scattered everywhere from rearranging. I never let people in when my house is a mess. So I open the door. A nano second goes by and it registers there is a police officer standing at my door. Ummm... hello...

Officer: Does your son have a BB or pellet gun?

Me: Yes why?

Officer: Can I come in? Dummy me didn't think to invite this guy in. My brain is flying by at a million miles a minute. I will beat my son as soon as this guy leaves is what I'm thinking. I know HE did something. The officer steps inside.

Officer: Wow your house smells good. (Thankfully he said it smells good and not like dirty sweat socks!!!!!) Your son and his friend shot out a plate glass window in a house.

Me: WHAT?????? As I shoot my son a dirty glance for not advising me of the situation.

Officer: I have already visited "friends" house and he admitted to shooting the window. I am just telling you because it was your son's gun. Just so you know it is illegal to shoot BB guns in the city. (I knew that but my son brought the gun home from his Dad's without asking.) The "friend's" Mom and boyfriend will be paying for the window so don't worry.

Me: Shew is what I'm thinking... Trust me I will handle this!!!! I had asked my son where the gun was and it was at his "friend's". The officer also asked where it was and the "friend" lied and said it was here. Needless to say the officer went to the "friend's" and retrieved the gun and it is now in my safe keeping to go back to his Dad's. Yes my son was grounded for not telling me the truth. I was relieved he didn't do it as I had told him time after time not to point it at houses or people.

So long story short... always burn a candle because you never know who will show up at your house and you don't want it too stink especially if you have a stinky 10 year old boy. LOL.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Is Upon the Homestead

While some of you have been experiencing some wonderful weather where you are, it has been ups and downs here in Ohio. Last week it was short sleeve 60 degree weather and today...well... maybe we will get to 41 with rain and fog. Luckily I am off from my full time job though I have some errands to get done. Chiropractor visit number 4. I am still battling a rotator cuff and mid back issue. The night back spasms are making it near impossible to sleep anymore. Then my last class is tonight for my continuing education. Whew... now maybe back to normal life as I know it.

Anyway back to Spring. I normally don't decorate for Spring per se. This year though I pulled out a few things and once my dining room table is cleared off again I think I have an idea for a new center piece. I have been doing a little crafting on my days off and my dining room table seems to be my choice of spaces to scatter with my stuff. LOL. But I will show you a few glimpses into the changes here at the homestead...

This shot is after I found two more of the buckets like I found before at the Goodwill and painted them. I found the brown one on the top shelf with the blue and then the small cream one on the second shelf.

You know when you have too much stuff when you can't find the rest of the smaller eggs to go with the larger ones on the second shelf. LOL

Hope you enjoyed your little taste of Spring at the Homestead. Furniture moves have also been done. I can't show you everything at once now can I cuz then you won't stop by again. LOL. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with another post about my other recent thrift store finds. Have a wonderful day!!!!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Fad... Orange IS Primitive Right????

LOL I just drew you in didn't I??? You couldn't wait to see what my brain is coming up with next. Just keep looking and you'll see my new candle holder we made did change colors. It's kinda like a chameleon.

Yesterday I realized I hadn't made anything for awhile so out I went to my wood pile again. I tried to draw a picture of what I wanted for Steve to look at. Ummm... yea... for some reason it always looks better in my head. Anyway, I know I had seen pictures, but couldn't remember where either. I for the life of me can't draw in 3-D either. But good old Steve thought he knew what I wanted. So out in the rain to the garage he went. He came up with this...

First I painted it with this orangey bright peachy paint... Pretty ain't she???? Nice.... I shoulda left it... NOT!!!!!!!

Next the bright turquoise color... Put your sunglasses on it's bright... What was I thinking... A little paint technique magic as you can see.

Time to sand a little... You can kinda see the orange...

And finally the finished product all stained up... It's still drying but I couldn't wait to show you. I keep seeing items with the salmon and turquoise and just love the look. It is something very different from what I have. I think this will be my new fad of choice in color... Whatcha think????

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looking to Trade/Barter....

I am looking for someone who would like to barter with me. I would really like a sign that says "Ye Olde Homestead" or "Come Gather at our Table" There are specific colors for each I would like. They would be in different rooms.

In return I will make you, out of my own pattern, any color you choose prairie bonnet. Just like the ones below.

If interested give me a holler and we can work out the details.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Met a Fellow Blogger!!!!

I have to say that I have not met any of you in person until Sunday, but consider all of you my friends. This weekend Steve said that we could go anywhere I wanted. Well, I happen to notice that Linda of The Keeping Room had Sunday hours. I absolutely LOVE her home and if you were not aware she was just featured in Country Sampler Home Tour Edition. Anyway, I am an avid follower of her blog. I told Steve we were going to make a road trip so that I could meet Linda. We got out the GPS plugged in her address and away we went. The temperature was just above 40 and sunny. What a great day for a drive. It only took us about 45-50 minutes to get to her shop and home.

I did not take my camera as I would feel funny snapping pictures of her shop when she has them on her website. Plus I know I hate having my picture taken and I don't like asking others to have theirs taken either. Let me just say her shop is just AWESOME!!!!! She has tons of primitive stuff. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted first. We walked into the shop and Linda happened to be in the house. Steve and I walked around and savored everything. As soon as Linda walked in I recognized her from her picture in Country Sampler. LOL. I have to tell you that she is so nice and we instantly hit it off and just talked about everything. I felt like I had known her forever. I shopped and talked and Steve just shopped. LOL. He was in awe and prim heaven too. I think he has been converted. LOL.

Wanna see what wonderful treasures I found????

The awesome lamp, which didn't work at first but we figured it out. So disregard my email Linda. LOL

Some yummy scented wax corn (which I have been wanting) and mug rugs. The mug rugs Steve picked out.

The new Jill Peterson magazine... There are some great pictures and articles in this one.

Some sugar molds that I also wanted and was going to make, but these were well worth not making for the price.

The gourds were just awesome. I think every prim home should have some. LOL. I'm just mad I didn't see the ones on her porch til I was leaving. I wished I would have bought more.

The corn dryer that I have been wanting forever. I used an existing nail already in my wall. I will be moving it. LOL.

Now on to the stuff Steve had to have. He asked me if I wanted it of course.

First, he really loved this saying. Last night he hung it in my bedroom and kept saying isn't this so "cute". Of course I had to take the opportunity and make fun of him for using the word cute. LOL.

A clothes drying rack. We are discussing where it should go.

And finally the slaw cutter??? I know that's what it was used for but not sure if that's the correct name. I know where this baby is going, but we need something strong to hold it on the wall. So for now it is not hung. There is a funny story about why I got this. Steve saw one being used as a shelf in a home he was working in and instantly thought I needed one so he has been looking high and low for one. So he takes a picture with his cell phone so I could see it along with a few other pictures of the way she decorated. The home owner had no idea he took the picture and I'm sure she'd be a bit upset if she knew. LOL.

Not bad for only about an hour or so huh? I just love her shop so for those who live near Waynesburg Ohio make sure you stop in to see Linda. Thanks again Linda for being so nice.

On the way home we also stopped at the flea/market antique shop, which I bought nothing. And I had to go to Menard's (a home improvement store) with Steve since we went where I wanted to go. I looked a lot of stuff, but went to the lumber section and dreamed about all the stuff I could make with it. LOL. The one thing I didn't know was how expensive cedar wood is. I was thinking about making some outdoor flower boxes with it, but HOLY COW!!! I would have to go into debt for it. So back to the drawing board for what I want to do.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Days Off in a Row!!!!!

Today is my fourth and final day off in a row. I traded off today as my kids have a school choir concert tonight. I have done quite a bit and that is why I haven't been on.

It all started Friday night... We had yet another snow storm that day. I came home from work and got out of my car to move Steve's truck out of the way so I could get in my garage. Next thing I knew I was on the ground. Luckily, I have a little extra padding in the hip area. LOL. I fell on my left hip and side on the icy pavement. I did all the checks in my mind and decided it was safe to move, but man was I hurting. I came in ate watched some TV and went to bed.

Day 1 off...

I awoke very early to my mid back spasming. Oh man I could not get comfortable in bed at all. I could not roll over or get out of my bed very quickly. Finally dragging myself out of bed for Ibuprofen and coffee I was able to move. My son went to his Dad's on my weekend since his Dad was sick last weekend. I also had it made out I could have parental visits with this guy... He lives with my ex since I can't technically have pets. (Don't mind the mess) LOL

This is my black lab who is 10 years old. I miss him so much. Anyway, I get him all weekend.

I kept seeing my quilt I never finished from fall. I thought you know what I need to get it done and cross it off my list. So day one I finally quilted the border piece. Took a few more Ibuprofen as the day went on. I also got a request from a follower out in blog land that wanted a few of those rabbit wax melts I made the other day to have on her website. So I said sure and got to work on them. Grrrr.... they were not working to save my life.

Day 2...

I read my quilting book on how to put a border on my quilt and got to work. Yep it took almost all day. LOL. Finally, it is done... For my first quilt I think it came out pretty good!!!

Yep still fighting my back pain and now a head cold too. GRRRRR.... I also worked on those darn wax melts. Still giving me fits!!!!

Day 3

Make over Monday...

Alright I will get these darn wax melts if it kills me!!!!! This too was an all day affair but... here they are... Look no shiny butts!!!! LOL Ewwww bad picture anyway they are dark blue. After I talk with the lady and know when she will put them on her site I will let you all know if you are interested.

I also have had this wood candle tray for years. Of course I bought it in blue because I just loved country blue in years past. Not so much now. It also had two rusty stars glued on the sides. But now just any stars, but ones with pointy edges that stuck up above the edge of the box and poked you every time you put your hand near it. Sorry I already pulled off the stars prior to pics.

Like I said I'm really into brown now a days so this was no exception. This is prior to primming...

This head cold is really bugging me now along with my back. UGGHHH...

Day 4...

Still can't get out of bed because of my back. Man it still hurts. I need to go to the chiropractor, but you know how that goes... A little more Ibuprofen never hurt anyway right? LOL

It is 11:00 as I type and I took my dog back to my old homestead. Bittersweet as I went into it to drop him off. My paint colors, and brick flooring, and stripped wood door, and (sigh)... Sorry... Anyway, dropped him off then had to meet the EMS chief to give him my radio to have it fixed. Now I'm home and need to get my house cleaned before the kids come home and tear into it. LOL. I am so trying to make time to visit all of you and I promise I will as I miss all of your updates.
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