Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Is Upon the Homestead

While some of you have been experiencing some wonderful weather where you are, it has been ups and downs here in Ohio. Last week it was short sleeve 60 degree weather and today...well... maybe we will get to 41 with rain and fog. Luckily I am off from my full time job though I have some errands to get done. Chiropractor visit number 4. I am still battling a rotator cuff and mid back issue. The night back spasms are making it near impossible to sleep anymore. Then my last class is tonight for my continuing education. Whew... now maybe back to normal life as I know it.

Anyway back to Spring. I normally don't decorate for Spring per se. This year though I pulled out a few things and once my dining room table is cleared off again I think I have an idea for a new center piece. I have been doing a little crafting on my days off and my dining room table seems to be my choice of spaces to scatter with my stuff. LOL. But I will show you a few glimpses into the changes here at the homestead...

This shot is after I found two more of the buckets like I found before at the Goodwill and painted them. I found the brown one on the top shelf with the blue and then the small cream one on the second shelf.

You know when you have too much stuff when you can't find the rest of the smaller eggs to go with the larger ones on the second shelf. LOL

Hope you enjoyed your little taste of Spring at the Homestead. Furniture moves have also been done. I can't show you everything at once now can I cuz then you won't stop by again. LOL. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with another post about my other recent thrift store finds. Have a wonderful day!!!!
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Holly Hills Primitives said...

Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing the eye candy, Dawn

Claudia said...

Everything looks so nice, love your buckets!

basketsnprims said...

Everything looks wonderful ~ you have such a perfect knack for placing your prims. I love the bonnet in the top pic ~ can I ask where you got it?
Hope you get some relief soon for your pain and spasms.

Misi said...

It's looking Springtastic at your homestead. I love what you did with your new/old slaw cutter. Thanks for the peek. I hope your feeling better soon.
Happy Spring

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful!!!!!!Hugs

thesimpledaze said...

I like your little touches of spring it looks so inviting.thanks for the pics.

PrimWyoGirl said...

Everything looks great! I love your little touches of spring.... Can't wait to see your TS finds! I do hope you can get some sleep soon! Doesn't sound like much fun.

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Hey Mary...Sorry to hear your still having problems. I hope you start feeling better soon.

You've added just the right amount of spring.

Take care,

The Brickhouse said...

Mary, I LOVE your home! Can you come and help me decorate so my home can look like yours? LOL..I hope you feel better soon.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

looks great!! i hope you're feeling better!!

Pam said...

You have some great prims & I love how you have everything displayed! I am really loving your redware signs!!!

Notes from the Homestead said...

Your home looks lovely! I love the blue candle shelf my dear! That is a hot color for spring and I think us prim folk need a little shot of color!!!
How has your weather been? It's been "Spring-er-ific" here in Minnesota. 60 for the past couple of days!
Warm Hugs,

Angie Berry said...

I love the changes you've been making to the homestead! Very nice indeed. Is that the slaw cutter hanging on the wall? I love how you've used it as a wall hanging.

Your new turquoise candle holder looks perfect in its new home. It blends in so well!

Sorry you've been having back aches. I have as well and I'm loving my trips to the chiropractic, just not liking the co-pay every time. Hope you get some rest soon!