Friday, April 30, 2010

New Displays

I haven't been up to much except working. I've rearranged a few spots and thought I'd show you. I have made a decision that I'm ready to redo the dining room. This is where I ask you my faithful friends for help. Does anyone know where I can get a bunch of dried tobacco leaves? By a bunch I mean a couple of leaves to tie together to hang. It is not grown around here so if any of you can help me out please email me. I am also in need of some black walnuts. I know it's past season, but keep it in the back of your brain if you see any cheap. I have decided I'm going to go with a tavern/cellar look in my dining room. I am drawing up the pictures because Steve will need to help me with a few things.

Anyway on with the show...

The kitchen displays... I am working on tearing down the border in the kitchen as you can tell.

I wanted to use my new things I just bought so for now this is the dining room.

Next I wanted to show you the signs Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch made me when we did our trade. She traded me signs for bonnets. She made them exactly how I wanted them.

I have a class tomorrow, but I am hoping to update the selling blog on Sunday since it's suppose to rain all day.
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Anonymous said...

I love what you've done so far!!! What do you put in your canning jars? I have several I'd like to display but don't know what to put in them!

basketsbyrose said...

I love what you have done! I have rice, noodles, rye flour in my blue jars.

Janene said...

How many black walnuts are you looking for...because I have some that we saved from last year...actually we just never got around to cracking them. They are yours if you pay shipping. Drop me a line to let me know :)
Enjoy your weekend!

Tina said...

You have a gift for display my dear.
Have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

Love all your displays!!!!!Everything looks perfect.Wishing you a great weekend.Hugs Maria

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see that dining room when you are done..You definetly have a flair for putting things together in awesome displays..Have a great weekend..

John Taylor said...

i am also too eager to see the dining table. Anyway we have a lot of tobacco leaves here.
John Taylor
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Angie Berry said...

I LOVE those jars! They look great in a group like that, I especially love the big one!

Your signs are wonderful! Char did a great job. Love those sayings!