Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Next Episode of HOARDERS

I LOVE this show as well as my son too. If you are unfamiliar with it is on A&E on Mondays with reruns on Sunday. OK it is interesting only to the fact that I know there are people who actually live like this. I have been in their homes due to my job. My Mom is a hoarder but not to the extent that some of these people are. She has piles everywhere the stove, the dining room table, her desk, anywhere there is a flat surface. BUT her aunt was too. When we went to clean out her home when she went into assisted living she had saved all kinds of things, but she also grew up in the Great Depression era where you did use and save everything. I have one of her dressers and not to long ago I noticed a piece of plastic hanging out under the bottom of one of the drawers. The drawers were empty when we moved it so we didn't take them out. So I pulled out the drawer and lo and behold the entire back behind the drawers was shoved full of dry cleaning bags! I pulled out 12 or so. She also saved the old foil type potato chip bags. What she would do with those is beyond me. I have noticed I also have some of these tendencies. Which leads me to the next episode... LOL

It all started in this home in a small quiet town in Ohio... A 35 year old woman, who lives here with her 2 kids. You would never be able to tell from the outside, but once you get inside you see this woman is a hoarder.

Stepping inside... (camera is panning the house) FABRIC!!!! Oh the horror. Piles on the floor of fabric. You see Mary can't help herself when it comes to fabric. For most people it's clothes... but for her this is the weakness.

Mary keeps everything... and buys all types of fabrics... in the bag are old hand crocheted lace ruffles... Christmas items what ever will she do with all this stuff!!!!

Fat quarters and scraps of fabric that might be able to be used for a small piece of finish fabric, or small quilts, you just never know but she THINKS she will use them!

Homespuns, felts, and wool... she doesn't know what she will be using these for but one time she made a stocking out of felt. Oh and then about 4 years ago she small red stockings as gifts for all the children in her son's class at school. The homespun she will use for some type of craft.

And of course you have to have solid fabrics. You see Mary shops at thrift stores and just can't help herself. She sees fabric and she has to buy it. Or she goes to the fabric store and it's on sale so she buys it with no real use in mind. Certainly she must be Amish as she has denim in her piles. Does she think she will be making her own jeans to wear? Or better yet she will be making Steve jeans to wear to work. She even has kept an old mustard linen tablecloth because it is big enough to make a pillow case from.

Finally her biggest weakness... CALICO... Blue,tan, and mustard is the favorite choice. Once she buys it because she LOVES it she finds it impossible to cut. Sure she could incorporate it in a project, but what happens when that thing wears out or has to be thrown away. Then it is gone. They are beautiful to look at and she would LOVE to make a quilt for her bed with some of it. But of course that has not been started yet either. Oh the beautiful bonnets she SHOULD be making. But if she uses the fabric she won't be able to get anymore of it at the store because it will be gone. And she definitely won't be able to get more at the thrift store. You also buy many more yards then what you need for your project to be sure you don't run out and have extra.

Is there help for this? Sure, but she has to want to help herself. We decided here at the show that we would not be sending a psychiatrist to help because she is not ready to change. She continues to shop the thrift stores buying all types of things to redo so there is just no hope! LOL

I was actually going through my stash and reorganizing and thought this would be funny to show you. After Linda from The Keeping Room made a comment that if I had piles she would be calling Hoarders on me. LOL. So here you go I did it myself!!! LOL.
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Jo-Anne said...

hahahaha!! This is great!
I love that show too. It makes me feel a little better about my *ahem* piles. By the way, I wouldn't know a THING about hoarding fabric......
Have a great day!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

What a cute post!!!
I hate to admit it but I have the fabric sickness also!! :)
And now with the YS season coming upon us.... OH NO!! I think it is going to get worse!!!
I can never pass up a box of fabric, notions, patterns, ect. Even if it is something I know, truthfully, I will never really use. I still MUST buy it!! Hehee!
There may be help for people like us BUT nah, I dont want it. Hehee!

Thanks for making me smile.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lol ..I love that show ...I think we all have a lil bit of that problem lol.....Great post..Husg Maria

Linda said...

Mary...all is I can say is that I must have had twins and they forgot to send you home with me that day!
We just have to be related. I can't tell you how many times I have thought of cutting a piece of fabric and then just knew once it was gone I couldn't get any more of it!
It's a sickness, I tell you!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOL I am not alone I see!!!!

rachcode said...

I love that show! I come from a family of hoarders on both sides... :) I was thinking just the other day I was begining to "hoard" too many things! I love the post!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Too funny! I have watched Hoarders too, but have missed several episodes.
I love stuff too but am trying very hard to keep our house simplified.
Have a great weekend!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Must....catch....breath.....from ....laughing!!!
OMG--that is ME...I am a fabriholic. I was buying some cute heidi grace fabric at Joann's the other day (gotta use them coupons up) and the lady behind me asked what I was making. I looked at her dumbfounded and said "You're supposed to MAKE something with it? (jokingly of course!)Everyone started laughing. My hubby says ai buy it so i can rearrange it in the cabinet every month.

sandy said...

LOL! How many of us see ourselves in this post? Probably hundreds! At least we have good insight right? Thanks for the laugh.


Anonymous said...

Great post..I have watched the show a couple of times and it makes me glad that I have OCD..LOL

Tina said...

Ok, that's funny,

but, I think we, we being artists/crafters, have a bit of a hoarding leaning.

So funny....

Angie Berry said...

You can never have too much fabric.. there is no such thing! Lol! Funny post!

I love your house, it's very nice!