Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Finishes Finally...

I'll start out with the bowl I bought over the weekend that I forgot to show you. It was actually a brighter blue and you know me... gotta prim it up and darken it. So I brought it home and used my trusty stain and here it is... I was just telling Steve I need a new bowl rack made... wink wink.

I have decided I am a hoarder... Yep you heard me and I am admitting it. I go to Goodwill, which by the way, I am now a preferred customer and have a card to prove it. LOL. For those who live in Wayne and Holmes county in Ohio you to can be a preferred customer. Just ask the cashier. You get 10% off your first purchase after signing up. Then they take your email and send you advance notice of sales and extra discounts that others don't get. Sorry I digress... LOL. HOARDER!!!!! I buy things at the Goodwill thinking "yea I could make this over" or "yeah I'll paint that" and then it sits for months. So I finally finished some items I bought.

First is this basket. It was one of those really cheap unfinished baskets. I think I paid a buck. A little brown and black spray paint and... Need to sort through my stuff to find something to go in it.

Next I did finish my $.35 tote. I really like it. A little brown and black paint with furniture wax on top. Looks old don't you think?

Last but not least... and now.... the almost finished new item Steve and I made... No we didn't use anything old... We still need to put the wire handle so that it can be hung. I actually have two of these. We are currently working on some other designs of these.

Without a flash...

With a flash...

I need to get moving and get some errands done so I can clean my house. Yep that includes the dining room table. LOL.
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Anonymous said...

Your blue bowl is beautiful!! I love it you did a wonderful job on it! I love your candle sconce too!

simple~needs said...

everything looks great!!!!! um, i need to clean too. lol
i was using reading blogs as an excuse not to!!

Linda said...

You are inspiring me again to finish some things. Why does something else always get in my way?
I am heading out to the garage right now!

Sheila said...

Hi Mary! great finds, especially love the bowl! Hope you get to keep working on things.
Have a good day~

Misi said...

Good Morning Mary! I love the hoarder comment today...have you been watching A&E too? Its silly, but i feel the same ~I am a more specified hoarder I am wathcha call a "Chair Ho" lol DH just proved it to me as he helped take yet another chair out of my van (a GW buy today)& by taking me by the hand through the house and barn. This month's hunt is for banister chairs.
I love the motif on your tote! Great job! I've seen similar on old map boxes* Beautiful!
Your basket is lovely ..Do you have any prim recipe to share for the textured (layered) age paint to baskets I see yet can not afford these days?
Loving the lantern ..will be sure to look for it on your selling blog.
Thanks so much for the inspiration
You have a great day!
Hugs, Misi

Pam said...

I am the same way...I buy all this stuff with the intention of giving it a makeover & it sits forever. It the thrill of the hunt=)
Are you going to be selling your new lanterns? I hope so because I am interested in buying one!
Have a great day=)

Anonymous said...

But Mary it is fun to buy something
so cheap and then take it home
and redo it. Its my hobby too.
Its even easier now that Goodwill
has moved to the north end by the other stores! :=)

Wooster OH

Anonymous said...

I the bowl..I never find anything at my goodwill like you..Maybe if I become a preferred customer..LOL..One can dream..Have a good week

Tina said...

I always love seeing your finds and redos. Hey, I had never heard of a goodwill customer card until I visited one here in NY the other day and they offered me to sign up. I'm in!

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

A little hoardig never hurt anyone.
When the piles start through out your main living areas you know you got trouble.
Mary do you have piles yet?
I can make a call to A&E if you need help...;)
Enjoy your finds.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I love it! Make overs are a lot of fun.