Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cleaning out the Closet...

I finally did it. I have been wanting to clean out my closet for a really long time. I am very much a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning out anything. I look at things like clothes and think well, I might fit in it if I lose weight, or I paid X amount of dollars and I CAN't get rid of it, or I wore this when my kid got this award, OK the list could go on and on. I am terrible!!!! While I was watching yet another episode of Hoarders Monday night about a Mother and Daughter I decided to set a goal to clean out my closet (OK closet"s" I have two in my room.)

Tuesday morning after posting... I decided I just could not stand my bedroom being a mess anymore. Looking in my closet at all the clothes I have that I never wear or haven't worn in years. I actually started to get anxious and feel overwhelmed. (YEP don't say it I know this is exactly how hoarders feel.) First, let me show you the end result then I'll show you what it looked like when I started.

5 kitchen trash bags and 5 purses later...

Let me just tell you that there were clothes in here that I've had for close to over 10 years!!!!! I bought some of these clothes before my 10 year old was born and yes up until before my ex husband left they still fit. And yes they are very much outdated in style... LOL. I had dress clothes from when I worked in a bank up until my son was born. That's when I could wear the straight mini skirts with blazer/jacket... ummm not so much now that my caboose is much wider. LOL. How about a seersucker (light blue and white) short suit. No???? LOL. Should I go on??? And to think I actually have a Fashion Degree. shhhhhh.... So out they went with a lot of other things too.

I didn't take before pics but this is my big closet now... I have a couple of Steve's shirts I washed up for him so he didn't ruin them. LOL. And before you ask that is all the dress shoes I own. I am not a shoe or purse person. LOL My change jars that one day I'll turn in for something special or it will be my retirement. LOL.

I now have a top shelf completely empty. Not that I can reach it or anything. Why do people do that? Put shelves so high that us short people can't even use them without using a step stool.

Now in my half bathroom in my bedroom I have another closet. This is where I keep all my uniforms for work...

I know you're thinking it's not too bad, but just wait. All this came out of there... It was one of those grab what you want and close the door before everything falls out. LOL. I'm telling you I'm a hoarder.

Of course I went through everything and found this wool blanket we all got when we graduated from high school... I figure I can use it at Christmas folded the other way. So no I'm not getting rid of it. LOL.

Then I came across old bedding which by the way is for sale... It is brushed cotton and is name brand "Docker's" It is so soft. There is a comforter 90X106 (king I believe but I used it on my queen) a dust ruffle and two pillow shams. Excellent condition. $50.00 plus you pay actual shipping. Anyway... this is when I went through my shabby chic/country floral stage.

I already took the bags to the Goodwill before I could change my mind about anything. I feel so much better. Like I said I have needed to do this for so long, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. To me I set a small goal of my closets but ended up going through my entire room cleaning and simplifying. Last night when I went to bed I was in a different frame of mind. I didn't see clutter before bed, but a clean space I could relax. I think I will try to set a goal every week or two to clean out another space and reorganize.

I also tried to get my son to clean out too yesterday. Unfortunately he takes after his Mother and is also a hoarder. I gave him one trash bag for trash and one for donate. He got his toy box cleaned out and that was it before he just couldn't do anymore. He said "Mom this is devastating getting rid of my toys." Ummm... Houston we have a problem!!!! So I let him stop since he had a band and choir concert last night as well. I didn't want him to be tired and cranky for that. I am hoping he worked a little more on it today. I am at work and will see when I get home. As of last night there wasn't much in the donate bag, but there was broken toys in the trash bag. I told him he was not going to donate broken toys. I may have to intervene and help get rid of some things.

So in short cleaning out my closet has helped me get rid of old memories good and bad. I'm not just talking clothes, but while I was cleaning I was listening to Roy Clark (the guy from Hee Haw for those who remember him) sing hymnals. I have cleaned out my mind of negative thoughts and feelings and started to remember what is important. First, God has led me through I really tough time in my life and everything has worked out only because I put my trust in him and remembered that if he leads me to it he will lead me through it. Next is my family. As much as you don't want to rely on them as you become an adult sometimes you just need to let parents be parents and help you. And of course all of you my Friends. I could have never done this without all of you from November 2008 until now. True friends will stick by you through thick and thin. And all of you have done that for me. I realize life is too short to hold grudges and and hold onto anger. Holding onto possessions or buying the best of everything isn't going to make life better it's how you live your life and are an example to others that people will remember. Sorry I'm getting sappy, but I want each of you to know how important you are to me and that you take a brief moment out of your day to spend with me makes me so humbled. So Thank you my prim friends you ARE the best!!!!
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colonialhomestead said...

This post hit home for me. I really need to clean out our BR closet & cabinets. If I don't take things to GW right away I dig back in & take things back out.

ohiofarmgirl said...

wow, you are so brave and everything looks wonderful. I am not a hoarder when it comes to clothes,,,I get rid of stuff after every season...but I do stash wool for projects. Dianntha

Beckyjean said...

Good for you!! I am a fabric hoarder! LOL I wish I could go through my fabric & clean house, but I don't think I'm up for it yet. Have a wonderful day.


purensimple said...

I watch hoarders too and wonder how people can let their homes get like that. Well, I to am a hoarder, my home is not the way I want it to look and I can so relate to your post. At times I feel overwhelmed and that leads to my goal is to simplify as well and get rid of those things I no longer use. I want my home to be a reflection of me and right now I don't like the me I am thanks so much for this post. It's just the kick in the butt I needed. Hugs Theresa

Lynn said...

Your closet looks great!! You done good!!

I'm a hoarder! I've got to go through our walk in master closet and get rid of clothes, items, etc. that I don't want or need anymore.. I have been putting off doing this for quite sometime now, and really would feel a whole bunch better once I do have it all behind me.. then I could relax a whole bunch knowing that all is done and looks good!


Anonymous said...

I just cleaned all of my closets this past week because our neighborhood is having a huge street sale(garage sale)the first week of June..It does feel good to let go of things that just weigh you down..Congrats on the great job..It all looks so neat and orderly..Have a great week..

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

God is so good to bring us all together isn't he?!! I am so glad to have "met" you Mary, you have brought so much to us with all your talents!! Glad you finally got the courage and strength to clean house!!(In more ways then one!) Hve a wonderful rest of your week my friend!!~hugs~

Tina said...

Amazing and so very cleansing for mind body and spirit.
I'm excited for you.
You've made room for all that's good.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Nice job on the closet clean out! When I moved I sent 14 large trash bags of nice stuff from the closets to the goodwill. 14!!! Plus a bunch of boxes of household stuff. I think I'm a hoarder too! LOL!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Doesn't that feel out the closet and the extra baggage too! lol!

It's time for me to do another closet cleaning out!

Have a great day, Mary!

janie said...

I think we all have a little hoarder in us. lol

Well that certainly is a good project done.

Enjoy, Janie

Angie Berry said...

That's so awesome! You go girl!! It is a great feeling to de-clutter and you're right... you look around and see the fresh look, it gets you pumped up to do other places in your home.

You are one very blessed girl! God is so faithful to bless us even though none of us deserve it. Yes... prim blog friends are truly the best!!

Jo-Anne said...

Nice work, Mary!! It does feel so good to dig out occasionally....I can hardly part with my "stuff", but I do it for the Mr.!! haha! I even gave some fabric away last year.
Your closets look great!! :):):)