Friday, May 28, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

First, let me start out by apologizing for the quality of the pictures. My son took my camera to school yesterday because the went on a field trip to Amish Country and wanted to take pictures. Now he can't find my camera so I had to use my cell phone to take some of the pictures today. He is suppose to be checking at school and on the bus for it and he'd better find it too!!!!

Let's see let me just update you a little from Monday's post. The plumber that my landlord hired came on Monday to snake the sewer drain. Not until after both the neighbor and I took showers and had bigger lakes in the garage. Anyway they pulled out a huge wad of tree roots. The landlord said he didn't plant the trees the city did since we are a "Tree City." Now he can't cut it down without the city's approval. So, looks like we will continue to have problems. For now though it works much better. While he was here I had him look at a few other things while he was here. Since it has been unusually hot here in Ohio I decided to turn on my air conditioner Sunday night. It was cooling a little but it just wouldn't shut off all night or all day Monday. Then on one of the pipes that goes into my furnace I had a huge ice block. I asked the landlord while he was here if this was normal and he said yes and that my AC would probably run for another day or so to get the humidity out of the air and start cooling. Well, Steve came over and said no it wasn't normal and said turn it off until the ice melts then we'll see what happens. What happened was my AC broke!!!!! After that it wouldn't cool anymore. So I called the landlord and said my AC was broke could they have someone come fix it on Tuesday. They said they would call and get someone out. So, I wake up Tuesday to go to work and discover someone left my fridge door open a little all night long!!!!! Seriously if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck!!!! No time to check everything so I went to work. Long story short... the AC got fixed around 4 and the fridge actually kept everything cool and I didn't lose everything. Shew!!!!

But as promised I said I would show you my Goodwill finds from last week and yesterday (Steve actually found them yesterday cuz I worked)

An egg holder that I've been wanting since I put my eggs out this Spring. This was $.50. A steal!!!!

Then my beautiful cutting board/candle board that will be getting a face lift.

Now these pics will be awful...

Another blanket crane!!!!! $4.00 !!!!!!Steve and the kids went to Goodwill last night after they came and visited me at work. He got out of his truck at my house at the same time I got home. I screamed like a girl when he showed me it. Oh wait I am a girl! LOL. The kids were like Mom REALLY????? It is actually a dark and prim'd burgundy red.

Then he picked up this because he liked it. I think it needs darkened and then to figure out what I'll do with it.

I also did some bidding on Ebay this week. I haven't been on there for over a year. I won some awesome stuff but will show you when it all gets here. I'm so excited.

Time to get off here and go get my hair colored and cut. It's been about 8 weeks and boy does it show. LOL. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! I will be working for most of it so no picnics for me. Talk to you soon!!!!

Oh and Thanks for all who commented on my Come Craft With Me Day. For those in Ohio I live in Wayne County if that helps!
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Andy said...

wow am I right you got the blanket crane at the GW? I never find anything so wonderful there!!

basketsbyrose said...

If you do not want the blanket crane, please please let me know! For the tree roots, and I have this trouble also, I found the Root Kill works great. Pour some down the drain line, let sit over night. Can be found in the plumbing sections of a hardware store. Does not hurt the plumbing of your home.

janet said...

What a string of unfortunate luck you have been having but glad you got it all worked out...Great blanket crane...Have A Happy Memorial Day...

Char said...

I love everything!...have a great weekend..even though you have to work.

There Is No Place Like Home said...

I want to go to your GW around here you never find things like the blanket crane...I am so jealous!!

Angie Berry said...

WOW!! Incredible finds at incredible prices! Who in their right mind would give a blanket crane to GW?!?! Oh... I forget... not everyone is into primitives. Good thing for you, huh? =]

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

What great finds! Love the blanket crane! What a bargain!

I think Steve might be the best find yet, tho... LOL! He sounds like a great guy and he has taken a shine to prims, just like you.

I think he's a keeper!

Have a blessed week!