Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working on the Dining Room

Monday was a very busy day as I told you. Steve stayed busy all day with my projects. First, my shelving units. You all will be very surprised that I painted them the same color as my walls. I figure that way the treasures I put on the shelves will pop against that color and won't make the room seem smaller either. I saw this same thing in one of Judy Condon's books that someone painted theirs this way.

I originally wanted them to be open shelves, but Steve won out and we added bead board backs to give it sturdiness and so that things wouldn't fall behind because we had to leave it away from the wall because the baseboard sticks out a little. Of course I'm not gonna show you how they're decorated yet... ok cuz I don't have it done!!! LOL I keep changing my mind.

I am loving the peg rack...

Now on to my new idea for the window. I originally wanted a peg shelf above my window to hang my curtains. Then I got to thinking no I want something different... SOOOOOOOO... This is the new idea Steve built me.

I wanted a blanket crane!!!!!! AND I still have a little space above to put my smalls. The crane actually does pivot out. The next thing Steve wants is shutters below.

Then to my surprise another project I didn't know about until it was my turn to paint. He didn't know what color I wanted. Steve made this apothecary looking box so that I can hide my sewing machine in it. He says I need to keep my machine upstairs so that I can get to it easier than hauling it up from the basement every time I want to use it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! So much for the peg rack for now. LOL

Warning: This box is not this light. It is a dark grey. Must be the lighting.

Tomorrow I am actually off (yes typing this from work) and plan to work in the dining room. So hopefully I will have pics by Monday.
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Jo-Anne said...

I can't wait to see what you do with all your things! Hurry please!!!! ;)
Your Steve is a keeper! :)

Linda said...

Oh, my goodness.....I love everything. Tell Steve I will have his room ready for him when he is done with all of your stuff!
He could be a traveling handyman!

Tanya said...

I love your blanket crane! What a neat and different idea!

Love anything w/beadboard in it~ the cabinets look great!

What a clever idea for hiding the sewing machine! How cute!

My hubby makes wonderful things for me too! Gotta love a man who keeps the wiffie happy! LOL

Please come for a visit sometime.

Pam said...

My oh my girl I am in loooooove & drooling over all of your new goodies! That huge blanket crane over your window is just amazing & what a great idea!!! I can't wait to see everything all decorated!

basketsbyrose said...

Love the blanket crane, and what you have done. Great peace to hide the sewing machine!

Pieced Pastimes said...

Everything looks wonderful. I especially love the apothecary box to hide your machine - very clever! TFS.

Sandy said...

I LOVE everything!!! I so can't wait to see it all completed with everything displayed :) The blanket crane is soooo cool and how original! I also really love the idea for the sewing machine. I am one who has to also put it away each time because I don't have that extra room to just keep it out. What a neat idea!!!

I tell ya, you got yourself a keeper there. Such a crafty man but also loves the same decorating as you :)

spoon river primitives said...

Oh I just love all those new projects that you have made!!!! I am wanting a blanket crane also!!!! Good job!!!!

mornings322 said...

Great work and great ideas.

Have a great day!


colonialhomestead said...

Oh my it is all so nice. The peg rack with square pegs I like. We just did one for the hall. I have no craft room. So my sewing machine goes all over. I have been looking for a large biscut crate to put over is but after seeing yours I want one like yours. Another project for the future. Cant wait to see more pics.

Beckyjean said...

What wonderful pieces you have. I can't wait to see everything all decorated. Steve is so very talented.

Have a great day off work tomorrow.


janie said...

Wow, love all the things Steve made.

Have fun decorating, can't wait to see the pictures.

Have a good one, Janie

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'm loving all that I see and what a unique idea for a curtain rock!!!


Anonymous said...

Love everything..I can't wait to see your room when finished..How original is that window idea..Tell Steve when he is done there he can come and be creative here at my home..LOL..Love his ideas..You are one lucky lady..

Tina said...

Very creative
Turned out great

Sheila said...

You are one lucky "chickie"! Love all that has been done! Totally awesome sewing machine cover. I have a talented hubs but he isn't into the decorating of our home as much as I'd like him to be, so at times it's difficult to explain to him what I'm wanting! Lucky you. Can't wait to see the end result-then all the changes you will make along the way! *LOL*
Have fun!

Char said...

WOW!...You really got it going on over there!...Love everything!

Carla said...

Very nice! I love what I see so far. Can't wait to see it all finished. I think that Steve is a keeper!

Angie Berry said...

Well you and Steve are just so creative!! I think the beadboard was a great idea... As was the blanket crane above the window... As was the apothecary box to hide your sewing machine. You all are full of ingenious ideas!