Saturday, July 17, 2010

I LOVE This Style

Hi everyone!!!! I am back from vacation. OK I've been back since Wednesday, but had to be back at work bright and early Thursday. This is the first chance I've had to get on the computer. I had a great vacation! Other than my children getting on each others last nerve and MINE we had fun. LOL. My son was just amazed at how you get a credit card key to open your door. So of course he always had to be the one opening the door when we went to the room. Then he would have to check every 15 minutes after that to be sure it opened. You'd think I never took him anywhere. Then the other most memorable moment was when he got to see a deer pee. Yep he thought that was the best too. LOL. He never really talks about anything else we did. Only my child. I tell you these deer would let you get withing 3-4 feet away. They were everywhere!!!!

I even got to go to some antique shops in Wheeling. I will show you my treasures another day. For now I'll show you the Oglebay's Summer Home... A lot of the pictures were taken through glass so please excuse the flash. I have a ton of pictures this is just a taste.

Steve and my daughter...

One of everything please... There were three cases full of pewter!!!!

I just want the bed!!!

This is the ceiling!!!! Could you imagine?

You knew I couldn't resist...

If you have never been to Oglebay, WV it is really nice and there are tons of things to do for all ages very close to the park and in Wheeling.

Better get moving I am waiting for my back to loosen up this am so that I can craft all day!!!! I'll visit all of you soon.
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Barb said...

Welcome home Mary! I am happy that you had the break, saw lots, and relaxed! Not to sure about the *deer* happening ;>), but seeing them so close would have been nice! Can you imagine living daily with all of that glamor...probably not, but fun to dream!! Take care, rest your back, enjoy your crafting!

Lori said...

Happy to see you had such a great vacation! Boys will be boys, right? lol I can't wait to see the treasures you picked up on your trip.


Sheila said...

What a fun time you all must have had Mary! Love all the pictures and got a chuckle out of the deer comment from your son. Kids say the funniest things and truly what is on their mind. Took our grandsons to the local zoo yesterday. Only native animals to our area. A mountain goat was going #2. Oldest is 3 1/2 and he wanted to know if his bum would be messy and who would wipe it!!!!! *LOL*
Happy crafting!
Take care,