Monday, January 10, 2011

Am I Done Yet?

Welcome back everyone to the life of a fabric hoarder. Alright first off... do as I say not as I do. I'm sure you've heard this expression. Here at the homestead we use it quite frequently. LOL. So guess what, you are now part of the family. After we last visited and I complained ok smiled from ear to ear about how much fabric I have I uhhhh ummmm bought more... (Insert lecture here).... yeah yeah I can see your mouth moving but I can't here you... my fingers are in my ears lalalalalalalalalal still can't here you... Feel better now??? Now that you are done I will justify it to you. LOL. I can justify just about anything to make it favor me. Anyway, Prim Folks by Judy was selling some of her fabric for $2.00 a yard. She had blacks and greys, which I don't have much of. So with shipping I bought like 9 yards of fabric was less than $30.00. Not bad if I do say so myself. I always grab fabric on sale if I can or at the Goodwill. Which I forgot to tell you I will also buy old bed sheets if the pattern is awesome and cut it up to use. Another Mary tip :) So now that I have redone my dining room I will be redoing it when the fabric comes.

Speaking about my dining room. I bet you stopped by to see whether or not I have a disaster or it doesn't look half bad. Well, in between my bouts of ADD I managed to get some done. I really like it at this point. I think. I haven't really been home to enjoy it yet. You know my bosses seem to think I like or need to come into work to fill a spot on the schedule. LOL. Let me tell you it's purely selfish on my part I only go to work because we need to eat and have warmth and I need to feed my habit. The cardboard box would be a tad cold right now in our 9 degree weather. See what I mean about the ADD???? GRRRRR it's a wonder I ever get anything done.

So I'll shut up and show you some pics.

Notice the tweeds under the basket...

My neutral cabinet...

I am not done with this red side... I don't like the huge stack of red fabrics. I think I'm going to split it up somehow. That top shelf is going to change when I get my new fabric.

I know it's hard to see but in the right lower corner under the red basket is a black box. I put all my stitching junk in there. Easy access hidden from sight.

I just LOVE my green/blue/black side. Again all changing when I get my new fabric.

The mini quilt I just finished...

This is going to be my not quite done corner. I can just hang the items I'm working on over the rack to get it out of the way. For now it has some finished quilts on it.

I absolutely LOVE how it is turning out. I just look around at all the colors and imagine the wonderful things I will be making for the rest of my life since I can't seem to finish one project before I start another.

Hence this project... I'm starting on a swag for my living room. Which by the way I decided I HATE ironing. I had to iron all 5 yards of this stupid wrinkly fabric. But I digress. This has been on my to do list since Steve hung my fabric over the rod. The picture coloring is awful but it is black and mustard. I will be attempting to line it with my muslin. This should prove interesting. LOL.

Then I have been trying to finish up my stitchery and of course ran out of one of the colors. GRRRRR.... So I need to pick that up today. I have like a bazillion (yes this is a word) things I want to start and do. I need to paint the things Steve built and stain a few other things. My only saving grace is my garage is too cold and messy to paint in. I finished taking down the rest of the Christmas decor yesterday too. Steve says it looks bare now. I have not redecorated as of yet. Once again another thing I NEED to do. I think my to do list keeps growing hour by hour. (sigh) Oh and I promised to get some new things up for sale on my selling blog. It is saved and almost ready. I had to take some pictures because I didn't like any of the ones I first did. I will try to load those up and get my prices in. Now that I'm completely depressed at my to do list I better get moving. I have another massage today because when I fell a week and a half ago my leg is still sore and my shoulder is giving me fits.

Oh we also set a new BFF Crafting Day for January 25th. If you live in or near Wayne County Ohio and want to come shoot me an email for info.

Uggghhhh ADD kicking in I better get busy as I go back to work tomorrow.
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Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Mary, everything is looking great!! I just love how you are arranging the shelves. I am inspired!!

Carmen at Primcats said...

It looks good Mary! So pretty! The fabric really helps soften everything.

Camren and the Primcats

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Are you my long-lost sister??? Because you could be describing ME---LOL

It looks AWESOME and I can't wait to see it when you rearrange it!!

Sheila said...

I'm loving the new look and organization of it all! Hope you have a wonderful week~

oldepearprimitives said...

I love how you used your fabric for your display. It turned out so nice! I may have to borrow that idea b/c I just recently purchased a beat up pie safe. It needs major refinishing but I love that concept of using fabric for display. Anyways, thanks for droppin by my blog before and for the prayers. Lord knows I need em'. But have a great week love!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

It looks so organized & pretty!
Wonderful job!
enjoy the day

Angie Berry said...

Focus... focus... focus.... haha, that is more for me than for you. I am having a hard time prioritizing so I know what you mean.

I love your row of crocks and wooden utensils! I think all your fabric stashes look great! But yeah, the red is kinda bright. I'm sure if you break it up, it'll look great like the rest of the fabric.

The mini quilt looks wonderful hanging on your bowl rack! Also love the way you intertwined the berry garland.

Awesome idea on the not quite done corner!! You can hang your unfinished projects there and it would still look great, neat idea!

I am gonna finish taking down my Christmas today, glad I'm not the only one, hehe.

Looks great Mary! Have fun when you get your new load of fabric in! =]

Katherine said...

It looks great Mary, so warm and cozy. I'm inspired by all the photos!


A Primitive Homestead said...

Mary it looks perfect. Now I am a fabric stasher myself. My problem would be it looks so good now that I would not want to use your fabric. I love your idea to hang the things you are working on over your drying rack. I really wish I lived close to attend your craft day. I think I would have a great time crafting & talking. Good luck on your to do list. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Mary,I love how everything looks..I wish I lived closer because I would definetly come to your crafting day..Love your blog..

Geesha~from kindred primitives said... crack me up! I love it you bought more fabric...remember what would Dave Ramsey do, LOL! I would have done the same thing, I can't help myself! Everything is looking great!

AngieSH said...

WOW you have such a neat clean craft room.... mine is a MESS!!!

looks great , all of it!

renee said...

Mary, Mary, Mary! LOL! I can SO relate to you! LOL!
I think it all looks wonderful! I tell myself all the time, finish what you started before you do something else! Guess what? It only works part of the time! LOL!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the fabrics, and all your quilts! Just beautiful! You go girl!
But, take care of you too!