Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Stir Fry

You all are in for a fun ride today. We had a long 24 hour shift with 2 hours sleep and I am on my second cup of coffee. So, I apologize for many random thoughts that may be thrown in today. LOL.

Alright, so Saturday we went to my favorite quilt shop who of course was having 40% off all the sewing stuff. OH my word..... that place was so stinkin busy. They had three ladies cutting fabric constantly. It felt just like Black Friday. They of course had no time to put away fabric bolts that they had already cut off of so you had to look in those stacks plus the bolts on the wall. I was body blockin other ladies so I could get to the repro fabric first. LOL. You know it's interesting that when you go into a fabric shop that those people are some of the most friendly shoppers and sales associates. I spoke to a lady who creates primitive crafts and sells them through an antique store in Gatlinburg. She says she works on her stuff 14-16 hours a day. Seriously, I would get burned out. Anyway, she was buying the civil war repro fabric... sigh... she had me at hello. LOL. So as she was having her stack cut I was looking through the fabric she had. Another lady at the checkout told me welcome to the club of fabric hoarders!!! Seriously!!!! How did she know??? Ok I may have said something about being unable to cut my fabric and that I had good taste because I was buying some of the same fabric as she did. Nonetheless, I got some awesome fabric, but didn't go all out crazy because I bought two quilting books too. I will show you that another day. well, of course I had to go to a thrift store too since it was around the corner. HOLY MOLEY... I found out Jan 24-Jan 27 that thrift store is having a fabric sale!!!! Woohoo!!!! $4.00 a yard with over 700 bolts of fabric. Someone donated a ton of fabric. Are you kidding me??? I'm going to be good and not go. I'm sure all the Mennonite and Amish ladies will be there buying it up. It is only certain hours that they are doing it. But if you are interested hotel Mary will be up and running. LOL. Needless to say I found some treasures there to buy too. Seriously, wasn't that my New Years resolution not to go to these stupid shops. But my son and Steve wanted to go too. So really I had no choice and it was much to cold to sit in the car. (ha justifying it always works lol) Of course I found none other than fabric and embroidery floss!!!!! LOL. Imagine that... BUT Steve found some Woodworking magazines with some awesome projects in them.

Well, I found out that you can't feed Steve stir fry for dinner if you want everything done that day. LOL. I guess it may have helped if I would have made it instead of him. AND he had been working all day before we ate. But it was HIS idea to have it again. We were both busy on Sunday creating. He was sitting at the dining room table and I at my sewing machine in the same room. You know it was weird spending that much time with him in a room without fighting... BUT maybe that had something to do with us not talking at all. LOL. It wasn't that we were mad we both had our mojo on. My mojo was a little more than his... :P (I know you are reading this Steve LOL).

Steve finished up all of the following...

Our customer special order...

All of these are going to have to be for sale because I have no room at the inn for them.

Hey how did that get in here???? LOL... I hope you all are happy he's gonna kill me when he sees this. LOL. He looks just like Vanna don't you think?

ACCKKK naked rabbits!!!! LOL... I tore off their clothes that they had and and haven't decided yet if I'm going to redress them prim em and sell em...

Now on to more important things... what am I going to do with all those fabric circles in my last post.... well.... I think naked twister is out way too many colors... lol... hmmmmm.... they could be like bread crumbs so I can find my way home. Orrrrr.... really small doilies... naaaahhhhh....

You make yo yo's!!!! LOL This is my newest obsession. This is my Valentine project that I'm working on plus now you know what you can do with all those left over scraps. I have cut all mine 4" around. I got this piece of grey wool at the thrift store for $1.00. It is going to be a table runner. Don't you worry you will be with me every step of the way. Or otherwise I won't finish it. LOL.

Wanna learn how to make yo yo's? I found this one most helpful... Yo yo's Anyway, I need to get moving... I have made another bird pinkeep for my website... if you like Robin's then you will like this one. I need to finish it along with a special order bluebird pinkeep too. Just so you know I have another 5 day weekend off coming up. I am hoping to make some new things for my selling blog. I'll keep you posted.
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Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wonderful post!
So enjoyed the fabric shop story!
Oh,my Vanna, You go boy!LOL

have a great day

Barb said...

Mary do you have any idea how much I enjoy your blog? Also, I need some of your secret energy booster, you go girlie! If there is a bargain out there, you know how to find it...I want to shop with you or thru you...either way it sounds like fun! Have a great week!

Sheila said...

You sure made me smile this morning Mary. I love reading about your projects and "no" buying anymore fabric escapades!!! LOL A crafter cannot pass up on any kind of sale!
Hope you have a productive day!

Anonymous said...

Love your post today,,I can just imagine being the quilt shop, 40% off would tend to make crazy!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Loved your quilt shop story!!! I "reorganized" my stash this weekend and found some I forgot I had!! It's like getting NEW fabric!

~Judy~ said...

Great post. I can't wait to see the table runner finished.

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Love the signs!! And I can just see you in the fabric shop having fun! Great post!

renee said...

I love it! You must have gotten some great fabric! Don't forget to share pictures of it!
I love the signs too, and what a lovely picture of Steve! LOL! He's got the Vanna wave down!
Love your posts!
Have a good evening,

~Jess said...

Love the "rejoice" sign!

lilraggedyangie said...

Someones been busy busy busy ! Everything looks great , well maybe not the naked bunnies! lol YoYo's yep that was my idea as well and the grey wool looks fantastic , definately keep up on the pics as you go I am excited to see this one finished! Dont forget to breathe this week as you keep buzzing right along!

Have a good one!
lil raggedy angie

Angie Berry said...

Lol cute picture of Steve, you are gonna be in so much trouble when he finds that!

The game boards and signs are great! Oooh, your yoyo runner for Valentine's Day is a neat idea! It's gonna be awesome when you are done.