Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Spring Decorating in the Kitchen...

This week was full of work. Not only my real job, but I have begun to Spring clean and redecorate for Spring. Our temperatures were high 40s, which brightened my spirit, for a few days until we got dumped on Friday. The snow was terrible blizzard like when I was driving to work. The snow plows did a pretty good job considering the amount of snow we got in a few hours. Tomorrow we are suppose to get rain and high near 50. Which means we may have some flooding. Sheesh when will it end. I am SO ready for Spring. So instead of talking your ear off and complaining I'm just going to show you Spring in the kitchen at the Homestead...

I also have the dining room done. I know what you are thinking...How could you improve on the dining room? Oh you have no idea. I've done a little more organizing and rearranging. I am just loving the new look. I will post pics on Wednesday of that. That way you have to come back. LOL.

I have also started my disappearing nine patch quilt because I actually had a clear table. LOL. So I will also start my tutorial series on that this week too. If you want to be ready. Start with getting your fabric and cutting 90 5 inch squares if you want a lap size quilt. If you want to start smaller cut 45 5 inch squares. Well, I need to get some laundry done today I'll see you soon.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

My Newest Stitchery and Fun Finds

In my last post you'll remember the stitchery I was working on. I finished it today. That's good and bad because it's done and another one to hang on my wall(good), but now I have nothing to work on at work tomorrow (bad). LOL. I could start one of my new projects I got at the thrift store. And yes I will prolly do the one that says to use 36 count fabric on a little bigger count because yeah I can't see those small holes. Thanks for the suggestions. LOL. Worse yet my partner Stacie is off work on an injury. I'm hoping she comes back Friday. Oh and Stacie you better be doing some redos or crafting on your time off. LOL. OK OK back to my stitchery. It turned out so sweet. I'd LOVE to make patterns, but I don't know where to start to find a program that I can make the charts with. Anyway, here she is all done...

Hehe you can see my reflection in the glass...

The next thing I finished is my buckshot pincushion. This was so fun and easy to make. I finally got some vintage buttons at the flea market to finish it off. A plastic bag full for $5.00. I walked around the antique store and I saw mason jars with buttons in for $14 - $19 a piece. So I got a great deal. Better yet I have my own jars to put them in, but I decided one of my stack boxes made a better place.

My new/old buttons... I LOVE using these for all kinds of projects...

Oh lol I forgot to show you the pincushion. DUH... Now I should use one of the many pinkeeps I've created, but noooooo I use a stupid tomato that my needles keep getting pushed in to and I can't get them out. GRRRRR... I think there are like 5 needles in the endless abyss of the pincushion. I swear one day I'm going to cut it open and I'll find my lost needles. I leave little tails of thread in them, but when I carry it back and forth to work the thread falls out and the needles disappear.

Now some neat little pieces I've added to my pewter collection.

I was so thrilled to find this for $10.00 at the flea market. I've seen lots of these in pictures, but never figured I'd find one.

This little beauty I got at Goodwill today. $2.00...

I'm still working on a few small projects and when those are done I'm going to be starting one of those disappearing 9 square quilts. I forgot I already had some reproduction civil war print squares in my fabric stash. That's bad when you can't even remember what you have. LOL I'll let you know when I'm ready to start. That way you can quilt along if you'd like. Well, I better move along and figure out what to take with me tomorrow to work on. I'm hoping this stupid snow stops before tomorrow. I'm getting so tired of it. OH and my sinus issue is gone. Yiippeee!!!!! As soon as it got cold again it cleared right up. I hope some of you are also feeling better. If you see spelling mistakes my stupid spell check isn't working I apologize. I proof read, but my brain moves faster then the words register and I think they are there, but when I type I forget them. And my spelling is horrible some days.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

More Redos...

I have gotten a few more redos done this week. Not as many as I had hoped because this stupid yo yo weather in Ohio has made me come down with a sinus infection. I thought I could skate by and it would clear up. Oh No there would be none of that. I've been fighting this thing since Sunday. Yesterday it went full blown. Grrr... So basically I haven't been feeling up to snuff. I know excuses excuses. LOL.

First, on the agenda was the little unpainted box I got during my thrift store jaunt on Tuesday. I base coated it in black. I got some crackle medium on Tuesday also so I thought I'd give it a try. Slapped that stuff on then put my new favorite color terra cotta on it then finished it with and sanding and stain.. I know the picture stinks...

Remember I told you I wanted to try a new painting design? Well this is what I was talking about. I am going to paint quilt patterns on wood along with real fabric ones and attach them to wood or in frames. Of course I'm going to sell them. I can't keep everything I make right? So if any of you have any ideas for color choices or quilt design you'd like to see if I can do let me know. These will all be free hand since I don't have any stencils of the individual blocks.

Next I got this little stitched and quilted top at Christmas from a thrift store. I figured it had sat long enough and that I would make a small quilt with it. I used some of my new fabric from Tuesday for the backing. YES I actually cut it!!!! Woohoo!!!!! LOL.


And after my coffee stain... hmmmm to sell or not to sell THAT is the question... LOL

I've started on my little bench from the thrift store today. Not sure but I think I may just leave it brown. It needs another coat and some wax, but we'll see I'll probably change my mind again. LOL.

Last but not least it is not done yet, but of course I've been working on another sampler, which I have been working on here at home. I get so into it that I can't stop. Normally I try to leave these alone to do at work, but this one has drawn me in. It's not done yet because I'd like to put a border on it or at least a border on the top and bottom. I'm still thinking on that one.

Laundry and crafting today then back to work tomorrow. See you soon have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girl's Day at the Thrift Stores

Yesterday was our monthly Girl's Day. Instead of crafting we decided we had been cooped up long enough and went thrift store shopping instead. It was a gorgeous day. It was a bit cool but the sun was shining. There were 4 of us since our friend Rose was unable to go. We all missed you Rose!!!! Anyway, there was a ton of laughter, conversation, and fellowship going on. All of the women I hang out with are the best. No back stabbing, no talking behind people's backs, just fun. In case I haven't told you ladies lately...Thanks for being such awesome friends!!! Please any of you ladies who live near us you should join us. I have tentatively planned a craft day here at the Homestead on Saturday Mar 19th in the afternoon as I have to teach a class in the morning. All of us got some awesome deals, though I think I walked away spending the most. :) And Pam helped me spend my money. LOL.

We hit 4 thrift stores in one day. Woohoo!!!! I got some totally awesome stuff!!!! Alright should I begin with the bestest stuff or not... hmmmmm... Nah better save that for last.

This is the second best thing I got yesterday. This gorgeous wood bowl. LOVE IT!!!!! We had all just checked out and were walking out the door when I happened to look over and lo and behold (yes the angels began to sing) this beauty with some wood apples in it. So I looked for the tag on the bowl, but there was none. There was one on the apples though. I turned it over and it said $10 for the 7-8 apples and the bowl. I looked at Pam and she looked at me. I tol her I didn't really want the apples. She's like go ask if they'll give you a discount if you say you don't want them. She is like the goddess of good deals!!!! So up I went to the desk. I told the lady (and of course gave her the puppy eyes) that I didn't want the apples. She's like well hmmmm how about $4.00???? WHAT???????? I know my ears were clogged from being sick BUT she did not say $4.00!!!! I nearly fainted and tried to act normal like it wasn't a big deal. WOOHOO!!!!!!! I practically skipped out of the store to catch up with my friends. Steve thinks I need to sand it a bit more. I'm not sure on that one. I like it the way it is. It just needs cleaned up a little.

Now how do I top that???? Sheesh!!!!! Next is the books and patterns and stitchery kits. Pam helped me find all the books. I just LOVE the Christmas one. Way up at the tippy top is a rusty star. Now who couldn't think of something to do with that.

These are the stitcheries a little closer. The blue one is a kit. Even if I don't do it I have patterns to incorporate into my stitcheries. The smaller one is awesome but it requires a 36 count linen which I don't have in my collection at the moment.

Next is my unfinished or redo pile. Steve thinks I need to paint the rocking horse black and I think he's right. I always see people using little benches in their decorating so I just had to have this one. I'm not sure what color it will be yet.

Next is my leave alone pile. LOL. I like the the spice box, but don't like the word spice box printed on it. I'm debating whether to paint this baby or leave it alone and just put a little decorative item in front of the words. The cutting board was again a suggestion from Pam. She says those make the best bottoms for a display on your counter. SOOOOOO... of course I bought it. LOL. I just LOVE the candle holder. You can't have enough of these hanging around.

Now before you see what I bought (and before you hate me forever because I am a hypocrite) ;) I had to buy these. I bet you can guess what I'm going to say.... Yes I bought MORE fabric!!!!!! This was THE best buys of the day. I had Margo and Pam both scouting for me. We happened to be at an actual Goodwill and they both called me over. The waters parted and the angels were singing Hallelujah!!!!! I had died and gone to heaven!!!!! I just started to grab off the racks!!!!! I was elbowing knocking people down and diving for the hangers. OK not really. LOL. But I was grabbing before the other ladies that were there could get their grubby little paws on MY fabric. Pam went and got a cart for me. I threw those babies in there and when I was done looking I went back and relooked at the fabric and put some back that I didn't think I could use. I was thinking not just for me, but for gifts or to sell. Are you ready????? Hang onto your boots and take a look!!!!

I'm not a big green person, but I think I can blend some of it in with other fabric I have. Sorry about the browns picture, but I couldn't get a good one. But they are more on the tan side. And the piece on the bottom is just plain tan.

Of course I couldn't leave the blues behind.

I know these aren't prim BUT I LOVE floral prints. I have seen them in beautiful quilts. Steve asked if I could make something for his Mom as she LOVES roses and florals. I haven't been to her home yet but he describes her as victorian. PERFECT!!!

Last but not least a wool skirt to cut up for wool pennies... some fun pumpkin fabric and of course black fabric.

I am just so excited. We all found some great stuff. I think the theme for Margo and Stacie was pineapples. And let me tell you they found some awesome stuff. Maybe next time you can come with us. We are going to plan another trip to Berlin (Amish Country) this summer also. Have a great day everyone. I'm off to roll around in my new pretty fabric. LOL. The ladies at the one thrift store's, which has a side where they quilt, were laughing when I said that out loud. They had an entire wall full of cabinets that I am guessing are full of fabric to make into quilts. I wanted to run over to them and grab all the fabric and run out of the store. LOL. We were actually over there watching a lady hand quilt a beautiful quilt. She gave me a few pointers that I need to try. Now that I've chewed your ears off I can go pick up my computer. WOOHOO!!!!! It is finally done!!!!! OH and it wasn't viruses but spyware and malware that shut it down. Alright I'm done talking I swear. I'm hoping to have some redoes for you soon :)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and Some Redos

Good Morning friends!!!! I just got home from work to find this on my kitchen table.

I just LOVE my Steve. We were texting last night how Valentine's Day was a girl's holiday. He asked if I had gotten him anything and I said that I hadn't, but I would at a later date. He said he didn't want anything, but we all know how that goes. Anyway, I know Steve has been strapped for cash since one of the contractor's he works for is slow at paying so I told him to not get me anything. He went and did some side work on Saturday so I suspect he got a little something from those. He is just so sweet.

Well, a little update on the computer thing... My computer totally crashed dead on the spot. The computer guy had to order a memory something rather from HP to be able to fix my computer. He warned me that Facebook is a horrible place for viruses, so I thought I'd pass it on to you. It has been two whole weeks since he's had it and says he will try to recover what he can. So I am still on Steve's laptop. I did however figure out how to post pics from it so we are back in business. LOL. AND I have the next 5 days off.... Not sure how much I will get accomplished, but at least I can communicate with all of you.

OK now the housekeeping and boring stuff is out of the way. While I have been on my little computer break I have worked on items for you and for me. Of course all the things for you are on my selling blog. Thanks to all who have bought items from me I so appreciate it. BUT you realize you are feeding my addiction right? The money I make from this goes back into buying fabric and stuff. It is a never ending cycle. I didn't say it was bad though. LOL. Alright Alright... back to my redos.

First is the big ugly yellow trencher that had mushrooms printed on the inside. U-G-L-Y I forgot to take pics of the mushrooms but you get the picture...



Next was this ugly fruit trencher thingy... I thought it looked like a mini dough box so that's why I bought it... I still want Steve to make me a lid.



Next was this little wood bowl with stripes on it. I need another bowl like I need another hole in my head... LOL. Anyway, I LOVE the color. I know it's hard to tell from the pic, but I used terra cotta on it then stained it. It is so awesome... My favorite new color...



And last but not least... my gameboard... I have to tell you a secret... all I did to this was sand a little and slapped some stain on it. It was prepainted. LOL. But still a good buy at Goodwill.

I have some things I'd like to work on today... some NEW painted designs... I'm really excited to see if I can make them work. But I'm not gonna tell you in case they don't. But you all know how I am I share the good with bad. So if it doesn't work I prolly show you anyhow. LOL. I am also rolling around (along with the marbles in my head) an idea to make a project in a color that is not normally prim, but I like it and see if I can make it into something prim. OK I know not enough info... Well, I saw a really cute and EASY quilt pattern that I'd like to try... or if you want to try along with me. It's called a disappearing 9 block. Here's a You Tube tutorial. Pretty cute huh??? I want to use pinks and browns in this quilt. Yea PINK you heard me. LOL. Not very prim, but with some brown I think it'll turn out great. I guess this means I need to run to the fabric store. Oh no not that (note the sarcasm). I'll let you know when I start it in case you want to quilt along. We will go in steps. What would be awesome is if you wanted to try a brown and pink quilt too to see how different they end up being in the end. Just a thought... Give me a holler if you'd like me to do this. P.S. for the ones who have never quilted this would be fun to learn with. I'm hoping to have my more experienced quilters join in and post about how bindings, border's and such work and how to do them. I am not an expert, but I will post how I do those things too. LOL. Well enough babbling... I need to crack the whip and get moving today. Talk to you soon.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

New Offerings

Alright everyone since my computer absence these are the new beautiful things I've created for you. I betcha you are going to be saying my computer should crash once a month if I get this much done. LOL. Just so you know I worked long and hard to the point of bleeding cracked fingers to get these done. I hope you like them...

The Gettysburg Mercantile

and much much more.... please jump on over and take a look.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Still No Computer

I bet you thought I was ignoring you didn't you? I am still without my computer. The repair guy called and said my memory card was done and somehow I had viruses even though I had an antivirus program on it. Grrrr... I will be calling him today to see where it is. I will probably lose a bunch of stuff I had saved. Oh well... So today I am posting this from work since we have a computer.

I will apologize for the pictures that will follow. I took them using my phone sent them to my email and now posting them for you to see. I promise I will take better pictures and show you when my puter is up and running. Though I have to say I've been getting a lot done since I don't have the puter to interrupt my day. I will even have some new stuff to sell then too.

Alright, I finished both of my small quilts. I had a question about the pattern and I know I found it on one of the blogs I read but can't remember which one. Once I have my computer back I will find it and post it on here for you. This was a simple 9 patch block cut and resewn together with 3 other 9 patch blocks. I printed out the pattern but forgot to bookmark the blog I found it on. Grrrr...

The first one is my Spring lap quilt... It didn't turn out too bad. I already had some high loft batting on hand so I used that. I'm not really sure I'd get it again. It was a thrift store find and I ended up having to tie the quilt instead of quilting it because of the puffiness. I didn't turn out too bad in the end.

The next one is my blue and brown one. I just finished that up on Saturday. The kids were away and Steve was working. So in between laundry loads I got it done. It came out really cute.

I'm not going to show you my redos yet. I have to take better pictures of them so you can get the full effect of them. So instead I'll show you some sneak peaks of things I'm working on for all of you. I will tell you there will be candle mats, table runners, and small pillow tucks. I am not telling you anymore than that!!! LOL...

We have set the next Girl's Day for Feb. 15th. We will be going to some antique shops, thrift stores, and a country/prim shop. These are located in between Smithville and Seville Ohio. If you are interested in going drop me an email.

I better get going and act like I'm working. LOL. Keep your fingers crossed that I get my computer back tomorrow or Wednesday. If I don't it just makes you wait to see what all I've been working on.
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