Monday, March 14, 2011

The Flea Market Booth

Happy Monday everyone!!! Wow! The weekend really flew by for me. I worked Saturday then Sunday Steve and I went down to the flea market and spruced up the booth. I was going through stuff quickly so that I would have items to stock it up with. To my surprise when I got there one of my bench/tables had sold. WOOHOO!!!! Where my booth is I'm near another sorta kinda prim booth. But of course mine LOOKS better. LOL. My son is even in the selling mood. He brought some things from his room to hopefully sell in my booth too.

So this is our booth... I am still tweeking. This won't stay like this for long. LOL.

That's me in the mirror... LOL Hi!!!!!

Today I am cleaning my basement while Steve cleaned and reorganized my garage. I have a ton of totes to go through and decide what I'm going to sell. I'm sure there will be a lot.

I also took my daughter to the orthodontist today and after 6 years of braces she finally got them off today!!! She was soooo excited. Now I get to start with my son. yyiippeee (sarcasm) But while I waited I went to the Goodwill in that town and found nothing. Nada... zero... Sooooo I traveled across town to go to another thrift store and found some awesome stuff that is still in the car... shhhhhhhh... I need to weed out before I bring more in. LOL. I know you read this Steve and you are prolly shaking your head. LOL.

I also did some redos this past weekend too... I got these paper mache boxes for $.29 a piece at the thrift store a few days ago. AND guess what I already redid them... instead of waiting a month or two before I did them. LOL.

One of my favorites salmon and teal...

and my other favorite terra cotta and mustard...

I also bought a real terra cotta pot and the Goodwill about a month back that I finally redid too. See what I mean?

I painted my pot to look old...

Added a little green floral foam I bought a long time ago.

Hot glued dried grass/moss stuff on the foam.

Then cut off some stems of some plastic plants I just bought and stuck them in. I saw where there was store charging around $10 or more for something like this.

Well, I need to finish up my laundry and get dinner started. I will hopefully be back Wednesday depending how my morning goes that day. We have a company meeting and I believe my hours are going to get cut even though I was just put on this 24 hour shift. Good thing I've been working hard on paying down my debt like I told you at the beginning of the year I was going to. I just paid off my car 6 months earlier then planned. I pay off my 3rd hospital bill next week with one left to be paid off next month. It feels awesome to finally make some head way. Then I can start saving for my dream house. One day I will own a house again. :)
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Mabel and Edgars Early Goods said...

Your booth looks great..I love the color of the walls.

Anonymous said...

Mary where is your booth?
I would like to come and check it out?

I was at Goodwill here in Wooster few days
ago to take some items in.
I have not been to the other thrift
store since they moved to Cleveland Road.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Your booth looks AWESOME..Can't wait to see more photos..When you become a millionaire I hope you keep blogging..LOL

Kimberly said...

Mary, such fabulousness! Wish I could see the booth for real! Good luck with it all!
Hugs, Kimberly

simple~needs said...

where is your booth?? did i miss the details??
girl, cram it full!! the more the better!!! gonna see if i have pics of when we had our booth....
i so know the feeling of BILLS ! its crappy if they cut your hours. i wish you could find somehing in the are you love but less physically demanding. hang in here! kim

A Primitive Homestead said...

Paying off debt makes one feel so much better. Congrat's & well wishes for you own home soon. I just know it will be beautiful too. Booth is looking good & sales is even better.Sweet little boxes. Blessings!

Green Creek Primitives said...

I love your booth, you have it looking really nice. I was at my booth yesterday also, I need to weed through my house again to make room for more things that I keep buying, you know how that goes. I hope your hours don't get cut, I have been self employed now for 21 years, sometime I just hold my breath I can continue until retirement age without having to go back into the work force. Vicky

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

congrats on paying off your debts!! The booth looks AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

Is your booth in Orrville Dalton or out
on Rt30? We dont have any here in Wooster.

Carmen at Primcats said...

Your Booth looks great! Love the redo's! Wow. 29 cents. We haven't seen those prices down here on anything since 2005. Nothing is left at out goodwills for less than 50, usually a dollar. :(

Carmen and the Primcats